Friday, July 27, 2012

Bliss 2K13: Savage Beauty sneak peak

Well I am sure we were all delighted to get a sneak peak from Bliss for their presentation Savage Beauty. I must say they are off to a great start. This costume, Lionfish is awesome. The color combo is one we very rarely see but it seems very well put together. The effect that those beads are giving on the bra (that we have arguably seen on some other bands' costumes) is fierce. I'm loving how the wings are cut, I think i prefer this styling to the butterfly wings in Tribe. Maybe its just cause I'm a water sign I like the more nautical spin on things.  I am hearing that there is even more to look forward to in Bliss this year. Kudos to Bliss for hearing their masqueraders demands for fabulous costumes as is  customary in Tribe. They seem to also be really making the effort to market Bliss as more than just the 'old people Tribe' or the 'wannabe Tribe' as there is going to be an influx of new groups like the Punchy Punch section which is sure to breathe new life into the band. Can't wait for the rest of these costumes to buss.

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