Sunday, July 04, 2010

Get in yuh section!

Ok I just found my new favourite show! Imagine bringing reality t.v to Carnival!! Well Doux Doux Darling Productions is doing just that. Headed by Natacha Jones and Dawn Cumerbatch, Doux Doux Darling is developing a 13 part reality series called "Get in yuh section" all based on designing mas!!!! Sixteen contestants will put their mas designing skills and creativity to the test all with the promise of winning the opportunity to design for an entire section of a popular local band. The contestants will be sequestered for a period of 3 months and will be mentored by 3 Canal's Wendell Manwarren. The show is carded to be shown on CCN TV6 in November.

I am so excited to see what becomes of this!! This event was featured in today's Trinidad Express Woman but it had such a BLAH title I was like how would anyone know what this was really about. For more information email apply email


Cropperino said...

Love your new layout!

Cliviaalana said...

i wish i could see it...and I love th new layout too :)