Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well a little birdie told us that the Bliss costumes were going to get a little facelift. Well I expected a slight tweak or two. I certainly was not expecting a complete rework of Ice Warriors and Solaris. So here is Solaris and Ice Warriors take two:
Solaris is almost unrecognizable. Most of the costume has been completely scrapped with the exception of the tubular gold chain. Most obvious is the colour change which went from gold/orange/ yellow to blue/ lime green. The design on the bra and the waistband are completely chaged.The back of the waistband is a piece of cloth that hangs to one side. The frontline version has a backpack instead of the large armpieces before. I think much better use of the gold chain compared to the previous version and the colour are fantastic . Down the the bracelet accesories......I am truly shocked, 110% improvement!


I had to do a million double takes on this one. The colour combination is now teal/grey/purple. No trace of the former shade of blue. The icicle headpiece and the oversized back pack are gone. We now have giant fetahered shoulder pads and a cute headpiece. Please note the funky pink walls in bliss mascamp sometimes causes some distortion in the colouring and I was so excited that I forgot to take an overall shot with my digital camera instead of my blackberry.The transformation is amazing. Similar style gems are being used but a lot more colour brought into the costume.



I really need to give the designers a round of applause! Well done! This is what i was hoping to see in Bliss to begin with! I can see some people jumping off the TRIBE bandwagon very shortly. For close up pics of both new designs click here.

But wait! Its not over yet !! Cyclon is a "dead man walking" and will be removed from the lineup as well. As we speak a NEW costume is being photographed for addition to the band. Stay tuned!


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

LMAO @ Cylon is a Dead Man Walking!

More options more choices but it may be too late for some who dissed Bliss!

ennekaycee said...

WOW! Thanks for the update CJ. Loving the revamps and certainly wondering how these modifications will (if at all) affect the number of people interested in BLISS and the start of registration.

Cylon looked like a prank at the launch and I don't like to bash people's costumes, but that is one warrior that should have stayed within :(

BloggerBoy said...

Solaris's belt looks SOOOOOOO Caged Canary. Don't you think so ?? Ice Warriors was better in BLUE AND SILVER

afro chic said...

I think they should rename Solaris, cause when I hear Solaris I think that it should be yellow or orange or something 'solar/sunny' coloured.

I had no problems with Ice Warriors before, except maybe the proporations, but this is cute.

Dino said...

Wow. So the names remain while the design and colour have totally changed. It really makes me wonder just how arbitrary this process is. Because it seems like any section could have any name, colour and design, and nothing have anything to do with anything. At least I got the ice reference from the old Ice Warrior.
And what about the male costumes? Have they been revamped too?

Latoya said...

The new Amazon has debuted at Bliss mascamp today as well. Same exact costume as in Tribe but the headpiece is orange/red and purple.