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As luck (or life) would have it I did not make it to the launch. I was not too torn up about it because I did not really expect to be in the country anywho and had actually left my costume downpayment with a (trusted) friend. When I do attend, I usually don't stay too much past the costume viewing because I don't think the party has been my speed in quite a while. Fortunately Triniscene made it easy by bringing their live stream. Not only did I save money and an outfit but I did not have to deal with looking for a park or feeling obligated to hang out longer than I wanted to because of friends. Their live stream is really as good as you can get if you cant be there in person. I got pretty much the same view as I would if I was in front the stage elbowing people to get pics (avoiding that another perk). I even got to hear Saucy's running commentary which kept me well entertained.I also like to reserve final comments for after I see the costumes in person. The following is very preliminary:

If nothing else, TRIBE is very consistent. Overall, pretty bikini mas with attractive colours. I don't understand why they seemed to have used such a small spectrum of the colour wheel. There were times when I was not sure if I was looking at another version of the same costume or a different costume. Design wise occasionally seemed that they took a little from here and there from recent costumes and made a new version. I think showing only frontlines was a bad idea. I understand that it may have been either to keep the showtime to a minimum (albeit it is a launch) or maybe to create a bigger impact. However, the frontlines and individuals won't be available to the majority of the masqueraders. These are the people who are making and breaking the band and I for one would be very annoyed and disappointed if I came to see which costume I wanted and left with very little but maybe a preferred colour option. If you are a FL H.O. then you were in your glee! I was glad to see that most of the wire bras were in the style of Amazon/nia which to me is the only wire bra that I have seen that I would consider wearing. Sexy and it's the only one I have seen that seems to work on almost every boob (i.e without exposing nipples). What I did not like was that across the board the waistbands seems to be minimal. Its to a point where it no longer seems that they trying to be sexy , its like they running short on materials. I like skimpy costumes as much as the next carnival skettel but I am starting to feel a bit shortchanged. So...section wise:

Absolutely gorgeous. I love this one! Love the style of the style of the bra. The gems on the bra look just wow. Yes it may be Charmeuse 2.0 + Amazon/nia backpack in terms of colouring and style but its definitely a great upgrade. One of my top 3 for sure.

I'm kinda 'meh' about this one right now. The colours on video and in pics makes it seem very monotone. There is very little contrast between the bra decoration and the base /feather colour. I am hoping and am pretty sure in reality the working on the bra will be more pronounced but it looks pretty flat right now. I would have liked to see a bit more bling on the backpack for the individual in particular as well. Seems like a very safe choice to me.As i said before I prefer the other style of wire bra. Again, i did not see it in person and I think its well worth a closer look.

The inidvidual was very over the top and definitely peaked my interest. I like how it looks like fireworks going off around you. I guess its appropriate to be paired with a wire bra and a standard waistband. I wondered if the silver starbursts were similar to the material used on the first version of the Bliss' Ice Warrior (which was revamped, sorry 'poofed'). That foil material looked kinda cheap to me then so I hope that is not the case here. The frontline is nicely done. I would have to agree with Saucy about the asymmetry of the backpack. I dunno, when I first saw it I wondered if something was missing and then I was like Ohhhhh, it's supposed to be a style. It looks alright either way I guess but I would have liked it more if it was evened out.

Very happy to see something as interesting as an animal print monokini. I love animal prints. That was after I thought,"Didn't we already go to Africa with Peter?". I think it looks lovely as it is but I'm a bit worried about how it will look on the road. I fear that it will be a bit muddy looking in a group. Maybe the collar needs a bit of contrast, some lighter tones or a bright red. Just some thoughts....but I do like it.

The colour peach scares me in Carnival.I am quite sure that I have proposed it be banned from Carnival permanently at sometime in the past. It was a bit difficult to get the true colour of the costume from video and pics but my first impression is that this might be the first peachy pinky costume I actually like.(R.I.P Flamingo).I say LIKE eh. Absolutely love the individual bra by itself but not too sure what to make of the waistband. The bra did not look like it fit the model very well but hopefully thats just a sizing problem. For the frontline, although I notoriously hate standard appliques, I will let it slide this once cause it does appear well done. The bra could do with a bit more gems just to fill in the flat space but it could also ruin it if its not done in a strategic way.So I will leave it alone. The colour may not compliment all skin tones but the fact that its not a oogly peach costume is a plus.

