Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tribe Costume Makeup Solved!

So with all your Carnival Preparations you left your make up for last. Now you are scrambling to find colours and gems that match your costume. Or maybe ,you have no clue how you should make up your face for Carnival. Never fear, Melissa is here!

Melissa Deane has taken the guesswork out of Carnival Makeup for all the novices and stickers!It is a quick and easy way of crossing this Carnival necessity off your list. She has put together makeup packages for Tribe's Caged Canary and Spangled Cotinga for the BARGAIN Price of $155TT. Included in the package is step by step application instructions as to how to apply and blend the colours. So here is what you get :

  • 3 Colours of pigments :Gold, Sparkly Orange, Fuschia Coral (1teaspoon each)
  • 60 Face Gems : Orange and Fuschia
  • Application Instructions
  • OPTIONAL - Spirit Gum to stick gems ADD $25TT


  • 3 Colours of pigments :Icy White, Winter Blue, Metallic Silver(1teaspoon each)
  • 60 Face Gems : Baby Blue, White(Irridescent), Silver
  • Application Instructions
  • OPTIONAL - Spirit Gum to stick gems ADD $25TT

All of these colours are pure uncut pigments that will last more than 20 applications.They will last all day once applied as instructed. Some of the colours ,( blue, fuschia and orange) have been hand blended by the artist and therefore cannot be bought in any store. They are exclusive to this offer. For order information please contact Melissa via email at Currently she has only put forward colours for Spangled Cotinga and Caged Canary however, once there is a demand for other sections she will consider creating some new packages. Good looking out Melissa, one more thing off my list!!!


shells said...

That's tres cool...wonder if she'll do a package for African Lovebird?

afro chic said...

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea!

Dixie-Ann - The Makeup Artist said...

Hi, I'm a pro airbrush makeup artist and would greatly appreciate if you can advertise my carnival makeup services for Monday & Tuesday. My website is and my blog that carries the prices is

Any assistance you can give will be great!