Monday, January 26, 2009

The Carnival Matchup Game

I was most horrified yesterday when it was brought to my attention that the Trinidad Newsday had THIS article published in its 'Carnival Living ' Section on Sunday 25th Jan about Tribe's quick sales. I mean is it possible to get EVERY SINGLE section name wrong?? Even after they interviewed Dwayne Nobrega? All they needed was a booklet or a visit to the website!!! They have a RED costume labelled BLUE Tananger!!!! That was not a clue?? Terrible reporting!! Is a good thing they already sold out! I apologise for the bad cropping but I did not have a full size scanner and i was too annoyed to pay money to get it done outside.

Ok wait, maybe its a game!! Yes, match the costumes to the right a prize!! NOT!!!


Goddess said...

I saw the article and didn't pay much attention. It did occur to me, however, that it must have been a slow as hell newsday in order for them to publish such an inane and irrelevant article months after the fact. Whoever in Trinidad don't know that TRIBE sold out is who don't want to know. Garbage, pure getting the names right was clearly NOT a priority.

Carnival Jumbie said...

well said Goddess. I forgot to mention that point as well lol

ms. hershey said...

talk about HORRIBLE reporting. hell... i wouldn't even be so kind as to label it "reporting". that was just pathetic.