Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Outta Body, Check yourself

This post as several different versions because I started writing it on several occasions and then decided against it. I am really not sure if this version will be the most will be the most appropriate but its the one that going up! As I said, I really was two minds about this post because while I try to find the middle path it is extremely difficult for me not to be nasty about it all. But I tried, I really did.Please forgive my rant.

First off, I realise some people in this place getting real TIE UP. To a sensible person, one would realise where we are right now. This place is CARNIVAL JUMBIE'S BLOG. Not Tom's blog, not Dick's blog, not Harry's Blog. Which means this is MY blog. You know what a blog is?? Wikipedia it! Blogs "provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries" . This is not the Express or the Guardian . I am not obligated to offer any sort of objective opinions even though I try as much as possible to do so. This means that at the end of the day , the only opinion that really count here is MINE. If you don't like what I have to say, doh come here!If I doh like what YOU have to say , I doh have to post it!(although for the record I have yet to reject any comment from those who may disagree with my opinions). Cause that is what blogging is all about...personal opinions.No one PAYS me to do this, the same way no one pays for my entry to any event that I have reviewed . I barely even have the time to update.

I make this point for several reasons.It has been brought to my attention that certain designers have taken extreme personal offense by some of my previous commentary. When I first heard that, I actually laughed because I was said "Are you serious?Oh please, its just a blog and who the *&*$ really cares what I think?".Cause that is what blogging is all about...personal opinions. I don't have a degree in Textiles or Design. I doh work with the National Carnival Commission or TIDCO and the last I checked they did not even know about this little corner of cyberspace.So nothing I say here is going towards anybody totals past the judging points. The only authority I have to make any critiques on this page is because I play mas in costume for over 10 years (and maybe my daddy provides me with some History) and......its MY DAMN PAGE. I have never misled anyone from that fact. And correct me if I am wrong, but I live in a free country.

It is quite ironic that when I started this blog 2+ years ago that I had no intention of reviewing anything at all, be it party or costume. It was all about ME,my obsession for Carnival and what exploits I undertake to get ready for Carnival. At some point my exploits turned into where I went ,which then turned into what I think about it all. It is completely astonishing to me that:

1)People even give a shit what I think (dear god, I have subscribers!) or

2) That anyone would take what I believe to be a brutally honest but fair,(albeit sometimes harsh review ) to heart.

I am a EXTREMELY picky with all things. If I go to a party and it have no Johnny Walker at all( cause I don't partake in Dewars hmmmmm), it gets a thumbs down for that. If I see a costume that could have offered more...thumbs down. At the end of the day it is a PERSONAL CRITIQUE and not a PERSONAL ATTACK on anyone or anything. Really, if you can't take constructive criticism you should not be in this business at all!!

What killing me is...exactly WHY it seems that I should be compelled to give a thumbs up to something when I don't genuinely like something. It have nothing to do with who is who friend and who know who. Like maybe you skipped over the part where I said I DO NOT GET PAID TO DO THIS. So exactly what benefit would I get from bigging up one band and shafting another? I do not believe that I have singled out anyone group/band/designer to get the axe because as far as I can tell no one has escaped unscathed!!! Tribe ,and their costumes have all been criticised at some point in time and yet I still play. Even my FAV designers get rough up last year. I really can't see what me not liking a costume has anything to do with the person who designed it. Cause I can tell you for sure some of my least favourite people have designed well in the past. To me a costume..and a costume critique has NOTHING to do with the designer on a personal level other than to say that I don't like their DESIGN. They might be a great cook or ballerina but just not my cup of tea. And I give credit where credit is due.. because I am real in this mofo. If you were a star last year and flop this year (in my opinion) I will say so and the same in reverse.

The more I think about it, the more it seems like an issue of professional maturity. For example, during my meeting with Richard (a designer of Tribe's Spangled Cotinga) he commented to me that I blasted one of his costumes last year. (I have yet to figure out which one) In the same breath, he told me how much he enjoyed the realness of the blog and that he appreciated the criticisms.Why is it that he , as a designer could take he pong, respect the opinion and move on to create future fabulosity?? While others wallow in self pity and animosity? I don't just talk out my ass, I go to the launches and mas camps and take pics which I use to over analyse everything . When I post, I post with PICS (or link to pics) so that everyone can see. Everyone is entitled to form their OWN opinion based on those pics so everyone is also FREE to disagree with my comments. What I don't know about I DON'T WRITE ABOUT. If I liked your costume then I say so, If i don't then I say so as well. When you think about it, if I did not have pics then people would probably just take my word with no supporting evidence right? Sucks for the subject of interest. Another example, I did not give the Black Velvet section in Elements a raving review. I am perplexed by the floor design and disturbed by the frontline. This has nothing to do with the fact that Black Velvet throws some of the BEST parties I have ever been to. Costume.... thumbs down, Parties .......TWO THUMBS UP. Considering how their parties go, I would actually give them the pick as best section lime! But if I don't like it , and I am giving the people their review, I am not going and say I like it. I still feel that they got the short changed when they were 'assigned' that costume. (But seriously , check them out Black Velvet's Level @ 51 every first Saturday. Da bomb!)

