Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ok so we have to make sure to keep up with all these changes in BLISS!! Here now is their (kinda) new section Amazonia. Its basically the sme design as Amazon in Tribe but with a different colour scheme. They are both very pretty but I think I am leaning towards this version just an itsy bit more. For the full gallery and close ups click here.

In other news, Ice Warriors just lost its feathered collar. Now I don't know if the frontline will have the collar option or if you can purchase it for an additional price but it just went poof! What is left is kinda blah, the collar really made the costume complete. However this section is pegged to be the 'ultra inclusive' section for those with champagne tastes.( I want to see if it will be a champagne budget as well)

We are still hoping that the "Indian" makes last call as people are anxiously waiting to see what it looks like before commiting to anything. The Bliss site is now up with prices minus some of the newer costume versions, keep checking for updates.


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

TAURUS FL is gorgeous!

I dunno why Leo so expensive since there is no back to that costume.....


Carnival Jumbie said...

wrong post gyul lmao