Thursday, July 01, 2010


Hellllooooo everyone. I would like to welcome you all to a brand new Carnival season. It seems that with band launch number #1 happening this weekend , all the marish and the parish have come out the woodwork. So today has unofficially become the start of the season and hence the start of my blogging. Unlike Saucy I take a 'off season' which is the period between Ash Wednesday and the first band launch where I cancel my gym membership and eat everything to my heart's content. And I must admit I have been a bit lazy cause although a whole lot of interesting stuff has been going on behind the scenes I have been just been operating as a source and not a journalist. As the time draws near (and ppl throwing words for me to get off my ass and write something hmmmm) its good to have everyone's different opinions on all the goings on to give all our dedicated readers a varied perspective (however biased it may seem lol!).

So what do we have...we got a plethora of new bands...First to the plate is Skullduggery taking a bold move by launching early. They are churning up a whole lot of interest and I must say I am quite intrigued to see what they bring to the table. Their marketing thus far has been quite commendable. I am hoping to be there to see the action for myself this weekend (send something nah) more so since I see 3 Canal and David Rudder in the fray. I absolutely LOVE David Rudder as he is cool and ole school. Then of course we have YUMA who is still somewhat of a mystery. Then we have Oasis rising from the ashes of the now defunct Elements (not my fault!!) who seems to have gotten some rejuvenation financially judging by their very fancy bandhouse on Rosalino St. I certainly hope they fare better this rounds. Then we have some shaking up at the established bands Tribe and Island People partially due to the new players in the game. All the while there are some musings in the background that could be a game changer for all the pretty mas bands , it remains to be seen who will survive that death blow! All I have to say is humph, it will either work to their advantage or be very very bad for some bands.

Now that we have a new government and a new culture minister (peace OUT Marlene,Marlene,Marlene. Say it 3 times for all of her) and one that is deep into our culture, Mr.Winston Gypsy Peters, hopefully we will have some more positive changes in the festivities. I almost jumped for joy when I heard he is talking about taking things back to the Savannah, a matter that completely escaped Marlene,Marlene,Marlene who for some incomprehensible reason said that 'masqueraders prefer the road at the Savannah'.Gypsy holla at me, I have your solution to the problem that I think would make all those for and against the Carnival center happy.

Carnival is bacchanal...let the bacchanal begin!!

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shells said...

Happy New Year 'C2k11' to you as well. Welcome back Jumbie :-)