Thursday, August 05, 2010

Carnival Kicks Promotion

Well its never too early to look for boots! Why not win something in the process? Carnival Kicks has a promotion on for the month of August:

Every week Carnival Kicks will update our status via facebook and twitter with a shoe-related quote or lyrics of a song related to shoes or dancing. Fans/ Followers correctly name the person who issued the quote, or the name of the song AND singer(s) of the lyrics quoted and qualify for a chance to win 1 fabulous prize each week during the month of August.

Submit answers by commenting to the status update, Re-tweets, or posting on our wall.

Week 1: Pair of Sexy Hot Shorts

Week 2 : Pair of Nippies

Week 3: Pair of Dizzy Flip Flops

Week 4: Styling Tape

Please note , you have to 'like' their facebook page or follow them on twitter to qualify for entry. Winners will be selected at random via facebook or twitter.

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