Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue Range -Blue Flame 2k10 Review

Well I know I have been kind of off slack with my regular posts but as Carnival is bacchanal I felt like i needed a little rest from last year . Nonetheless fete still continues and as Saucy not going anywhere this rounds I will make my small contribution to the cause....

Now for those of you who don't know, Blue Range has two Carnival fetes: The all inclusive and the cooler fete as fund raisers for their community. These used to be referred to as "the old people fete" and "the young people fete" respectively back when the their all inclusive used to set you back a $65TT . Doh feel is only now this fete going more than 10 years this fete has been taking place and I sure allyuh now hearing about it. That is because the Red Ants committee has taken over the promotion and some of the management of the fete and have completely transformed it into a true contender for bess fete of the year.

The number one reason for this is the price!! Blue Range is the cheapest all inclusive for the year! Starting at $400 ($350 for ladies if yuh know somebody who know somebody). Well I was too glad for that. I went down there from about 11:30pm and it sucks to be you if you did not have a best park lined up. Cause talk about pressah for people to get park! Blue Range has gone so far to offer a shuttle service for Blue range and the environs so you could still park in the outer edges of the neighbourhood and not have to walk a mile and a half. The fete has grown so much in recent years that the entire street in front of the tennis courts has been taken over to provide adequate space for the food stalls. There were also several food stalls still within the main park area. And when I say food...It had EEEEEEVERYTHING. Jerk, Geera, Patty,Souse, Pow,Bake and Shark, Mini roti and Benihana. SAY whaaaaaaat???? Yes man, Benihana was given way their best sushi with all the trimmings. Well I think that WIN yes cause I never went in no fete and see a sushi bar yet. Allyuh let me know if I miss that in UWI ,Bishops or ONE fete cause I was not paying dat!

Well the next thing you must evaluate is the bar. Well you might think they go do a bait and switch and give you Black and White and VAT 19 alone to drink. Nah man the Johnny Walker was flowing whole night. The Monster power drinks finished before the Johnny Walker ,oui. The Angostura Cocktail bar was providing the lightweights with several nice selections from their Carnival themed bar list. If you wanted a good vantage point of the festivities (and you had a link) they had elevated tents sponsored by Dunhill and Henieken. It still had room for several bars throughout the venue. I had no problem getting drinks all night.

The ladies love this venue as with the hard court surface you could step out in your best kit and stilettos. The danger of busting you tail while wining (or intoxicated) is greatly reduced. The ladies came out in their best fashion forward clothing as if it was a runway. Not all the fellas was as well put together however .Three quarters in an all inclusive??

The music had the party jumping. That 'No behaviour roadmix' is going to be a creeper on the road, take what I telling yuh. Blue Range did not disappoint with their offerings of entertainment. Although I must say I was a bit disappointed with the offerings of the performers.However keep in mind they perform with tracks and not a full band.The first I saw was Faye-Ann and Bunji. Faye-Ann was a bit lack lustre considering what she was coming off from from last year and I think she actually got more forward for singing last years' tune than her 2k10 tunes. I almost forget about Bunji completely till he throw in his two cents with his chant tune of 'Carnival is the baddest ting' . He got some forward for that but he was off stage voosh as he arrived. Next up was JW and Blaze and they brought the vibes into the dance. This duo flatten the place with which is the clear road march front runner "Palance". You may not know what it means just yet but you will figure it out quite quickly.Imagine these jokers (and you had to call them jokers cause dem is real kicks) could come in a party and sing PARODIES of other people songs commonplace on their morning show and get more forward than Bunji. "You are meh gooatee....." well yes! Like the party peaked right there cause Shurwayne Winchester's follow up performance went almost ignored. I and all thought they were just playing tracks when I turn around and say ,"Aye, aye is Shurwayne singing there?" He came and went with little fanfare.

By this time I think the greater portion of the party was drunk or well on their way. But you know STILL had food to eat. As lock off time drew near the rhythm section came out and of course people were in no rush to go home. The wining was still going on as people headed to their vehicles. If is one thing Blue Range have is value for your money and good luck getting tickets next year cause they are always in short supply.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The Carnival Challenge

Ok so, this started out as a joke as I was really bored in work today but ppl seem to be enjoying the idea...Here is the challenge:

1. Create a new photo albumn on facebook called "I name BACCHANAL"
2. Upload pics of yourself in every costume you have ever played in to the albumn.
3. In the Caption field enter costume details


Score 5 points for every pic
Score 5 points for the costume name in the caption
Score 5 points for the name of the band's presentation that year (e.g "What Lies beneath" NOT Tribe)

Some questions have already come up...
Only one pic is allowed in each costume!
You can submit pics from your youth in kiddies carnival for the extra edge!

When you are done place your total in the photo albumn title or the main comments section of the albumn.Feel free to create your own note and tag your own friends you want to challenge if you want to share the fun (or idleness). You can also tag your friends you want to challenge in your albumn when you're done so they don't cheat. Word of caution set your security settings to ensure only those you WANT to see your pics can see them .

Please share your totals and your pics (if you want) either in the post comments or you can link me on FB : Carnivale Jumbie. All you winning here is bragging rights lol