Monday, January 30, 2012

Blue Range:Blue Flame 2k12 Review

Yeah ok, I kinda fall off there again . I have good reasons but I still have been out and about. Most recently, this past Saturday at Blue Range All Inclusive. If nothing else, Blue Range is one of the BEST deals in terms of all inclusive fetes for Carnival. Premium drinks, headlining performance like Machel Montano and JW and blaze (Bunji, Iwer have all pass through in past years) and free food. And when I say premium, it really have Johnny Walker, not Dewars. Ok so you may not get Shrimp Florentine but you can eat your heart out with things like Bake and shark, Burgers, Jerk pork/chicken and it even had a Sushi bar. All for the starting price of $500. Wait, no if you knew someone on the Red Ants committee it had $350 ladies tickets and $450 tickets floating about as well. $350 for all that? Bessssss. Even if the party had no vibe you could get drunk enough to forget it.

So I arrived a bit later than usual but just in time for the performances which started about midnight. The set up was rather condensed compared to how it usually is and they were unable ego have the food set up outside the park area.Everything was squished inside. I sampled some of the cuisine which was actually pretty good. Made sure my drink was topped up, passed through the cocktail bar and passed on the tequila shots. Party was in full swing by this time and I could tell the large majority of the crowd was well liquored up. As this is a community fete, there is a very wide range of age groups but it seems the younger crowd is taking over. Long time we used to refer to the BR all inclusive as the "old people fete" and the BR cooler fete as the "Young people fete". I know for damn sure when I was younger I did not have no All inclusive fete money. With the collaboration with Red Ants, the fete has turned into more of a Tribe crowd than anything else. (take that however you want it).

First up in performances was JW and Blaze. JW was wearing a pair of pants that was closer to being a leggings than anything else. One compromise you would have to take with the performances is that there is no live band backing so sometimes the dj tracks can overwhelm the performance. Other notable acts was none other than All Rounder who had me close to tears with his foolishness. I still think his daughters are kinda creepy always wining on their father. I imagine the most anticipated for the night was Machel Montano and he did not disappoint. He pulled selections from both old and new while pushing his "Pump the flag". Ok aside, If that is the front runner for road march I feel cheated. I missed last year , best you give me back Advantage yes cause I really not felling that song yet and not sure I ever will. My absolute favorite so far is "Mr. Fete" and I think he is a very strong contender for the Groovy Soca Monarch as well. Machel's pants was also unbelievably tight and we could see all his business from 20 feet away. I was a bit sad when he left the stage in barely 30 mins but hey, what do you expect for $350?
Thankfully DJ Private Ryan was on set for the rest of the party (I think, cause its all a blur) and the vibe was up for the rest of the fete. The momentum kept going till the riddem section chimed in about 3am. Yes I say 3am, the old people have to go sleep. All in all , best bang for your buck as always and the party itself was enjoyable. Keep in mind that I don't get out often these days so I glad for anything.

What should be of concern is the drama brewing in the background between the residents, the Blue Range committee and Red Ants. For several years now a select portion of residents have been trying to shut down the fete. Which is kinda dumb considering its their communities' main source of income. You would think they could live with noise for two days out of the whole year. Blue Range fetes were managed by their board until somebody got the bright idea to farm it out to Red Ants. Although this definitely increased the quality of organization of the fete, it also cut into their proceeds. I guess it arguably Red Ants' involvement also increased patronage so their was a fair trade. What has residents seeing Red (no pun intended) is the fact that they were only offered limited $500 tickets(which went up to $600) from the BR Board based on availability whilst outsiders seemed to have free reign of $350 and $450 tickets. Yeah, I might be kinda pissed too, it is after all their community. Well we go see what happen next year cause the fete on the whole seems to have outgrown the venue and the residents close to uprising.

Onto the next one!