Saturday, July 10, 2010


So Tribe had their pork lime Friday night. Its a semi annual event that they have just to get together and have a nice time with their colleagues and friends. Attendance was by invitation only and they were indeed checking names at the gate. However security probably was not as tight as they intended and I saw quite a few stormers making their way inside lol.

The festivities were scheduled to start about 6pm and people slowly but surely trickled in. The pig was already roasting away on the grill. One very interesting cutter available that I have never seen before is the 'Chip stick' which is basically a spiral cut potato on a stick which is then deep fried. You can then put an assortment of powdered 'flavours' onto your Chipstick. Flavours range in everything from garlic to pizza and even fried chicken! Quite a novel idea and it was a big hit in the lime.*Yum*

By about 9pm the lime was turning into a full jam session with food and drinks flowing and a live dj. I must say , hands down that is the best roast pork I have ever eaten. Unfortunate if you were one of the ones who missed out on that! The latecomers were consoled with geera pork with paratha and jerk pork with potato salad. The crowd became thicker as the evening progressed and several people commented that the crowd may very will be those who have the access to get registered in Bliss. I don't doubt them lol! The evening would not be complete without the recommended dose of Punchy Punch and the lime was no doubt in full swing up until the music was turned off. Tribe again justifying their new tag line that "Nobody can fete like we."

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