Thursday, July 15, 2010

J'ouvert in July

For those of you going through Carnival withdrawl because your Palancil prescription has expired... Cocoa Devils will save you. This weekend they are having their J'Ouvert party at Pier 2 .It's $350 all inclusive and yes, prepare to get dutty. i.e you will get a bucket of something over your head.
Now I have never actually played J'Ouvert (yes the Jumbie never has,long story) but anyone who has knows is one of the most fun filled parts of Carnival. For those who have never dared, its a good opportunity to break yourself in gently before the real deal in 2k11.

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ennekaycee said...

My Palancil wore off looooong time so I have my ticket in hand and I am READY!!!...You should take your own advice and break yourself in gently...although, judging from last year's pics there was nothing gentle about Cocoa Devils J'ouvert lol.