Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I AM Carnival Jumbie BITCH!

In all the years I have been doing this blog, I have had a lot of challenges to deal with over the years. For the most part it has to do with trolls leaving rude comments on some of the posts and people using my pictures for their own sites or to sell products. As annoying as they may be, I have taking it in stride and dealt with it. Way back in 2007 I did a post called D'Original Jumbie poking fun at the idea that Machel sing a song called 'Jumbie' after I had already been blogging as Jumbie for some time. But never in my wildest dreams did I think I would bruk up on such an asshole as I did very recently last week or that I would have reason to ever defend my very existance!!

For those of you who have been long time readers, would know that I first became known as regular commenter on Saucy's blog. After some time I decided to do my own blog as I was talking way too much on Saucy's posts and wanted to give a different angle to what she was doing. For a time that worked but this whole carnival blogging thing got a life of its own. Readership on the blogs went up, so much so that Saucy migrated from a blog server to a regular website address. There was a demand for the info that we provided the behind the scenes action, the gossip and more than anything our pics and costume reviews which both foreigners and locals seem to put a great deal of faith in. With the effort and lots of hard work that were put into out posts at our own expense bands and designers started to take notice and we were able to effect change in several cases to benefit the masquerader. Much to my own surprise, at some point we became legitimate media personnel with invitations to many of the major events. In all this time as media invitees Saucy, AC and I with a few others have always supported each other. We have always exchanged information, pictures and even hooked each other up a few times as well. Despite not having known each other prior to our blogs we have always respected each other and given due credit where credit is due and never tried to compete with each other. Each of us have had our own contribution to make and have represented ourselves as individuals in the business.

So imagine my surprise that after over five years of building the name Carnival Jumbie as a member of the (sometimes notorious) Bloggerati that I would get a message from a fellow colleague saying that someone had created a Facebook Fan page for Carnival Jumbie for a blank website and was , in their opinion, trying to rip off my name. Good looking out my friend cause she was also a previous victim of bootleg impersonators on said Facebook. Well one visit to the page and I totally agreed because not only was this person calling themself Carnival Jumbie but they were advertising themself as the source of carnival info and promoting a site that had eerily a similar name to my own blog.Not only that, but people on my fb friend account were joining the page under the impression that it was me!! Now I also had created a facebook friend account under the name Carnivale Jumbie about two/three years ago and had all my readers join that account. At the time, I chose to do a friend account rather than a fan page because I like being able to upload my pics easily and felt I could interact better with my readers that way. Why Carnivale and not Carnival? Cause FB is retarded and would not accept Carnival as a first name. I kept it consistent, linked it to the blog, used the same profile pic and contacts so ppl would know it was indeed me. It worked very well for my purposes and helped to me to maintain my presence on Fb in my limited free time by being able to tweet @carnivaljumbie . So although it would have been more polite to email the individual privately, no contact was provided for me to do so and since from all appearances they seemed to be ripping off my pen name I posted on the wall that they should cease and desist because they were infringing on my intellectual property (i.e Carnival Jumbie). I also advised one of my readers on their comment that it was not me and I did not have a fan page.Well who tell me say dat!

This dude thinks he is more CJ than me!! Not only did he get very nasty he wanted to accuse ME of being an imposter. Well I really felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. The man as evidence of his rights want to link to of a whack website on one of them free hosts with a carnival schedule from like 2007 or something so with a title at the top as Carnival Jumbie. And he wants to tell me that because he went and registered www.carnivaljumbie.com that he is CJ. Well all I eh do is die laughing because apparently his empty website supposedly registered in 1997, his fb page created last week and his archived link has more legitimacy than a person who has been actively blogging as CJ for the past 5 years and is RECOGNISED by local bands as an individual worthy of their acknowledgement. The man rationale right is that I am CarnivalE Jumbie and he is Carnival Jumbie so even though he created a page last week and i have mine like 3 years with 500 friends I trying to be like him. Ummm ok well i explained before how that CarnivalE thing came to be but umm wouldn't this website name or maybe the fact that I have carnivaljumbie@gmail.com or @carnivaljumbie on twitter be a clue? Wait nah, the GREATEST of them all , is apparently nobody does read my blog. Hmm well like i smarter than I think cause I eh know how you does ratch hundreds of thousands of hits. Anyhow you take it if NOBODY was reading this I would still do it . However, it still remains, I out here long time and people reading this long time NOT your shitty site.You really so desperate to get in party free?

