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TRIBE 2k11 : Way of the Warrior review

Ok, my apologies for not getting this out sooner but had a whole lot going on this weekend and staying up after the launch to blog was just out of the question. Right! So TRIBE !!!! I really must applaud Tribe for their marketing strategies this year with the social media. Most especially for those teaser videos!!! By the time the teaser video with the costumes was released I was bouncing off the walls in anticipation.

So lets talk launch.... we found ourselves back to where it all began in the Savannah. I actually prefer this venue because although you may have some parking issues, I would rather fight for a park than sit in traffic for 2 hours. Also the venue holds so many more people that it does not feel like a outdoor sweat box as Pier 2 tends to. As per usual I was running late only to realise when I got there that I had left my memory card for my camera home, so meggie if you were expecting pics. Quite unfortunate cause I actually had one of the best spots I have ever secured without having to elbow anyone out the way or fight with the 'real media' for shots. I got some pics via my blackberry which should have posted to twitter @carnivaljumbie but didn't! So please peruse , Saucy's galleries and the many other online media outlets pics.

I did not have to wait long for the show to start and thought the stage looked great with the all white background and the long runway. In general the show was good not great. Compared to past years the models did not look like they got their rehearsal time in, several looked very confused and even bored at times. I was quite amused to see one having a full conversation while on stage when trying to decide if she should proceed or not. I was pleased when at one point a portion of a costume fell off and the model maintained her fierce stride, I was horrified when on her way back she stopped to pick it up. I really wish they would spend some more time with the models to display the mood they want as well as where they supposed to walk. And of course it would not be TRIBE launch unless we got to watch costumes in the dark. I really cannot understand why after all these years they STILL cannot get that crucial factor right!!!! We all came to see costumes and we need LIGHT to see costumes. It was quite ironic that they actually had a male costume equipped with built in lights.... yeah that one we were able to see.

As we all know, we were to be presented with costumes from both Bliss and Tribe and as two separate bands i will comment on them separately as well. In general, I prefer Tribe's costumes overall compared to Bliss as I can see many more options to my liking in Tribe. This might surprise some people as I have been one of several clamoring for the Bliss experience. With that said, I want to play in a TRIBE costume in Bliss.This goes to show you how important costumes preference may be to some ppl and it may even outweigh their band preference. Both bands have extremely skimpy costumes! So here is my review on Tribe:


Like it don't love it. I think it has a really strong presence visually but some of the details are just very typical to what I would expect a store bought 'gladiator' costume to look like. More precisely the strips hanging down and the arm bands are a bit boring . I would absolutely love to bling out that shield with gems so I hope that would come with the costume. I think what troubles me the most is the bra, is it a bra or is it a bandeau top?It does not seem to have much structure to it which cheapens the look. I guess I will find out soon enough. For those of us who are not very well endowed, a bandeau top is the equivalent to me duck-taping my breasts flat, they will disappear. I would definitely want the option of a strapless bra for this one like we had with Dragon. I do like the asymmetric strap detail . Of course the headpiece is fabulous. Its a safe costume with a literal translation and what you see will be what you get.


I really appreciate the design elements in this costume and I love it. The shoulder pads are fantastic and for that alone I would play in this section in a heartbeat. Rihanna eat your heart out. I can't wait to see it close up to figure out how she got the bra too look like a copper metal moulded bra which is very Princess Leia (my number one female warrior) and I love the bent wire details around the bra. The wrist pieces just rock and I love the waistband with its different levels of banding. I have yet to figure out how you get into it and from experience I hope there is room or adjustment cause if you are a bit thick in the waist those bands are going to just cut into your skin and be very unflattering. The FL version is even more edgy and I was a bit on the fence about the spikes in the headpiece. But I do get it and just for the inspired design I will give it a thumbs up.


I think I am going to have to give this costume my top choice award! I love it. Wow! There is nothing I would change. Now before anyone says I am a bandwagonist because I played in this designer's section twice before, let me just say two things. One, I voted for a purple costume for next year as its a colour I have never really played in and two, my all time favourite colour on the planet is teal. Purple+ a hint of teal= no brainer for me. Aside from my personal preference the costume is well put together in every detail. It's just gorgeous. As Saucy says, yes its a girly warrior but really very few of my costumes have ever directly gone with the theme. I don't particularly care either way. My intention was to scale back a bit on the costume but how could I when the FL bodywear is calling my name? I have always gone for the bras with a halter style as it helps the cleavage.Although I am not a big fan of the bejewelled panty where the gems are stuck directly onto the bottom piece,this was a clever way to get the same effect thing without being limited by the fabric stretch. I love how the rings are used to hang the belt decorations which means the stretch is not limited by the fabric. You can tell how particular the designer is with the almost obsessive detail in the bra.I I absolutely adore the arm pieces and I think that's my favourite part of the whole costume. I have had bad backpack experiences before so I probably would not wear it anyway as beautiful as it is. I will be too happy get a rest and have that small FL head piece after Loulan.


