Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tribe 2k10: Double Take

So I had the opportunity to go take a look at the costumes up close and as always I do a follow up review . I don't really think you can give a completely fair review until you see it close up. And true to that ,there were definitely a few pleasant surprises.The website is up as well and I am thrilled that they made an effort to show the backs of the costumes. It was also nice to see headpiece options in the mascamp for almost every section. My guess is you will be paying last years' prices for the small headpieces but we shall see.


My opinion on this costume is still the same. Still LOOVE it! I do know some people there voiced concerns as to how the colour will look on different skin tones. In all honesty it may not be for everyone but I think because there is a gold sheen to the neutral colour , it will work for most. For me the selling point is the splash of blue amongst the neutral tones.


On the plus side there are a lot of nice accessories. Somehow it seemed to have even more cloth than what was shown on the road. With the exception of the green piece of cloth I thought it had for some reason. It is still not one of my favourites, I think the bar and waistband decoration is just too busy for my taste. The head piece options are cute as well.


This was also pretty much as expected.Nothing really to add to this except that the waistband has a ring in the front.On a closer look the appliques used were very different to what one typically sees so for that I give it a thumbs up.


I really think the bra on this could have done with some more work. Its nice but I would have liked to see the bra filled in more. I love the base colour but I am still not impressed by the hanging earrings everywhere. It looks like it could have taken some more beading on the waistband as well. If I was to sign up in this section I think I would add some brown beading on the waistband and then string some gems.


I liked this even more in real, I think it moved up my list somewhat. The bra is very well done even though I prefer the deeper purple to the more burgundy colour of the bra. The chains on the belt are actually small plain coins which I prefer to the larger ones on Threads of Morocco. The design also seems much skimpier than I expected , for me that is a plus but maybe not for everyone lol. I think I would wear this costume as is and not change anything.


Maybe I just don't understand this costume...the white cord, the white cape, the busy decoration. I dislike it even more in when I saw it. I don't even like the head piece any more. Even the choker has a piece of white cord added to it. Why does it have those clunky rectangular earrings on top of it all? This is the only costume I really struggled to find something positive about. Lets hope this suffers the same fate as Flamingo.


I actually liked this much more when I saw it. I now understand when looking at it dead on that the bra is done to look like a mock corset which now makes it much more interesting to me. I still don't like the placement of the chunky gems on the bra but its definitely more flattering that I expected. The waistband ties in well the bra and has a similar detailing. In general it is still a very basic costume but it is a good colour and will look good on almost everyone.


This was the biggest surprise for the night!! The bra actually looks very well done with a silver sequined base and the red wire overlay. It is definitely wearable and is no longer at the bottom of the pack. Now I think those big red gems cheapen the costume. And i mean literally the gems look cheap compared to the other materials used on this costume and those used in other costumes. The red feathers highlighting the genital area also needs to go.

I really love this costume, simple and sexy. The colours are just gorgeous. Be warned though, there is nothing hiding your bamcee or your front on this costume. It is extremely skimpy. Apparently they are leaving it to the long cloth on the headpiece to cover your butt! While skimpy equals good for me, it bothers me a little bit that so much of the panty is visible underneath. Maybe the panty could be blinged out as well. I believe the torso piece is detachable so that it can be worn separately (whew!). If they were really innovative they could have made it adjustable but I cannot be sure. For a floor section this has a whole bunch of accessories. This is one of my personal favourites.


The colour on this really pops. I had some concerns about the sun flower shaped applique on the belt but in the end I decided that it works with the costume. I think I was a bit biased about it from my first impression so thats why I let it slide but it is still one of my favourites this year.


Funnily enough I really am not feeling this costume as much anymore. I definitely took a dislike to the coins hanging from the belt . Yes, yes I know its Moroccco themed but I preferred the smaller version used on Tyrian Purple. The gems on the belt and bra have borders and are very large. I still don't really like the gems going across the nipple rather than at the bra edge. Don't get me wrong, it is still a very pretty, very nice colour combination. I just don't think its for me.


Very extensive and detailed workmanship on this costume. Still very nice however the vertical waistband piece seems a bit stiff. Although it is well worked up, there are no gems hanging from it. Maybe because it will definitely be a stocking ripper.There is however, a lovely piece of yellow and turquoise dip dyed cloth attached which gives it some movement. Still too Cotinga for my liking but a sure stunner on the road.


This costume is growing on me more and more everytime i see it. The diamantes on this costume make it look very regal. Even though the bra itself is not worked up, the use of pleated silk on it was a good alternative. The colour is a matter of preference and may not appeal to everyone but its still very attractive.

In general many section did a spandex gladiator foot piece decorated with gems. Although I like it , I think too many sections had the same thing. Maybe it was intended to be the linking factor between the sections.

We are still anxiously awaiting prices which I think will still be a determining factor for many people. Maybe even for those who are considering moving to Spice. Hopefully the will be out soon.


shells said...

Dat Mulberry is defintely a looks better and better each time I see it. The decoration of the headpiece, the bra, the colour? I doh know...but it's starting to call my name :-)

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wat about HOBOTAI (pink)?

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