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So the intimate experience had their launch last Thursday. It seems that they are trying to maintain a sort of separation of identity by having a separate launch. That concept would probably have gone over much better if they did not basically have the same theme.Its not like they really follow the themes anyway so I'm kinda confused by that logic. I was not too impressed with the last minute decision to charge people to come to their launch. There were many people who attended Tribe's launch expecting to see Bliss' costumes. Some of those people were not even interested in Tribe at all and they were rather peeved at having to fork out a next set of money. I am sure there are still a lot of people who are weighing the pros and cons between Bliss and Tribe. It comes down to two things I believe, crowd size and costumes. Some are willing to give up their fave costume in Tribe to get ease up on the jam session while others just going where they best costumes are. I think there will be an increased demand for Bliss spots just because they have gotten past their first year and many people were able to get their groups into the same section. Well don't hold your breath, if Bliss is to maintain their product, the numbers will not be increasing.

My take on the costumes in general is that they are all nice. That's it. Just nice. There is not really anything that wowed me that said that I should abandon all others just to have that costume. It is still a hard follow when Tribe showed all their individuals and Bliss had to show frontlines. Again, Bliss has stuck to their tried and tested bikini mas formula and produced simple costumes in nice colours which will move (out the showroom). Having the shoot on boats just reinforced the bikini mas image. One or two have a little flair to them but its what we have seen before. So much so, that I am starting to wonder if Tribe doesn't have a warehouse somewhere with all the excess materials and they just trying to use up leftover gems/notions. There are many examples of reused items in both productions. I did my review primarily using the booklet and referring to some pics from launch. As always , final comment is reserved for when I see them in real. So, here is my take:

I think this is one of the few which I thought the design was really creative. It can be difficult to create a costume using more material than gems but it was successful here. Albeit the colours are most associated with Caged Canary and the group produced two fringed costumes last year.Ok wait, lets make that I really liked the bra top. I am sure it will be a fav for all those who seek to hide some flaws. I would have still preferred to see something on the bottom than just a plain panty. I used to wear a plain panty on Carnival Monday long time. I don't expect that my Tuesday costume should be the same. I guess since the fringe is wrapped around to make the bamcee piece they thought it was ok. I can understand the reasoning but still think its a bit of a short change. The necklace and the headpiece are also well put together. Those cuffs like they came from the warehouse. Is there a backline in this?

Green and Peachy Pink are the two colours i think are most difficult to design with. This is one of the better green costumes I have seen. Tribe has a pretty good track record for nice green costumes with Honeycreeper and Mulberry under their belt and they are all quite different. I was suprised to see that the bra has green sequins on it. I can't remember the last time I see sequins on a Tribe costume. They have become so known for gemming out the bra and higher end materials. I guess in this recession they have to reduce costs but fortunately it was done well and mixed with gems so I am not going to fault them for it. I just hope the cost of the costume is reflected in that savings. I am liking the ring detailing in the bar and waistband as well. as well as the backline headpiece. I am getting tired seeing that backpack so many times in one year but hey its one of the better backpack styles.

Its interesting to see how different this costume looks in different lighting. In the book its a deep purple/burgundy and in pics it looks almost red. I think its pretty however this is a good example of reappearance of previously used materials. The gems, I have seen before I was too lazy to go look and to say where but thats ok cause I found an example a few pages before in the booklet. That is, Monaco has same gems as well. An increasing trend with them is hanging gems from the top edge of the bra and leaving the rest bare. To me this is what Oasis did to keep their costs down and I kinda expect more from Tribe. Its Tribe's fault for giving me that bad habit of expecting fully worked up bras.The wrought iron looking shapes are very similar to what was used in Izumi clan (Blis 2k11). I am not sure how I feel about the side wings. They look nice in pics but I think the road will be the true test. I am glad to see something innovative in this costume, don't recall seeing that before off the top my head. Nice costume overall.

This costume probably peaked my interest the most with its very distinctive body wear. I do like when they incorporate patterned fabric into a costume and I am loving the chunky blue gems. I have mixed feelings about the feathered arm pieces. As a friend pointe dout to me, they look like seaweed. Maybe thats the point, I dunno but it is still one of my favs.

This costume is just pretty standard. Sticking to the formula. Its pretty enough, the backpack on show was really over the top. I would like to see some of the detailing close up. We could have hoped for something a bit more. When I think of Thailand I think costumes from "The King and I". Don't really see how this costume relates to Thailand.

Well the good thing about this costume is that you could probably wear it again after to a DDI party. Although the ruffles are cute, it just does not say costume to me.I am not too pleased by how the ruffles seem to fall on the bra. Would have to se it up close. It's a really blinged out swimsuit basically. The backline looks like you would have to tell people is mas you going to play. The collar seems like it may have an issue sitting up as well. Not sure what the intent was there. I also have mixed feelings about the blue tinged feathers, they just seem kinda random and not tied into the rest of the costume. If you want something shiny and light, I guess this is you here.

Ok firstly, FYI, Bora Bora and Tahiti are part of the same country. Might want to rethink that section name. I like the colours and I really like how the regular bra was decorated.I would prefer if both sides were decorated the same way even if they insisted on putting the feather accent. This bra style looks good on just about everybody. The wire bra is one that is a hit or miss depending on who wears it and how much nip action is revealed. I don't particularly like the stuff hanging from the boobs either.The paillettes on the side of the waistband and on necklace kinda concern me, I always feel like I am going to get sliced and diced by a handful of paillettes but they might be ok.

Ok,sorry for this again but Waikiki is a neighbourhood on one of the Hawaiian islands. I don't think people go to Hawaii just to visit a neighbourhood. I not really sure about their theme if they going to name sections after some countries, mixed in with cities, mixed in with neighbourhoods. #imjussayin. Overall the costume looks ok but personally it's probably my least fav. I just don't like the daisy looking appliques.I guess its arguable that its supposed to be hawaiian flowers but I just don't like appliques generally. I do like the grass skirt look of the gold fringe and the cord detail on the side of the waistband. The headpiece and leg pieces of the frontline are really nice but I am a bit confused by the arm pieces which I will have to see up close.

Ok so it have a million pics online and again I am too lazy to insert them here.As with Tribe I think the majority of costumes are on even footing. Maybe that's intentional so people don't all rush one section. My favs in Bliss get their edge because of their innovative design. My least fav just has the misfortune to have a design element I don't like in any costume.

My top picks (in no order) : Bora Bora, Monaco
Least fav: Waikiki

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