This costume caused quite a stir when it hit the stage. The headpiece is sky high!! This is one of my favs in the band. I love how they used the metallic feathers rather than regular feathers for the headpiece and backpack of the frontline. The floor costume is gorgeous with its dripping gems and the frontline is just fierce. I like the style of the cage bra and although I am not a personal fan of the bejewelled panty , it looks good. You definitely need a banging body to pull off this one!


A very pretty costume. I thought the choice of colour was a bit odd for the theme, I am sure the Knights Templar never saw hot pink in their time but I am sure it will be a very popular section. As with some of the other sections I think the arm pieces are my favourite part of the costume. The floor waistband is extremely skimpy and it basically depends on large gems for coverage.My one issue with this section is that the floor and frontline are too similar. A casual observer would probably not notice the difference other than maybe the headpiece size. I always modify my costume whether it is floor or frontline but I think that if I were to have the backline here that it would not be a stretch for me to bring it up pretty close to a frontline. The frontline does have the perk of having a blinged out arm piece for each hand.


You can't have a TRIBE without the traditional american indian mas. The headpieces are fantastic. The floor costume is simple but effective. I really like how the diamond pattern was translated to the frontline wire bra. I actually prefer the wire bra option to the monokini option because I like how the wire bra is decorated compared to the monokini. .I do think both versions could do with some more accessories. It would love to see a bustle option on this costume. This is sure to be a popular pick.


I must admit this costume took a bit to grow on me.It is definitely one of the better costumes from this designer in recent times. My first impression was "I hope that is not irridescent purple plastic sheeting in that waistband". Thankfully its not, its completely gemmed out and I like both the bra and the waistband. I think I would probably have preferred if the waistband had chains hanging instead of the strips but that's an easy mod. I was also a bit concerned about the white fur at first but when I saw how it was used in the foot pieces to look like mock fur lined boots I was sold. The head pieces are nice as well. I am a bit on the fence about the shoulder pads on the frontline. I live the shoulder pad idea in principal but this version is a bit too wide and too busy to be cute. I think the length and type of feathers was not the ideal choice.I would definitely like it much more if it was just a collar . I don't understand why you would have such an overdone shoulder pad and then still have upper arm pieces. Then there is the back bib..why?Overkill. The jury is still out on the frontline bra until i see it in person.


Beautiful colours and one of my top 3.I love how the bra has the illusion of being made of metal. The waist band is teeny tiny but has lovely feather accents. The frontline is absolutely gorgeous! The back pack is one that really made me saw wow! Wow! Really can't say more than I love it.


I love the fact that the male and female are contrasted with a multi colored female to a black and white male. There was a lot of hype to this costume before the unveiling and I must say I am not disappointed. I cannot wait to see the beading on the bra close up as it seems so intricate. It is really fabulous. As is the norm, the costume comes with fantastic accessories and is that a standard I see!!??? Can't say when is the last time I saw one of those but love the idea with the draped cloth. I also like the beads draped across the chest. There is so much colour in this costume that it will look vibrant on the road and I think the male and female mix with create quite a striking show.


I have very mixed feelings about this costume but I think it is my least favourite in Tribe. I really think I need to see this in real before I make my final conclusion on it. I like the monotone and the construction of the head piece, arm and leg pieces.It looks like the bra and waistband is blinged out which is good but I am not sure if I like how it was decorated especially the waistband We shall see. The finger pieces are a novel and interesting idea but are actually very Thai inspired.I think what really disturbs me is the frontline version of this section which was the first version I saw close up on stage. There is really nothing I like about the costume other than the head piece. The wolverine claws are not cute and the bodice portion had me wondering what if you could stab yourself if you bent over.Not the best bra and I do not like this waistband at all! Oh btw the male costume headpiece gave me bad flashbacks.


Fantastic!I absolutely love this costume, the colour alone sold me. The design of this costume is both original and innovative. Imagine a costume with no waistband!! All the decoration is within the neck piece. The neckpiece itself is just gorgeous. The style of the body wear is different to what we have seen before and I this is another costume where I can appreciate the design elements in this costume. I love the bra from the back as well. Although I love it I don't think the style of the body wear is suited to me personally but it surely will be a top seller. When i saw the booklet one of my issues was the chain belt should have been made with the circular decorations. I was glad to see just that as a larger circle belt was used at the launch. This section has my favourite male costume hands down.

Ok, my top picks in no order : Mayan Eagle, Persian Gold, Amazons, Xi'an warriors, Mongol Warriors

My least favourites: Arctic warriors and Gladiators.

The rest of the party was just a blur and I spent most of the time chatting with friends about the costumes and not paying much attention to the party itself. The party itself is rarely worth staying for in my opinion but it was a nice lime all the same. Next up...Bliss!!


Carnival Divaz said...

Great review.

dougla_1 said...

Great review (design, form, and function), Carnival Jumbie! And nice read, too :) Mongol Warriors...."Rihanna eat your heart out." Priceless! ;)

caisoqueen said...

I look forward to your reviews every year CJ!! You give the details that I appreciate. I agree with you totally on the fact that TRIBE needs to spend more time organizing the models, almost choreographing every single step! For example, when palance came on, all the models should have been standing in a position to palance...TOGETHER, that would have been an awesome site!
Costumes....gorgeous! Top picks for me are: Persian and Mayan.