Friday, January 08, 2010

The Carnival Challenge

Ok so, this started out as a joke as I was really bored in work today but ppl seem to be enjoying the idea...Here is the challenge:

1. Create a new photo albumn on facebook called "I name BACCHANAL"
2. Upload pics of yourself in every costume you have ever played in to the albumn.
3. In the Caption field enter costume details


Score 5 points for every pic
Score 5 points for the costume name in the caption
Score 5 points for the name of the band's presentation that year (e.g "What Lies beneath" NOT Tribe)

Some questions have already come up...
Only one pic is allowed in each costume!
You can submit pics from your youth in kiddies carnival for the extra edge!

When you are done place your total in the photo albumn title or the main comments section of the albumn.Feel free to create your own note and tag your own friends you want to challenge if you want to share the fun (or idleness). You can also tag your friends you want to challenge in your albumn when you're done so they don't cheat. Word of caution set your security settings to ensure only those you WANT to see your pics can see them .

Please share your totals and your pics (if you want) either in the post comments or you can link me on FB : Carnivale Jumbie. All you winning here is bragging rights lol

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