Dude what you smokin? The only reason people joined your fan page is because they thought YOU WERE ME!! Cause it makes sense that overnight you have 100 friends ? Oh you fancy huh? LMAO. WHAT A PSYCHO!Like you going right in the same bag with them next psychos. how can any RATIONAL person come up with that logic????? Right now you riding on the work that I have done for the past five years and the reputation that I have developed and trying to profit off of it. Well a lower piece of trash does not exist to me and I go be damned if i taking that jus so. So of course I let FB know my concern and faster than I expected they deleted the fan page. Well like the man was eating sour grapes because he obviously took turn to complain on me. And quite suprisingly (as i said fb is retarded) after approving my propriety complaint fb then suspended my Carnivale friend account. Not for copyright oh nooo, cause I won that, but for not putting my real name in field (like i even knew that was a violation). *ROFL*

Compared to the other Bloggerati , I was late in the game to join FB on the whole. Cause I don't really like fb , but it has become a necessary evil for what we do. So if i personally have a friend account on fb, I don't really care. What DID piss me off is the fact that the fb account is not really for me at all. It is for the general public to be able to see the pics of the costumes and events that we go (GET INVITED) to and to be able to share them with their own peoples. Now that, that pissed me off because along with the account, so are the pics that were uploaded. He eh hurt me, cause I still have all my pics, but for all his talk about being the voice of Carnival, he just deprived a very wide audience of something that was important to THEM.

So asshole( not you dear reader, the wannabe CJ), where were YOU during the Silver Mess saga? Have YOU ever been in the top 10 to register for Tribe? I doubt it cause we know all those people. Where were YOU when the bloggerati were accused of crashing the "Band that shall not be named" ? Do you even know who that is? Wait, where yuh was at Yuma launchES this year? You sure you want my personna? Cause it have a few people you probably should not turn your back on either lolololol. You asshole are the NOBODY. You jus come and feel you have rank? You need to EARN your respect around these parts. And you don't get respect by trying to ramp with Bloggerati. Yeah anybody can be a carnival jumbie, but you will never be THE Carnival Jumbie. I AM Carnival Jumbie bitch ! And we eh done yet......God doh sleep and neither do I .


Trinidad Carnival Diary said...

Woi! I have to read this a second time, YOU ARE CARNIVAL JUMBIE BEEEEEATCH!

Come back to FB though, just create a new fanpage :)

HeatherAnne said...

... the Silver Mess is just the start, he been a FHO? or even better - a 2 section HO?


- yours in solidarity, (for 6 years now) FHO & Blog fan, Heather.

Triniprincess said...

Let your fans know what they can do. The bitchassness MUST stop this year

afro chic said...


The REAL Carnival Jumbie has spoken!

shells said...

*standing ovation!!!*

Like Sauce i'm gonna have to read this post over... love it!

Carnival Jumbie said...

Well i was about to print tshirts saying "I AM Carnival Jumbie Bitch" and give them out to people to wear for Carnival. Dude has audacity to have a copyright on his page hmm , guess he can't read cause he missed my copyright. I suppose a blog is not a website.What a dumbass.


There was waaaaay too much for me to comment on! I will just say though that I applaud you for pspeakin' up and good for you!!!!!!

anil roopnarine said...

seems his domain was created in feb 2006 and your first post was sep 2006 and machel's song in 2007. Now thats a pikka patch if ever i saw one!

Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to http://www.internic.net
for detailed information.

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.
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Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 01-feb-2011
Creation Date: 14-feb-2006
Expiration Date: 14-feb-2013

Carnival Jumbie said...

Thanks Anil, at least you have proven that the domain was registered in 2006 and NOT 1996 as he claims. My issue is that he had an empty site until Feb 2011 with no content whatsoever. He is telling me that he has more right to the site because i have a blog and he wants to do a site. Aside from the fact that they are both hosted on the www are in effect both sites, I have had content for over 5 years and have a following whereas he has NOTHING. So because he had a empty site he thinks he owns the personna indefinitely. If he wants a site no prob but I have a issue with him using the same writing name. He is not "daddy jumbie" or MC Jumbie" , he is using carnival jumbie as his online name AS WELL AS his site. Is not like he selling headpieces, he wants to do a very similar carnival based info site. Maybe i should call the guy who has www.carnivaljumbies.com created his site in 2003 cause if you really want to go by date he still loss.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I love reading your writing, especially when you are excited. I'd click like if this was facebook. I really liked "Cause it makes sense that overnight you have 100 friends ? Oh you fancy huh?"