Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yeah, so I still late with it but say what.I think Saucy's review was pretty much on point. I always like this fete primarily because its cheaper than the rest and I always have a safe VIP park reserved. Its quite amusing to note that a few years ago this fete was classified as the 'Old People Fete' and the Blue Range Cooler Fete was the 'Young People Fete'. Well Saturday night seemed that like the young people take over. On top of that, it has grown significantly. The committee is now utilising some road space and had to reorientate the entire venue to pack in more people. Even though it was packed , there was still enough room to move around easily. No stress by the bar either. I am still trying to establish whether or not it had Jonny Walker behind the bar cause no one I spoke to actually SAW a Walker bottle. But I won't be mad at them, worth giving that up if it meant adding Machel and keeping teh price down. I can't believe people actually looking to scalp this party now. WOW!

I think they did well to simplify the menu and spend their money on the performances. Not that they got their money's worth with Bunji's performance. But the addition of Machel was definitely a plus. Its no point comparing his act to Bunji's because if you blinked ( or went to pee) you would have missed Bunji. So it was very easy for Machel to steal the show.I even heard comments that he performed better than he did in ONE fete with his band. I cant say for myself because I am also boycotting overpriced fetes. (Potentially next on the chopping block...Beachouse). I dont eat much in fetes to begin with. As long as I have some finger food to absorb some of the liquor and keep me half sober..I good. I really don't care to have tandoori chicken and anything of an exotic nature when I know I drinking and wining.

I have a feeling that demand for this fete will drive up the price,especially since the Blue Range committee seems to be trying to be a bit selective this time around. However, if they maintain it at this level, the overpriced 'ultra all inclusive' may have a hard time sustaining itself.

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