Monday, July 05, 2010


Well the secret is out today!! Official word from Tribe that they will be offering a second smaller all inclusive band as well as the original TRIBE. As per their info blast today :
"As Carnival continues to evolve and the masquerader demands shift,TRIBE's cutting edge approach enables us to adapt to these varying needs.As such, Tribe has heeded your suggestions and willoffer two different Carnival experiences for Carnival 2011. We are pleased to introduce two smaller bands,TRIBE & BLISS, which will improve managability and manouverability on the road, thereby significantly enhancing your Carnival Experience.
Those of you who enjoyed the "organised bacchanal" can continue to "palance" in TRIBE..THE ULTIMATE CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE. Those who desire a much smaller band with the same high quality product and service that they have become ccustomed to in TRIBE, now have teh option of BLISS...THE INTIMATE CARNIVAL EXPERIENCE.
This carefully studied and planned approach allows each band and its respective masqueraders to have its own distinct identity with each having its own parade route and band management."
Well I for one am glad that my prayers have been answered and have great respect for the fact that Tribe is consumer aware enough to actually take action and do something to solve their overcrowding problem. Personally I am on the fence about which one I would choose. With reduced numbers and still a very high demand across the board (and TLC is where?) it still remains to be seen how they going to decide who gets to go where. Its already serious stress for any 'group' of people to register in one section in Tribe...imagine trying to get your whole crew into Bliss! Then you need to think about whether you want to stick to your preferred designer.
Although I appreciate the 'intimacy' that Bliss doh mena I want to palance any less...I just want to be able to palance in my costume without 10 people on top of me and 3 people trying to break my backpack/headpiece. Well we all wait with bated breath to see how this works out.
Oh btw..newbie bands that is a spanner in yuh wheel if I ever saw one. Humph!! Hope them costumes HAWT!!

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