Monday, August 15, 2011

Dear Island People......

So apparently due to the whole uproar from the general public (and I imagine a bit from the bloggers) about the quality (i.e. they oogly) of Island People's Heroes presentation, they posted on their facebook page that they would eat some humble pie and rework some (i.e all) of the costumes. I must say that is a FABULOUS idea but I dunno why some people singing sound praises for Island People's customer service for doing so.

It is definitely not an unheard of practice, lest we forget that Bliss reworked all their costumes last year after similar grumblings of the masses (and bloggers). In the past few years at least one costume has died a quiet death annually at Tribe's hands. They are shown at the launch and maybe even at the mascamp, never to be seen again. (R.I.P Flamingo, Trakson Warriors, Cyclon). I actually kinda liked Cyclon, dunno how that got the guillotine. The justification is usually that the drop one section to open up a more popular one.*whispers* Sometimes they just plain oogly. Listening to your market and responding accordingly is crucial to having a successful band with such fierce competition out there. I dunno if IP does this or not but I know for a fact that other bands have focus groups before the final crop of costumes are selected to say 'yay or nay'. Based on that, costumes can be reworked or scrapped. Given that even with this procedure , whack costumes still make it to the final presentations but its a good precaution.

Anywho, with the notice of Island People's revamp they requested that people go and 'Like' the costumes that they prefer in order to assess which ones will get the revamp or the axe I suppose. Since everybody and their tante is now a costume critic ,many people have since taken the opportunity to lambasse some of the costumes outright. I myself stumbled across Nocturnal and commented that "A costume with zero likes....nuff said". Strangely enough, my comment was deleted. Now considering that they have asked for 'constructive criticism' and yet people with comments such as 'Hell to the muhfuggin,No!" and "My eyes burn me..get rid of this crap" still remain, I am perplexed to think how my comment could have been construed as offensive or unconstructive and hence required deletion considering that it was stating facts at the time. Regular readers would know that when I do a review, I tend to be quite detailed and when it's something I don't like, I often recommend tweaks. This is primarily because I (and others) have been accused of just being 'haters' or 'bad mind' to certain bands or designers for personal reasons. To me, If I tell you exactly why I don't like/like something it cannot be said that I have any sort of bias. No critique is is unsupported by evidence and where personal taste prevails it is clearly indicated.

I am such a fan of irony and I had a good laugh when I recalled that around this same time last year I visited the IP Mascamp to get better close of pics (was also invited to the media launch last year, like meh pass get lost in the mail this year). While browsing, I was approached by one of the IP band leaders and asked my opinion quite randomnly (I assume) about one of the costumes. I proceeded to give my honest critique and I suppose he was impressed enough with my comments to say that I should join their team the next year. I jokingly replied that I am extremely good at criticising but have never really designed a costume from head to toe. He responded that he was serious. Now I never pursued the matter although it was something I would have loved to do, I had too much going on personally at the time, but I'm kinda sorry I didn't with the end result. I don't proclaim to know everything about costumes or costume design, but I do believe that I have a pretty good eye necessary for the field I work in.I am sure that if I were to design a costume that it would be so outrageously expensive to produce that it would get trashed same way. However, if I was to get the 'wuk', these are some of the changes I would make, of course sent formally:

Dear Island People,
Allyuh need to fix some of dem costumes. Hear what to do eh...


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