Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Carnival Jumbie come back again!

Well, well , well.....Look Who! So I have been M.I.A for a while which is a bit disappointing for me personally because I have not been able to do as much with this blog as I had hoped to this past year. Due to forces (yes forces) beyond my control there I still may not be able to update as regularly as I would like.Nonetheless, Carnival can't come and meet me without me being in the mix! Come hell or high water I will be on the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Ok so quick pick up from where I left off...So the exercise program basically crashed and burned soon out the gate. Don't get me wrong, the P90X program is absolutely fantastic. However by day 3 I could barely move. I am not even exaggerating,as I said, it only hurt when I took a breath! I literally could not lift myself out of bed. I stayed in bed all day curled up in a little ball. I made it to end of week one and was ready to kump into week too when the pain in my chest went to another level that I could not believe was possible. I was convinced something had to be wrong! One doctor's visit later I find out I managed to give myself Costochondritis. (wtf!). With that one I was just out for the count cause it was weeks before I even started to feel like myself again. The very thought of going through that pain again was even more discouragement.

Before I knew it we were touching December and I was reaching the critical point to start and complete the 90 day program. In hindsight I think I psyched out myself. Every time I made up my mind to start 'tomorrow' I would start feeling these ghost pains again. To add insult to injury (pun intended) my work schedule just would not allow the time for it. As we all know, when Christmas is upon us it is dificult to commit yourself to any form of diet or exercise program. I am no different.I actually started justifying why I should pig out (cause I starting 'tomorrow'). So then I found myself up 5 pounds (I kid you not) from when I 'started' at the end of September. I think exercise is supposed to make your weight go in the opposite direction not so?

Between that and the impending deadline I got off my ass once again and got back on the bandwagon. I now only have time to complete 60/90 days in the programme. I think I can JUST get away with it given that I ABSOLUTELY watch my diet and maintain the exercise. And that shiznit is not easy. There are some routines that I can only do half of before my heart rate gets up to 95% and I feel like I going to drop down. A great deal of my time is spent making circles in the room and shaking my head. I may have yet to reach my 'mampee factor' but I am sure as hell starting to get an idea of what it might look like in the mirror.BUT!! Hope is not yet lost! I think I dropped at least 1.5 pounds just the first half of this week. I know if I went on the South Beach diet I would be down almost 7-10 pounds in two weeks. However because of the nature of the program which requires a great deal of energy and also comes with its own diet plan (that does not ban carbs) I don't want to get things too mixed up.The pursuit continues.....

So now that leaves us with Carnival preparations. I am still maintaining those X-treme lashes. I am now convinced I am a lost cause when it comes to keep all on. Correction, I am a lost cause when it comes to keeping all on my right eye. I sleep on my right side and I have this uncontrollable habit of scratching my right eye while I sleep. After a week or two my left eye is still gorgeous and my right eye starts to look like it have mange. Nonetheless, I have still received lots of compliments and I am so used to seeing them on my face now that I don't even see them standing out. I don't know if thats a good thing or not cause its like since you always looking toppa top there is nothing more you can do for a 'special occasion'.That 'wow factor' you might get becomes your new norm.

Now as for Monday wear...I am in a MESS. I have NOUGHT. This is definitely a first for me. I am really at a loss of what to put together. I have a bra but no matching shorts. Then I have another shorts with no matching bra. I have nothing to wear on my feet (cause my Tuesday boots only matching Tuesday costume). Don't want to the monokini thing AGAIN. That is so 2006.(HA!) And I have a feeling that will be overdone on the road this year. Especially considering so many bands have monokini costume options. Definitely not me to blend in with the crowd. As I say that...I doh even have my tights! Imagine tights?? What really going on with me this year boy? I was most distressed last week when I found myself in MovieTowne to stock up on my Dermablend and whaddya know...the place GONE!! STEUPS so now is about finding a next local source or ordering online which eh sure to reach unless I send it to someone to bring down.

Look let me stop stickin yes and get this ball back to rolling!


afro chic said...

No tights self Jumbie? I have one pair of tights from last year when I bought three. But I need to get at least two more pairs and the store where I usually buy doh have my brand. :/

I hear you on the Monday wear and standing out ;)

Ms. Sexy said...

Welcome back lady. Monday wear?

shells said...

Welcome back...hope your bout of Costochondritis is a thing of the past and won't be back to bother you again.

Seems we're all procrastinating this year with preparations. How? Why? What happened?? I have to get tights, makeup, glitter etc, etc, etc...not gonna go on. Beginning to panic and get anxious just thinking about it. *sigh*

Carnival Jumbie said...

ahhhh I now getting my act together.I have tights!