Tuesday, December 07, 2010

New Band Alert:Creation

When you thought it was over there is still more!! A new band was released this week called "Creation". The band theme is based on the book of Genesis. It may suprise you to know that this band is being produced by the Roman Catholic church and promises to have clean adult revellery for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Prices should be about $2000 and all costumes will be made locally. And of course, no alcohol.The band was designed by Mrs. Lisa Bhajan and was featured on TCN network yesterday. Looks like Macfarlane has some unexpected competition!


shells said...

What a thing! Should be interesting to see the road interpretation.

Dreamer said...

I Love it I heard the name of the organization is "The Word Doth Come Limited"

Lis said...

The band was actually featured on TCN (Trinity Communications Network) on Channel 10. Look out for the media launch on Dec. 20th!!!