I must admit I am totally biased when I see these colours. That is half the sell with me there. I also like the detail that this designer puts into her costumes which is why I have played in her section several times. With that said, I love the string bikini bra. I think that style enhances those who aren't working with much on top and for me its more comfortable. The rest of the costume is itty bitty (like we carnival skettels like it) and I love the mohawk head piece with the gradient colours. I am hoping that even with its size its as light as the Loulan headpiece and its much more crowd friendly. I prefer to have the extra beading on the bodywear as in the individual than to have a bigger headpiece. I hope those wings are going to be an add on option also. I will take wings and leave the headpiece yes. (Yay wings!). OMMMGGGG now noticed wings are attached to headpiece. That is fantastic! Backpacks are just more than I want to deal with on the road so I am very glad to have this option in a frontline. I can't wait to see this up close! #winning

The colours are lovely. Oh wait, I said that already.Oh wait, its a different costume. My bad. I honestly didn't notice until I saw pics after the fact. Between the two, I prefer South Beach. Mainly because it has more beading than Dubai. Would still like to see it up close but I am already worried about the bra being a bit bare in the cup area. Personally I like to see heavy beading or gemming on a frontline. I think that's part of what you pay for.

Humph! Papa Yo! Like Tribe having a float next year to put all them girls in FL Cyprus. I eh sure if that costume legal nah. This section should have been called Rio cause that is as close as you gonna get nekkid. Everytime I think they can't get more nekkid they prove me wrong! Now I can appreciate its creativity. I think the design of the bra is different and I do like it. I personally may shy away from the cutouts in the bra but its cute. I could even rock the bottom piece when viewed from in front if I was in top form. However ,although I don't particularly mind my ass hanging out , I think having it outside like if I never put on a draws at all is a bit much. I absolutely hate those 'headpieces' but its Carnival and no one will judge you for wearing it. I also have mixed feelings about the monokini version. I like the style of the monokini but the feathers on the crotch somehow make me thing of "lucky poonky" and the feathers edging the plunge make me think of "flame boob" both unfortunate costumes from "the band that shall not be named". I will reserve my final opinion for when I see it in reality as it does have other good features like the gems.Cyprus redeems itself fully as from what I see the backline may be one of the best in the band. The next question is, If you don't look like the model how you wearing that frontline?(Edited to add:Wait, i think I answered my own question: you don't! Maybe that's the intent hmmmm.)

SANTORINI (with one "N" Triniscene)
Ok yes it have the same gems from Amazon, but I love the body wear. If nothing else it looks like you getting something for your money. The headpiece is sky high which is great. I like the design of the hand pieces but the quality (from pics) looks a bit like it was made out of orange bristol board. I may be wrong, would need to see it up close.

Teal overload, i love it lol. Loving the individual bra. I need another look at FL bra which seems to be just as lovely if it's as worked up as I think it is.The waistband is extremely tiny. Totally forgivable with the ridiculous amount of feathers. Yes its a colour variation of what we have seen before but it's a fantastic colour and a sure to be popular.

I love this frontline. Simple but very attractive. Tribe love a collar eh? The colour combo is along the lines of one of this years' Bliss costumes (substitute purple for teal) but it does work well together. It may have looked a bit dark on the night but I think it will be ok on the road as their is some colour variation (as opposed to the monotone of Johannesburg). The bodywear will dazzle so arguably the darker tones in the headpiece may balance it out. Not sure how I feel about the backline bra which seems to be sequined covered. Somehow even though I know it has something on it , it still looks plain because in pics it comes out like a solid colour.

Achaean Odyssesy is that you? Don't get me wrong ,Its a lovely costume but its a version 2.0 of Achaean. At least it could have been a different colour! Ok, I personally don't like red costumes so I was not a fan out the gate. I do love the design and it is definitely one of the more interesting costumes in the group. I would still put it in my top picks.Let's hope they recall the issues with the torso lengths that occured with Achaean. I'm still kinda wondering why they sending Gabrielle with that version and not the other individual version to Ms.Universe.Too much to travel with? By Trini standards the headpiece and accessories are nothing new and I am sure there will be similar ones from other countries who recently seem to be coping the carnival costume style. I doubt anyone will come with anything like the bigger individual.

I am not even going to waste my time with the male costumes. Best they just give them what they want, a short pants and a id band and done the talk. I can respect the Ibiza male for the effort, although that's may be an 'individual'.

Top picks so far (in no order): South Beach, Fiji, Ibiza, Manhattan.I would like to give an honorable mention to Cyprus as well. I would not pick it for myself but I am sure it will be a hot seller.
Least fav : The rest are on pretty even footing and I don't think any are flat out ugly so I won't single out any.

With all these '2.0' and sometimes '3.0' versions of costumes Tribe played it safe but I suppose in the end the formula works as I honestly can't trash any. If one or two get a little tweak it will be just that and not major revisions. If you need to see pics of costumes it have a million on the internet and I eh able to insert them here. Remember this is only my preliminary take, we still have backlines to macco good and to see the costumes in real. I have been known to go 180 on some of my likes and dislikes.

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caisoqueen said...

Hey CJ...caisoqueen here! I've missed your blog lady! Yeah I definitely agree with your review. Yesterday I fell in love with Dubai and what sold me was they way it moved when de girl started dancin on stage...I have done the tail thing before with Kiskadee but I just love the colours and it will look great with my collection of headpieces. Ah love Fiji's headpiece and beadwork. Looking forward to reading your review after you see them close close close up...:)