Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Where is my bamcee piece?

Lord knows I will always love playing mas, but if I see one more wire bra I am going to scream. What is irritating me more than anything is that the majority of frontlines appear to come with a wire bra. Since when did frontline=wire bra?  So everyone who wants a frontline costume supposed to want to wear a wire bra? Well designers guess what, not everybody wants their areolas playing peekaboo and to wear pasties an flasher insurance. Its not that I can't wear a wire bra, I still have the body for it (although that is not always a criteria) but I think I have my limits on exposure and level of comfort. There is probably one version of wire bra that I have seen that I would consider , which is the type used for Tribe's Amazonia/Amazon and even that I'm not sure how it will actually look on me. I don't even like wires in my regular bras so I'm not thrilled about wearing one all day on the road jumping. Well let's not even talk about the danger of them breaking or the fact that you if your decorations start to fall off you may end up wearing a towel across your chest or worse yet using a shoelace and duck tape to keep you strapped in.

It has been said that BBF mas is a degeneration of traditional mas. What is happening now, which I did not even believe was possible, is that we now seem to be going through a degeneration of bikini mas. It may surprise many to know that my first Carnival costume in Poison as a teen  back in the late 90s was also the first bikini I had ever worn in public since I was like 6. I must say I was a bit self conscious about it that first year despite I was like 100lbs wet. Back then the swimsuits  were just plain spandex with very little structure. You were lucky if it was lined  at all. The bra decoration largely consisted of regular round beads glue gunned to your top and maybe two appliques stuck for good measure. The waistband was a solid two inches wide with actual buckles and even wider towards the front. You were guaranteed to have a lot of beads hanging, a big piece of cloth or a awkwardly shaped piece of carboard hanging between your legs. And of course there was a bamcee piece. I am pretty sure there are many people who don't even know what that is. For those of you who don't, this was a small piece of square or triangle fabric with a ribbon across the top that was tied around your waist so it covered your butt. Your waistband was then placed over this. The point obviously of a bamcee piece was to offer some modesty to those who felt uncomfortable with their butt taking breeze. Oh how far we have come!

I can't say I did not contribute to the problem along with many others like myself. Even in Poison days we would modify our costumes to be 'sexier' which generally meant just trimming the fabric. I'm pretty sure I wore my bamcee piece up until I stopped playing with Poison. That was probably the last time I actually got one. Admittedly when picking costumes, I was drawn to the sexier or skimpy ones. My friends thought I was nuts the first year I had a particularly frou frou waistband and decided to come out Monday with just stockings and a bikini bottom. The very next year she was right there with me.

I will give Tribe all credit for being one of the first to outsource their bikini supplier so that women were actually able to get real bras as costume wear. Of course they appealed to the younger crowd with their sexier cut bikinis and smaller waistband. Well you know, I was in the front of the line to sign up. They were also the first to start using color variated beads and nicer gems. In many ways they raised the bar on what people expected in a costume. The all inclusive option did not hurt either. However, just looking at their costumes over time and looking at what the newer bands are producing outright, everything seems to have retrograded. The appliques are making a comeback, the bras are becoming smaller and the waistbands are non existent.  I think I was most disgusted when I saw one costume which had six strands of short beading as the rear cover for the waistband.I mean, why bother at that point? Best you just leave it completely bare.  We have actually reached the point of no waistband and a decorated panty so it won't be a stretch. Bras are coming partially undecorated or under decorated and even standard headpieces and foot pieces come as additional costed options now.There is a marked difference between sexy and skimpy and we seem to have gone beyond that and are moving into the flat out cheap zone which borders very closely to skanktopia. Even if the bands have options of monokinis or hot shorts, it does not take away from the fact that the waistband itself can be rolled up  in a ball and fit in your hand.

Maybe its cause I'm getting older and my carnival skettel style is a bit (just a tad) more reserved than in my 20s but realistically speaking I really wonder who these bands really expect to wear some of these costumes? I feel I hot and still won't wear some of that nonsense. When you have an entire band of wire bras and decorated panties is it that you are gearing your market only towards those 20 somethings? That would be all well and good if that's you're goal but then you look at a band like Bliss who generally has a more mature demographic and the costumes there also leave little to the imagination. Real, average women don't look like those models. Women over 30 who do look like those models have to work damn hard to get there and some are happy to use some plastic surgery to help it along.

I still like a sexy costume, I still wear sexy costumes at that. I would just like to see the bands give people a little more costume options and cater for those of all shapes, sizes and modesty. There are also skinny bitches who don't want all their ass outside! If i decide to strip down the costume then that is my choice. When you don't give people any costume to start with then you're people are going to start to either think they're not getting value for their money or that they only want a women who look a certain way in the band. How come I don't get a bamcee piece in my box anymore? It's not like the costume cost is getting any cheaper as these costumes are getting smaller! Looking at some of the prices next to some of those costumes is laughable. Is better you gave me a T-shirt and tell me cut it up how I want cause I paying to drink and wine on the road. Give us 5 years and we will all be looking like 1980s Poison again.


Javed said...

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C said...

Just come across your blog from twitter, really enjoyed reading some of the old posts - you getting it up and running again this year? I'm coming to POS this year, and I'm both a trinidad virgin and a carnival one - SO EXCITED! Really hope you post more to fuel my excitement. Have you any advice/suggestions for first timers, where to be, what to do etc? Far too self conscious to join a mas band and wear the outfits but want to experience as much of it as possible! x