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Tribe Registration 2K9-Who's In with the In crowd?

I am sure many people have decided to play with Tribe in 2K9 are waiting in great anticipation for registration to open Saturday especially amidst rumours of sections already being sold out on account of 'pre-registration'.With the comments I have seen on several online forums I feel compelled to make my own personal comments cause the ignorance is starting to irritate me.

Now firstly this whole TLC thing has always been a bit of a sore point for me as per my previous post 'Tribe TLC' . We have had two runs of the TLC card. (FYI, It was a paper card before it was a plastic E-card). I doh know if its me alone getting emails from Tribe but I cannot understand why this simple principle escapes so many people...A TLC card entitles you to NOTHING except the right to LINE up on a specified registration date that is PRIOR to the registration date of NON-TLC ppl. It does not GUARANTEE a costume or a costume of your choice. If it have a 100 costumes left and you are #101 then yuh buss!!To date....There is NO distinction between people who have played for 5 years in TRIBE, for 1 year or who play in the section in Poison. . Me and my 5 year veteran self have been present and accounted for at every registration for my costume PERSONALLY. I will be the first admit that some priority should be given for 5-yr vets than for 1-yr vets but its not so I find my tail up there. Secondly, How many times they have to tell you to go for it and why you should?? Now when you doh have one, you demanding it and vex at the position that puts you in.Last year registration I saw hundreds if not thousands of UNCLAIMED TLC cards.Thirdly, online registration has a LIMITED number of costumes for overseas masqueraders. Really if you living in Trinidad and trying to register online you being bad mind. Leave that for those who in foreign and don't have anyone here to send to the mas camp. When the online registration is depleted they don't add costumes to it, the online registration is suspended. Worse yet, they MIGHT actually pull from that online pool to accommodate ppl in the mas camp who are breathing fire in their faces to get in a particular section.That is the reality of the situation as I know it, and ppl are already in denial about that,but with the current situation some people need to face some NEW realities.

Firstly, Tribe has approximately over 6000 TLC eligible masqueraders. The fact is Tribe's intention is to reduce the overall size of the band, I estimate by roughly 25%. It is therefore mathematically impossible that everyone who ever qualified for a TLC card can get a spot. Even if we assume that there is a percentage of ppl who have a card and will not use it, it is still unlikely that everyone will have a spot. Woe is the man with no TLC card. We still have not counted celebrities,ministers and those with preferred status of some sort. Last year I was in the top 20 in line and yet when I sat down in front a CSR I only had time to register myself before I was told that my section was sold out! In under 30 mins! That is WITH TLC, in the top 20.I should also note there is no restriction on how many people you can register once you in line.People in front of me were calling 7 and 10 for my section of choice. I actually did a rough count to see where I would fall in real numbers. Even in Year 2...Nylon Pool and Angel Fish were sold out in the first hour!!

Now digest all that and use some more common sense and ask yourself what can be expected come Saturday? Personally I think Brazilian Macaw, Spangled Cotinga ,Caged Canary and African Love Bird will be sold out within the first 15-20 mins. I am giving Green Honeycreeper and Ruby Topaz 30-45 mins max. If you there in the first two- three hours you might get a Flamingo or Night Owl.You might think me over reaching a bit but I have been there, I have been in the fore front and I have left hundreds of ppl behind with no hope for getting in their section of first choice. And I not saying this to scare ppl, but as a reality check for all who seem to think that they 'entitled' to a costume because they have a TLC. My point is, you are NOT. And don't be pissed about it cause nobody ever told you that you were entitled just because you have a TLC. Regardless of how many people could have done a 'pre-registration' , there can never be 100% coverage of TLC holders.I feel a bit sorry for 5-yr vets who are not there early enough and don't get their pick but that is both on yourself and Tribe. For one, you would actually have to have collected your card. Two, you should know by now that if you aim for 12pm when registration opens you will not be anywhere near the front of the line.Three, Tribe may need to filter the 'loyalty years' but I have no idea how they can do that at this late stage and you definitely can't take people word for it.

