Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well I certainly got my wish when I asked the TRIBE gods to give me a smaller band. Unfortunately I am not sure if all my other criteria has been met because although I wanted a smaller band I did not want to give up the stage or my favourite costume. It will really be tough for some people to decide between the two depending on what their priorities are..size? friend quota? costume? stage?

If nothing else these costumes were designed to keep people moving as there they are all very skimpy. Floor sections with cage bras well boy! This might be the most ventilated band ever, less people, less costume. Soo my take on the costumes:


Things were off to a strong start with this one. This is one of my favourites. I really loved the colour combination. It really caught the light very well. I like both versions but would probably pick the starburst headpiece version for myself.


Its a basic costume but still very attractive with a popular colour combination. The waistband gives very little coverage and is more like a gemmed belt really. I do like the gems used to decorate the bra. I do think however, that the collar on the FL is hidden by the massive head piece. So much so that in pictures they blend into each other.


Very nicely done but everything here is teeny tiny. You MUST be in top form for this one!I am really loving the plunge bra option for the floor. Its interesting to see a cage bra option for floor as well. Reminds me of Machu Pichu which is one of my fav costumes of all time. The Frontline monokini is gorgeous but I am not really feeling the choker. Love ,love the headpiece!!


Well this year is definitely the year of the shoulder pad and I love them! No feathers and lots of silver give this costume the robotic look that I believe the designer was going for. I really like the headpiece.


I don't know where they hiding the rest of this costume. The frontline is so skimpy it is almost invisible, i dunno if that was the intention. I guess the beauty is meant to be in the accessories like the leg/arm pieces and the head piece. Even so I don't really like the leg pieces. Would love to see how much this one will cost.


This colour combo is always difficult to get right but I think it came off pretty well. I really like the bra but not so sure about the waistband. I think the headpiece could have had a bit more to it to give some sort of wow factor. The sleeves are an interesting idea but I would like to take a closer look at them before I decide if I am feeling them or not.


Another one of my favs. A very pretty colour combination and I love the detail on the bra. The waistband is also very skimpy but it has some detail and the fabric helps to balance it off. The floor shoulder pads are too cute! The frontline is also gorgeous and I love the necklace! The wire bra is very daring but I like how it ties into the waistband.


A top pick for sure. Love all the monokini options. The use of the fringe is very well done. I would have a hard time picking which version one I would want if I was in this section.Love it.

So my top picks are (in no order): Izumi Clan,Pele, Caprica, Titans
My least favourite : Solaris

Tribe seems to be taking their time to get Bliss' website up and running and I would love to take a closer look at them all. I think if you choose the Bliss experience you wont have a problem finding a costume you really like however the choice may be driven by how much flesh you are comfortable with showing. Choose wisely!!!

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Carnival Divaz said...

I want Pele so bad. That is my top pick between tribe and Bliss.