To be honest I not really bound to review any band except Tribe where I am playing in order for me to make up my own mind. The ONLY reason I make that effort to go to other band launches is because I am aware that there is a following , some foreign ,who actually appreciate what we are doing.(FOR FREE!). And to be honest, there are times when I just tell myself I doh have the patience to even be bothered with it all.

In my opinion most of the commentary that I have posted for the season has been the general consensus of my reader base. Much of the analysis is either factual or clearly designated as my personal opinion.It is both petty and juvenile for anyone to therefore point fingers and say that I (or Saucy) have single handedly done anything to affect the status quo.Again, this is not one of the daily papers. If that is the case then I must be really reach....cause if my word could make or break somebody then I really should be getting paid for this! I highly doubt that in the scope of all thingspalings Carnival, that my word is the Gospel or that even enough people care about what I say to make it so. But lets for a moment pretend we was the Carnival Gospel of the media....a business would be doing itself a great disservice to 'blacklist' or 'intimidate' a member of this group. People will just not want to deal with them anymore. So when time comes and they do have a fabulous presentation, then the same forum that they admonished for criticising them will make no effort to applaud their success (even if its well deserved). And if that last statement was groundless then certain people would not be watching me cut eye all the time and I would be writing about something else.

Anywho, for all you designers who toting feelings and being malicious towards me because 'Carnival Jumbie' did not give you a gold star......get over yourself or better yet, find something better to do with your life. Although I do believe that it have more to it than just me not giving a good review........hmmmmmm..........All that energy you spend hating cause could be better spent doing something productive like marketing or modifications. If it had no one reading this blog, I would still be at it. The day I do give it up will be when I either don't have the time or I'm busy writing the next great West Indian novel. PEACE OUT.

Now THAT was a 'good one' if I do say so myself


ChicConsciousColour.blogspot.com said...

Damn good..give them pepper, people need to understand that this is your blog and if they want another opinion do there own blog damn it...I appreicate the effort from Jumbie and Sauce and waiting patiently for the next post..LC

JJ said...

"All that energy you spend hating cause could be better spent doing something productive like marketing or modifications."

well aint that the truth!! here here, jumbie! excellent post mommie!

Carnival Diva said...

You truly cannot please everyone, and why would you want to? I swear some people are just ridiculous. Keep doing you girl! Cheers to those who wish you well and those who don't can go to hell!!

Carnival Jumbie said...

thanks for the feedback guys,

innerouterdivaPON said...

CJ, I think you hit the nail on the head. TOO many people cannot distinguish between a critique of something they did and a personal attack.

In my opinion, it would be so much easier to listen to feedback because the people who read your blog, Saucy's blog, AC's blog etc are ALL potential masqueraders and if a designer knows what masqueraders DON'T LIKE, there's a better chance of giving them a product they will LOVE. Simple as that.

To be upset at someone's critique is to prove you are too sensitive for such a public arena. It also suggests that you want someone to like something just because effort went into it. You can spend months/years on something and that won't change the fact that it's ugly mainly because beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and you can't MAKE someone like your work.

Anyway, as I said on Saucy's blog, "Be who you are and say what you feel because the people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss

ms. hershey said...

CJ...you ROCK! that post was fabulous! I literally crack up when I hear these designers moaning and crying when their designs are given HONEST critiques and aren't as "gorgeous" as they believe them to be. These people really have to understand that in order to have the public paying for your designs...critiques are part of the territory. If they can't stand the damn heat... find a new line of work already. It borders on pathetic and it's certainly childish as hell.

CJ, you keep doing what you do because without bloggers like you and Saucy, we'd be left with the designers' "stylized" version of costume pics with no real substance. I for one am grateful for what you do, it's an invaluable service to say the least.