Friday, July 22, 2011

The Return

Well whole of this year Carnival my theme song was Machel's song "Coming again" cause all I coulda say was "I shall return, I must come back.". I broke my own rules and got taken out the game so unfortunately I did not make it on the road. Bad mind alone had me holding on to my costume till I could bring myself to sell it (i.e when I stopped being in denial of missing the first carnival on the road in 15+ years. Yes, 15 I said.) So sad, so sad. I had seriously considered buying it and putting it in a corner just so I could look at it. *sigh* Oh well, I survived the torture and although I may not be as free to come and go as I was before, I am determined to be on the road next year.(God's willing. Please God please.)

Anyhow you take it , I usually go on hiatus in what we refer to as the 'off season' which is the short time between Carnival and the first band launch. I am not sure how many band launches I will be able to attend this rounds. Honestly, I good to stay home from now till Carnival Monday. Just give me meh costume. I have always been more a road person than a fete person. Being a regular Triber, the anticipation of their band launch always brings me out the woodwork and gets my blog rolling again.

After that run in with my doppelganger (refer to previous post) and with my very hectic schedule, I have not quite decided what the focus of my blog this year will be. I don't know if I have either the time or the patience to run down pics at events and upload etc etc. In the earlies this blog was mostly about my own personal routine to get prepared for Carnival (hence the tag line above) and along the way the bloggerati was born. It still boggles my mind how that happened but we have lots of fun lol. I may just revert a bit to the ole school seeing that my band launches may be attended via triniscene. If nothing else , I have a challenge. How to get back in bess shape after having a baby, while taking care of a baby. Good material there , the mampee factor was never more real to me lol. So we will see how it goes, can't promise I'll be as regular with posting, after all getting back in shape is the priority!


Puppy said...

I am happy for your return and look forward to your unique view on all things carnival! Good luck trying to juggle being a new yummy-mummy and gettign road ready!

afro chic said...

Welcome back Jumbie! And congrats again on the baby :)

Doh worry if yuh can;t make them all, Saucy and I go try tuh hold down de fort fuh yuh!

Triniprincess said...

It's to see you back at it. Congratulations on your little one! And I have no fear that you will be in tip top shape by Carnival.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

good to see you back, I hardly comment on the Carnival blogs because the burns. But I still read regularly