Monday, December 26, 2011


Yeah, yeah , yeah. I fall off with updating the blog again. Really and truly every year I try to update the blog consistently throughout the year and it never happens that way. Mentally I have a 'season' for carnival. It ends Ash Wednesday and Today is absolutely my FAVOURITE day of the year. It's when Carnival officially starts for me, time to get serious, time to get ready peoples!! Today is Soca Switch! The day that the radio stations start bombarding us with new soca everyday. The day that fetes start ruling out, it all starts coming together for the big day.

So status update ? Buss!!! I have a costume that is not paid for. I have a pair of boots for Tuesday but probably need to get one for Monday as well. Ok I have Monday wear...kinda....cause I am contemplating changing it. Exercise??? The Carnival gods are laughing hysterically at me right now.Not a treadmill see me yet! Fortunately for me, good genes got me back to my pre-preggie weight pretty quickly. Issue is, my goal was to be less than that seeing the my costume is crazy skimpy.I still have time as I really don't have far to go but I think I'm a bit complacent since I could be fine as is. I fraid to check the scale for Christmas damage! I was motivated enough today to do my workout playlist but I have yet to figure out when it will actually get played.

I'm going to keep this one short.I've been holding my tongue about all the carnival bacchanal going on but may put in my two cents from here on out. FIFTY-FIVE DAYS AND COUNTING BITCHES! Get off your ass!