Friday, July 16, 2010


Well this evening we finally got to see the most anticipated sneak peak presentation for one of the newbie bands,YUMA. The launch was held in a lovely upscale residential venue which is quite familiar with some of you who partied in the CRIBS days. The bar was fully stocked and the hors d'oeuvres were never ending!

The theme of the band is called "ZODEAK" which is inspired by the traditional Zodiac signs plus one more section for the "Oracle". After a short introductory speech by Yuma's representative, Terri Leigh Bovell we were presented with the frontline and backline for the sections called " Aquarius "and the "Oracle". At the forefront of their design team is Richard and Anthony who are well known for some of Tribe's big costume hits in the past and were also very much involved with the first two SPICE productions. I apologise for not remembering the names of the other members of the design team that Terri mentioned. We were all disappointed however that the lighting was so bad that getting good pictures were almost impossible unless you were on stage with the models.

I have never been one to bite my tongue when it comes to my opinion on costumes and truth be told I have both bashed and sung praises to Richard and Anthony in the past. It is without reservation that I say that I was very impressed with the presentation this evening. I was expecting them to be nice but I did not expect them to be as bling and as hyperbolic (yes i looked that up) as they were. So here is my take :


The frontline is absolutely fantastic. Gorgeous!! It is so stunning in person that I dare say I can find no fault in it. I have not even seen it in the light close up yet and to me its as perfect as it can get .The shade of purple seems to be very rich (it may look slightly different in the light).The body wear of the FL is a different twist to what we have seen with some of the longer neck pieces recently and all together gives the illusion of a one-piece short bustier. The waistband is super skimpy (but what 'hot costume' isn't?) but still appears well detailed. Both top and bottom are bejewelled with bling. The wings...omg...those wings. I LOVE the curve of the wings in the backpack..this is not no bat out of hell costume.....this is truly an elegant design. The wings are comprised of peacock feathers but they are purple tinged as opposed to the typical green tinged variety. In addition to which there are further hanging fabric entrails in the back. On top of all this is the huge headpiece. A whole lot going on but the collective effect is just wow. The backline is just as beautiful and the headpiece for that is also so large it is unheard of in recent backline offerings. I would love to know if that is standard or an option. I also heard that there is an even bigger version to the Oracle FL. Humph well Oracle is right, I can definitely see my future in this one!


Bling,bling and more bling.You might go blind if you look directly at this costume for too long. I am a sucker for a blue costume.... always was. I mean ppl may say this colour is overdone but fact is, it always stands out and is always a great seller. The colour will always be a winner in my books no matter how many times its done. I must admit when I first was introduced to this diamante netting material in SPICE's recent press release I did not like it. However Yuma has taken this same diamante net and done much better with it. If you want to be dripping in bling, this is the costume for you. The FL has diamante net mini dress over a partially (?) decorated bra and a string bikini. For a FL I think the bling dress is a lovely idea . I do have some concerns as to how this may fit ppl of different shapes and sizes and wonder if there will be some size restrictions in this section. I doubt the manufacturer makes S,M and L in this. It is more than likely a one size.(I could be mistaken). Of course allowances must be made for the movement of the loose fitting dress on the body but when it falls the right way it is very cute. For some, it may be a chore to make sure its always falling the right way if the fit is not quite right.I would definitely like to take a look at the neckline of the dress which has gems hanging and the extent of the decorated bra underneath. The headpieces of both FL and BL are gorgeous blue and blinged. I absolutely love the foot pieces with the flare from behind the legs. It is very Greco-Roman with the winged feet! I quite like the bra of the backline but I have some mixed feelings about the waistband. It looks pretty for sure! However, there is quite a sizable piece of material covering the bamcee and although it does not give much coverage because of the voids in the net , I personally would like it more if it was narrower or cut in steps so that became narrower. I am pretty sure the reason it is the way it is is because of the limitations of the material itself so there may not be much they can do (or you can do). The model was also wearing a more conservative bikini bottom which is definitely not a Brazilian cut bikini. I hope they have a brazilian bikini option cause I don't think I would dare wear that t-string thong lol.The front waistband also looks pretty but I found i had to look at it from a distance to see what I think they were going for which is is a blinged out sarong with a front tie. When I look at it like that I like it, but from the sides it has a hankerchief shape that I am still on the fence about. Overall its still gets a thumbs up as although I may not like every detail it is still a very attractive costume.

I unfortunately did not get a media package as I guess we bloggers have yet to get 'media' status hence the lack of 'media passes' to get into events that we tweet/blog about. Please view my few pics here and Saucy's pics over here. If this introduction to YUMA is a sign of things to come well I'm very glad to meet you.

Oh....right my friend driving PBP 7714..the next time you want to come ppl function and lime late try yuh best not to be forcing a park and blocking people in. I could have been in my bed a hour ago. :-p I would like to thank the Yuma committee member who was very helpful in getting out that jam.


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Great review, you really took a detailed look at those costumes, I think mine will be much shorter, I will just direct people over here lol.

I did not get a media package either, they had that?

My personal fave is Oracle and the blue on Aquarius is gorgeous!

afro chic said...

Aye aye...when this revamp of the blog happen? So long meen come here? (I does get yuh updates on the BB)


I love a blue costume to death as I have said on numerous occasions.

However after the events of 2010, I am staying FAR FAR away from any costume with this particular shade of blue *shudders at the memories*

Overall the costumes are lovely and I liked what I saw. Going to macco Saucy pics dey now up close, so I might have more to say after the fact.

Triniprincess said...

Great review. I for one am very excited to see more.

shells said...

heyyyy...thanks for the review. Welcome back, and I like the redone background. The retro-ish vibe, the orange...something just draws me in!