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ISLAND PEOPLE 2K12:Heroes Review

I was really in two minds about whether or not to do a review on Island People .This is primarily because I did not go to the launch and I know I would not be playing with them. When I saw the costumes ,I was so disappointed that I also felt reluctant to even bother. Then I found myself looking at the pics repeatedly and I realised I just needed to get it off my chest.

I must commend Island People for trying to be as creative as possible and they always seem to try to relate their costumes directly to the theme.With that said, I think generally the costumes were just poorly executed. Here we have their teaser with cartoon stylised versions of their sections which all look kinda cute. As others have pointed out , they would have done better if they just had them all look exactly like that. What bewilders me is how a design team could have collectively looked at their production and thought 'We looking Bessssss'. I am not even going to hate on the excessive use of spandex because in context it is understandable in relation to the theme and I also happen to love the 80s (spandex ruled then). What super hero doesn't like spandex? I don't know why Island People likes to make 5 versions of every section. Is it that they are not sure which one people will like or is it to give people so many options they must find one they like to play wit them? To me it just confuses the look of the band.

If I'm not mistaken this is Sonia Mack's section. After what she produced last year, this costume is a poor follow up. I just don't understand it. It has too many different design elements going on, I dunno how the petals ,the beading, the architectural headpiece, the appliques and gems were supposed to look cohesive. The bra option on the individual that seems to have a white base is just awful. The beading hanging from it and the corresponding waistband is also a bit tooo 80s. It seems to come from a time when costume design was not very mature. We have come so far since then, this is one design that needed to stay in the 80s. She did a big skirt last year, it worked then, this petal framed skirt does not. But hey , it's blue. People like blue. Right?

Sigh *bbm hand over face* . If I could save this costume, I probably wouldn't. The only thing I like is the bra on the backline version. Maybe I will let the cape slide in the spirit of heroism. I will even peg the colour combo as 'interesting'. I do not like the bird looking cutout used in the backline waistband . The headpiece is just a bit two out there for me,, it looks like it would have been more suited amongst the aliens in last year's presentation. I would love to see what superhero can manage with all that goings on. The other two versions with the wire bra are just plain scary. The bras are a weird shape, the fabric hanging from them is silly.The circles make me trypophobic and the waistbands just look cheap. I really want to like the spandex leggings but they look a bit out of place on the costume. They need to start over with this one.#fail

The backline is a very standard bikini mas costume and I guess its wearable however I would love to know how the 'V' s tie into anything. I don't particularly like the two types of feathers on the BL backpack, I think they look odd together. I guess its supposed to look like flames coming out her back. Cute headband though. The cuffs look like they belong to a flamenco costume and why everything have to have V's all over it so? The FL monokini looks like it could do with some more gems, I find they are depending on that spandex to do all the work in 'making' the costume. Having that much of the spandex exposed cheapens it. I could not help but wonder if it was lined. Worse yet, I hope they make brazilian waxes compulsory for all who sign up. The spandex arm pieces really should fit snug, having them look like arms warmers is not flattering.Judging from the placement, maybe V is for vajayjay? Wait, no, the male has a V as well. Well what's left is a individual or another FL? I only like the backpack but I could envision the cape soaking up all the drain water in P.O.S. The bra is reminiscent of 'flame boob' and the little ruffle on the waistband is odd.

One of the better ones in the line up. The backline could do with some upper arm pieces cause without the cape it looks quite bare. The monokini and bustier options are cute too. i think the white cape looks like a bedsheet on both options. If they insist on having a cape then I would prefer it be a bit more translucent or a different colour than white. Sheer silver maybe? I dunno but not bedsheet. I would not wear the facemask personally but you can get away with it.

The only other thing I love more than the colour teal is animal prints. I was really hoping to get both next year (hint hint it's not too late!) . I like the brown version better than the pink but its ok as well. It seems unanimous that these two backline models looked the best for the night. I might lose the silver cape, again I think a more translucent fabric would have been better. The frontlines look a bit crazy with those thigh high animal print leggings. No change that , if the bodywear was a solid pink/brown and they had the leggings it could work. I would have to agree with Saucy that it just had too much animal print for one costume. All the accessories did not need to be in print unless they went with a solid colour bodywear. And suppose I want to wear sunglasses? Like I can't with that visor.Hope its removable.

Although I am not in love with the colour combo, generally all the versions are ok.There are a few tweaks here and there I would do. Mostly in terms of gem placement. I don't like how the monokini is decorated, it looks a bit juvenile. I also wonder how it would fit a bigger busted person because it seems very narrow on top. I am still a bit bothered that the monokini looks like its lacking structure (which a lining would provide). Pink spandex for guys? #uberfail

This is my favourite of the lot. It's probably the only one I would actually wear. Good colour combo. I really like the design of the bustier . The boyshort version fit very poorly on the model so I hope that is just a sizing issue. I don't like that the back is just some strings on the Fl version but the monokini fits much better.

The backline bodywear is ok. The Fl monokini is very risque in terms of its cut, there is very little left to even decorate. The average woman cannot wear that style and have it look flattering. The model looks like a size zero. Much more cannot be said for this costume. Oh , yeah the male costume....just with the pink spandex shorts I want to see who wearing a long pants with a spandex top that has peekabo nipple action. And why is the Eye of Thundera part of this costume?

When I saw this costume , the first thing I did was call my rastafarian bff and tell her she could finally play mas again. All joke aside, its hard to look at this costume and think about anything other than the combination is rastafarian colours. However, the colour blocks also makes it look very Carnival Friday primary school. The male costume being most guilty of this. I think the tri colour beading could have worked but the combo with the bra is a bit much. I can't support a completely undecorated bra. The monokini is kinda cute but don't like the backpack. Does the costume come with the big stick?

A lot of hoorah about this costume. Out of all I think it hits the theme and is a decent costume at the same time. I am not a big fan of wings but it was well done.i.e not tacky looking. The bra is borderline flame boob but it was done much better than other incarnations as the feathers are pointing in the opposite direction, so I will give it a pass. Red is not one of my favourite colours so I may just be a bit rough on it but overall one of the better costumes.

I like the feathered headpieces, backpack and the backline bra.The fascinator style head piece being the exception. The waistband is a bit too much like a giant applique for my taste. The slack spandex accessories just not cutting it. I don't want to feel that cape is spandex too. Good luck with that and the heat.

So very much like the other bands, out the box does not negate the fact that it also has to be attractive to the wearer. Compared to last year's presentation I am quite disappointed that the offerings weren't more appealing. Island People will have a run for their money considering some of the new bands on the market and the fact that Richard and Anthony have the place locked in terms of costume design. Would like to big up the Trinidad Carnival Costume Pics crew for making life easy for the bloggers, I don't even have to take close ups anymore lol. Good job.
Soon to come BLISS and TRIBE:Take Two and YUMA.

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