Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I was not planning to do anything Friday night but just so happens a ticket for Voodoo fell into my lap and I could not let it go to waste! Although I know most people would have gone to Misty Ridge or Army fete, the Voodoo fete also sounded like it had potential as it was priced at $250 drinks inclusive. and thrown by the Sunnyside Up crew. It was held at Crew Inn in Caguaramas so it was an easy drive to the venue. I arrived around 11:00pm and was suprised to see then number of cars that were already there. I got practically one of the last available spots in the compound.

So a short stroll has us at the front gate which had this huge BATTERY inflatable arch and they scanned in our tickets. First impression......where everybody? The place looked empty but I figured it was still a bit early and they had time. It was hard to miss the ABSOLUT martini bar which was very well set up and included a lounge area with giant white bean bag chairs. I was quite impressed with the setup. A little while after I discovered a tequila bar and they were serving up the good stuff, the Jose Cuervo, and had girls walking around the party handing them out.The Margarita bar was also pretty impressive. It had no lounge but four different types of margaritas to choose from and they were WELL made. Th eother bars were stocked with the basics and Chivas instead of Johnny walker. Now usually I would blast a bar for this but their cocktail bars more than made up for it!

At the time I arrived I did not know it was a drinks inclusive and that you had to pay for the food. When I did get hungry I saw the selection was very limited to burgers, fries and hot dogs. I was a bit disappointed with the selection choices as for those watching their weight they were pretty much left hungry. I must say that the burgers were laffable, the patties were paper thin! And I am not exaggerating. If I have to pay for it anyway at least let me get a wider range. No bake and shark? Doubles?

Ok this is not really crucial but at first I thought that they did not have enough bathrooms for the people they expected. In the end it was just as well but they had only one sink and the male and female were just set up in a dark hole right next to each other. I should add in their defense they had ample product placement with CHARMIN toilet paper in all the stalls. How bougie is that ? You could have pick Soft Charmin or the Strong Charmin. Just in case you really needed to take a dump in a portable toilet you were fix!

Well my friends I and I took up residence close to the margarita bar. The venue was a bit awkward in some places as it was in the carpark and there were some obstacles and dividers throughout. It could have ben lit a bit better for these spots but in general it was a good space. A look around the venue saw that the crowd had not gotten too much bigger. It was an interetsting mix though. I saw ppl I thought would be in Misty Ridge and there was also the occasional tourist. They probably had about 100-150 people in all. I doubt they made money but everyone seemed to be having a great time.

The live entertainment was started off with Shurwayne Winchester who gave a very energetic performance. At one point a guy was screaming that he see Shurwayne do the exact same performance last year. For the most fun I would have to agree but i could not hate on Shurwayne too much because the whole band all looked like they were having so much fun on stage.His song 'Release the Energy' is actually a pretty good soca for the road and I am kinda surprised it has not gotten more airplay.

Next up was Kees and the Band who had to cut back their full band performance and stuck to singing on tracks because of the low turn out. They still gave an enthusiatic performance and had only minor hiccups with the cd changer. After this, I decided to make it an early night as I had lots of Carnival errands the next day. The vibe still seemed strong but I don't know if it would have lasted all night. In all I think they have a good potential to make that fete a 'must go' but I was not suprised by the turn out as I say very little ads for it anywhere prior to the event. They need to put more effort into their marketing and they may make a splash next year. So then it was onwards to don't want to miss that review!

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dougla_1 said...

CJumbie, you had me in tears, "...Soft Charmin or the Strong Charmin (choice)." That is rel bougie yes. If anyone has to use one of those portable that way, it HAS to be full alarm emergency...newspaper will do just fine, and you fix!!! (I know, ladies have to blot dry irregardless.) LoL.

Your wit is always sharp! Bless up.