Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am a Spangled Cotinga skettel!

After some delays yesterday at Cascadia ( no fault of Tribe), I was finally able to collect my costume in Cotinga. Since then,I have heard a slew of complaints about the costume and I must put in my two cents on the matter as I am in the same boat with them all.

By now, most of you should know that I was also unfortunate enough to suffer through the Silver Mist debacle last year and was one of the first people to get the mark that things were not as they should be. So I for one am picky when it comes to my costume and not putting water in my mouth to say it as it really is. As a direct result of the SM issue, Tribe improved on their inspection procedures during production of the costumes to ensure quality control. For this year alone I have heard reports of several instances where the costumes were reworked to improve or fix slight defects (before distribution!)

First off let me say, my costume looks almost EXACTLY like I expected it to.I say almost only because I myself did not overscrutinize as I would usually do and didn't notice that the costume has gold detailing and not silver. I have boots that would look better with silver detailing but I can acknowledge that it was MY BAD that I did not pick up on it sooner. So I eh vex with them for it and so what if I have to get new earrings. In truth and in fact I should have realised this from the get go because the chain was always backed with gold, a pic I posted on this blog myself. If anything, if you have questions you should just have checked it yourself. Ask a friend or email Tribe if you had to. If it is that somebody in Tribe tell you silver when it was gold ...well then maybe you have a leg to stand on. If not is is YOUR responsibility as a masquerader to check this before you spend extra money on accessories.

The one issue I had with my costume is that I had some gems that were fallen off the bra and were not in my box. Some of the gluing could have been done neater but nothing I could not just pick off myself. I did not even fret ( yes ME did not fret), I just ask the girl to get me some more gems and I will stick them myself. Tribe surprised me and all my going beyond that and telling me I getting a whole new bra. YAY! Better yet! The new bra was perfect! If I really scrutinise, (and I will later) , I am not sure my bra has the same number of beads as the prototype. Nonetheless my bra is well covered and thats all that mattered to me.

Ok so the headpiece in the original pics looked more like a fountain head. The newer pics with the black background showed two versions. I was GLAD when I got the fan version of the headpiece because I was not feeling the fountain head and felt it was an improvement. Yeah ok, if you LOOOVED fountain head , I could understand why you would be grumpy but its definitely still gorgeous!! Tell me what difference it will make once it get wet down?( as it's sure to)

Secondly all who say get their Cotinga costume and say "OH my GAWD ! It sooo skimpy!What I will do??!" . A big fat STEEEEUPPPPPS. What planet allyuh living on? Really? And which point was Cotinga not one of THE skimpiest costumes in the band? Thats like signing up in Brazilian Macaw and saying ," OMG why my boobies outside?!". Cotinga on stage , at the launch and on display at the camp since last year August is exactly as it is today. If you are reading this you might have stumbled upon the special mention I made about the back of this costume LAST YEAR ! Don't say I did not tell you so! It never had beads on the side and it was always NON existant at the back. For those of you who have not checked the link and want an understanding of how skimpy it is...think of the back of the waistband as a built in thong. But anyone who actually checked out the costume could easily have known this.

Seriously, it really irritates me when people sign up for a costume without checking it thoroughly and complain about things that were obvious from the inception. As for those who are upset that they did not get more beads... I ask ...why should you? Ok, the bigger bra sizes would appreciate more beading to cover the whole bra..fair enough. Give them some beads Tribe.But why you vex if the waistband only have 1 bead hanging on the side when it ALWAYS did . If you do not make special arrangements in ADVANCE then all you will get is the exact same things as everybody else. How Tribe could be responsible for adding more beads beforehand to satisfy an individual's idiosyncracies? Worst yet, why would anyone sign up in a section that is clearly skimpy and then complain it skimpy? If you signed up for a thongs..don't ask why yuh bumcee outside!! I tried on my costume with a thongs and even I feeling exposed so yuh know what...I might just cool myself and wear my regular bikini. Problem solved! I for one know what I was getting into because I took the time to check it out, front and back. And for all those who had the good sense to do the same and know what time it is, I want you to say it with me ....I AM A SPANGLED COTINGA SKETTEL! AND I LOVE IT!

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shells said...

LOL jumbie...u is a SPANGLED COTINGA SKETTEL. and ah could tell yuh like it!!