Monday, September 15, 2008

X-Treme Lashes!!

It is my personal credo that in order to be a true diva you need super eye-lashes. Now if you are truly blessed and were born with naturally long eyelashes then I'm jealous. I for one have lots of lashes that are so fine that even with mascara they just look 'normal'. This is why I prefer to buy my lashes in the store. When you have eyelash enhancements , you don't even need make up to look 'made up'. I for one try not to go overboard and get the 'drag queen' lashes. I like them long but as natural as possible. There are a few types of lash enhancements available locally:

The lash strip- These are the lashes that come in pairs and are a continuous strip with all the lashes alrady in place. This tends to be the easiest one to put in for beginners that are trying to do it themselves. These are applied with an adhesive along the lashline.

Flares,The individual bunch- These lashes are applied individually.Each bunch has 3 or 4 lashes. These are also applied with adhesives along the lash line.

The individuals. These lashes are applied individually and each lash is a single strand of hair.Again, applied with adhesives.

I usually get my eyelash expert to apply the individual lashes cause she refuses to do anything else. I think these are actually the most natural look post application. Of course you can get fancy and get coloured lashes or super extra long lashes but I prefer just to get that extra lift while looking effortless. The irony of the situation is that I am HORRIBLE keeping my eyelashes intact. Most people could get their individual lashes to last a week or two. Me? I am lucky if I last even two days..and those two days are usually Carnival Monday and Tuesday. I just happen to have really bad eye allergies that have me rubbing my eyes in my sleep. From the time I see part lifting or a gap, I start pulling out.(Ouch).After a few years of secretly fantasizing about eyelash implants, my eyelash expert presented me with what I thought was manna from heaven.....X-TREME LASHES!!!

X-Treme Lashes are not just fake eyelashes...they are eyelash extensions! Each individual lash extension is attached onto you own lashes (as opposed to being fixed to your eyelid). The result is both more dramatic and aslo more natural.(i.e no glue giveaways).Each application adds almost 50- 70 lashes per eye (no exaggeration, I counted!)The best thing about these lashes is that they can last over two months!!! Once you take care of them , they only fall out with your natural eyelash cycle (Yes, your lashes fall out and regrow regularly).After that you just do 'touch up visits as required. You can have fabulous lashes forever!!

I was instantly sold so I got myself booked immediately.The process generally takes longer than regular eyelash applications...approximately two hours. However it goes by quickly enough and the process involves these cooled eyepads which practically doubles as a spa treatment. My first look at my new lashes were simply 'Wow'. They were actually a bit longer than I am used to regularly but fabulous all the same. Of course, you can request longer or shorter lengths as the lashes come in different sizes. I was so excited but a bit wary! My expert calmed my fears and reassured me that I could carry them off as my natural lashes beacause of my ethinic mix. I must say it was great going to work everyday looking fabulous with just powder+ lip gloss+xtreme lashes. I could definitely tell people were trying to figure out what was different about me but could not quite put their finger on it.

I must confess, at first I did not fare much better with them. Firstly, you can't get them wet for 24hrs. After that you need to treat them daintily but can operate as normal without excessive wetting or steam. No over rubbing either.After the first two days I had lost a couple due to rubbing my eyes. By the end of the week I had a few floating on one eye. Oh yeah , I should can't take these off by yourself!! You cannot pull them out as you will damage (or remove) your natural lash. They need to be eitherr remove by the expert or fall out naturally. Some of my lashes somehow got into this weird in-between stage where they were doing this balancing act where they looked like they wanted to come off but would just float around on my natural lash. The one extra that I had to do daily was to make sure that the lashes were all pointing in the right direction after I woke up. Like some natural lashes, they may sometimes bunch up.Nothing an eyebrow brush could not solve. After one week I was completely paranoid that I had a gap over one eye. My paranoia was dismissed when someone who has known me forever asked, "Oh my god! Are those your eyelashes!". I should have said yes, lol! I still went and got a touch up, swearing to be good this rounds. Whats even more interesting is that you can also add non-waterproof mascara to these lashes (don't see why you would want to though).

Today is about a week and a half since my first touch up and I have been doing 10 million times better. I still lost a few from my almost unconscious rubbing but I managed to keep it to a minimum by taking my allergy medication more regularly.I don't need another touch up right now and I think I may even make it a whole month. I have already bettered my all time record of two days!!

So I am sure by now all of you are asking how much and where can I get it!I'm not going to lie, these babies are more expensive than the regular lashes. They will run you $800TT for a full set and then about $300TT (depending on how extensive) for a touch up every other month or so. Now your first reaction might be, "Thats expensive" but compare it to what you would pay in the states for the same service which runs $250 to $600USD! Its a bargain. I already have someone flying to Trinidad to get them here. For more detailed info on the technique and full before and after galleries visit the website at Xtreme Lashes. The Eyelash Expert can be contacted at 7519025, ask for Earlene. BTW Earlene is a one stop shop for manicures, pedicures, waxing and regular lash additions etc. Spread the word but just leave some roon for me to get an appointment in between PLEASE!

P.S Coming soon from the Eyelash silicone lash extensions!!


Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Ooooh!! I like it! But my lashes curl in all directions! They are not all straight, they curl to the left.. right.. I wonder how these lash extensions will look on me.. and what about contact lens wearers? Interesting.. who tell you to give out the number?? steups.. now I have to call and book for Carnival from now. Add one more expense to the H.O. budget :P

caisoqueen said...

ooo wow fabulous!!!!!! I love fake eyelashes but it is so much to maintain that I only do it for special occasions. I have often thought of how fabulous it would be to have them on everyday. Had I been living in TnT I would definitely make a go of Xtreme Lashes. Hmm...I'm seriously going to consider it for C2K9...

Thanks for sharing CJ!

Goddess said...

Ahhhm.. I hope when you advertise to the people general public that regular folks like me could still get an appointment eh!