Monday, February 09, 2009

Panorama 2K9 semis aka "I'm not drunk!"

So I have not been to Panorama Semis since they took down the North stand. I was quite traumatised by that event. I was also braksing from going because the very thought of being in that hot sun whole day was a deterrent. I don't do hats so that was not an option for me. But I had a friend coming in for the pre-carnival activities and that was the one thing she had to do so ........I take the chain up!

So being that my vehicle is under repairs I had to bum a drop with some friends. This worked out just fine cause I had no intention of being a designated driver that night.However, no matter how hard I tried to get them to duck the sun they all wanted to reach early.Being Trinis...our 1pm arrival at the Savannah easily turned into 2pm. It turns out we were right on time. The place was just beginning to fill up and you could have still secured a good spot for your whole crew. As we were about to enter the front gates a short rain spell passed over but it held up pretty nicely thereafter.The sky remained overcast for most of the day(thankfully).

First off let me tell you..TSTT pan lime is the best deal you can possibly get for an 'all inclusive' side. I get my money's worth after the first drink. (Special thanks to the TSTT Marketing Team for good looking out!).Food, drinks, riddem section plus ticket for $250? What! It was clear early on who had the biggest was a dead heat between Bmobile and Red Ants Posse.Both of whom were well decked off in their coordinated outfits. These two sides had really organised bars and food distribution stalls and the riddem sections were not far. From the time I see Johnny Walker and Red bull running freely I know is a best lime. I eat geera pork, aloo pie, roti, chicken , bake and shark and pholourie to no end!There were a few other large sides who were notable including Island People and Angostura.Noticeably absent were some other 'large band' representation. Suprisingly present was a Kaotic pan side.
Now I can't speak to previous years on 'The Greens' but if ever the intention was to turn panorama into a big cooler fete then it was a resounding success. Up to now I cannot tell you who play and what they play.I dare you to find 5 people who can. It was all about the riddem section, the drinks and the lime. Nonetheless the vibe was off the hook.( See video below!) The tents were set up like a bazaar or a tent city and most of the crowd stayed close to the tents where their bars were. They were a few risers constructed near the entrance but they were so far back I dont know how it possible to hear or see anything if you were really interested in the true purpose of the event.The grass had a plastic interlocking floor system that kept the mud to a minimum but it still was a bit iffy when wet. I saw a few ladies with heels on...yes heels...and for the life of me could not figure out how that was practical. That was an accident waiting to happen.

Needless to say, most of the people I knew (or did not know) were very drunk, very quickly.I had a gentleman approach me who asked if my belt was difficult to loop.To which I responded most politely "not at all" cause I just had to see where he was going with this.He said," You missed a loop". I then had to point out to him that NONE of the belt was looped because it was too wide to get into the belt loops. Of course, he was quite embarrassed and I asked him to just stop while he was ahead and enjoy the rest of his night.
I found it quite interesting that the crowd inside was generally of an uptown persuasion and a fairer complexion. It was very much like any premium all inclusive that you could have attended.Even the Laventille Riddem Section was employed by Red Ants .I felt very comfortable roaming the venue even after it started to get dark. I know for sure that the large bands did not start performing until after dark but after being there for about 7 hrs and seeing the bar packed up and gone there was little motivation to stay past 10pm. That and the fact that I had drank a good portion of the Johnny Walker in the bar.
On our way to the exit we were cut off by the large crowd that had gathered to support the riddem section supplied by the Insomniacs. I must really give my hats off to this side cause they still had tons of energy for how late it was. My eyes may have deceived me but I believe that it was KMC himself that was on the riser that began singing 'I'm not drunk' which basically mash down the whole of Panorama. We definitely couldnot leave until that session was over.
I had such a grand time and was in such a good mood when I left that for just a moment I remembered what sweet sweet Trinidad used to be like before the bandits took over. The walk back to the car was not as pleasant as my day. It always sucks having to find your car , in the dark, in the savannah. Fortunately I had 3 strapping bodyguards for company. We soon found ourselves on the 'track' which i guess is where everybody else in Trinidad was liming who did not pay to get in the hoity toity 'Greens'. There was a huge MASS (no pun intended) of people. I was enthused at first cause I saw some of the big bands passing by like Desperados. This is the first time for the day that I was able to actually hear the true beauty of the instrument. The vibe seemed just as hype. As we approached Renegades the crowd got extremely thick all of a sudden. I had a crazy dude next to me shouting that everybody should walk with their hands in their pockets in such a crowd. How right he was. Moments later one of my large friends had his chain grabbed. Fortunately he had quick reflexes and was able to grab on to it before the little bandit got hold of it but not before it snapped. By the time he spun around he could not pick out who had grabbed him. Even if he did ,he probably would have risked personal injury. I am just astounded at the boldfaceness of todays bandits cause not only was this guy large but his chain was inside his shirt. That just sour the rest of the night.... I went home happy but disappointed at the spiraling decay of our country in such a time of merriment.
I am sure that I will be back next year but it seems that it will be with a new sense of caution. When it gets party done. I really hope that Carnival does not suffer the same unfortunate fate cause I'm accustomed shutting off the music truck come Carnival Tuesday.


Kerryann said...

Thanks Carnival Jumbie!! Not coming home this year so I'll have to keep up to date between you and Saucy. Enjoy the season for me until next year.

Goddess said...

OMG... I thought it was only me yes... Yes it was a bessss lime. Ain't hear a pan knock yet.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I really liked reading your review. Sadly I don't remember a time when bandits weren't a concern limin after dark at Panorama.