It is obvious that the demand for Tribe has increased dramatically since their inception.Why is that? Maybe its cause first year vets were pleased and told all their friends. I tend to believe its because it became the 'in' place to be.I can assure you that there are many people who don't give a two-two's of if its 'in' or not. Myself being one of them. I just like being there cause my friends are there, its where I took up my residency after getting sick of Poison, its where I am happy with the costumes, music and service and more than anything its what I have become comfortable and accustomed to.Notwithstanding, once I am sick of Tribe I will not hesitate to move on again.They are already in my bad books for that mass of ppl on the road this year and my whack costume.

With all that being said..could you blame anyone for wanting to pre-register? You would have to be pretty dumb to have that opportunity and not use it. Of course it goes without saying, there should be limits or rules of engagement for such an operation. The challenge is always to ensure that such a thing is not abused. I wonder if all the people who are so vehement about the 'pre-reg' issue are upset because they did not have the link themselves or because they think its wrong in principle? My guess is that if they had the 'hook up' they would pretty much be placated.Furthermore, if they got into their section of choice on registration day the issue would evaporate completely.At the end of the day no one HAS to play in TRIBE but many prefer to.It irritates me even greater that there are people who have not been loyal to Tribe (i.e switched bands/ never played!) who also feel that they are entitled to be there before true loyalists.No wonder people who are regulars want to pre-reg cause otherwise they may be out in the cold because of just comes who just want to be in style.

So you have no link and want to play in Tribe...what do you do? These are just a few of my suggestions:

  1. Locate your TLC card. If you never bothered to go for it, thats your bad cause you just put yourself to the back of the line.May the force be with you.
  2. Reach early. Earlier the better. Tribe provides cold breeze once you in the top 100 or so and Gatorade/Water but bring a book and guard your seat!Might want to bring a snack as well.As said , doing things this way requires true dedication. Doh reach 2pm and feel you straight.
  3. Make sure you have your MONEY from everyone by the day before!!Tribe does NOT take Credit cards at Cascadia or the mas camp. I prefer cash cause if LINX go down you buss!
  4. Make sure and have everyone's sizes and personal information from the day before!!Bra size+cup,waistband(not waist), bottom size, Bottom type,costume options(if any), name , address, email, TLC#,PH#,USER ID for good measure
  5. Have at the very least your top 5 choices picked out in advance.Better yet , rank the whole band. This includes for yourself and whoever you may be signing up for. The whole time you sit at a CSR calling and asking yuh 5 friends for their 'second choice' or a size costumes selling.
  6. If you want a Frontline costume don't be surprised if you don't get it.Frontlines are always limited. This goes especially for 'private sections' who have the privilege of selecting a certain portion of the Frontlines.
  7. If you wanted and Individual and have not already checked the mas camp directly you're probably already out of luck. No harm in putting your name on a list.
  8. If you get yourself sorted out, please don't hang around and gloat cause everybody will be giving you the evil eye. Give praise and ride out!
  9. Keep your receipt in a safe place. My advice is give ppl their receipt asap, you doh want to be responsible for that if you can help it.
  10. Don't be devastated if you don't get in your section of choice or God forbid the band! There are other bands in existence and you do have other pretty good options. Several Tribe designers have sections in other bands.Tribe generally also has waiting lists for all sections and there are always a few on sale at some point. Beware of costume scalpers!!

So finally, don't delude yourself TLC card holders, if being in Tribe really means so much to you then you would make the effort to get where you need to be.You can also take a look at my past posts for the Super Stickers who decide late to play in Tribe which also has some good pointers and link to the merriments we endured from last year's 'Tribe registration.'

EDITED TO ADD: I don't think we can expect to see 'sold out' signs on arrival for any section. I think Tribe know better than to lock out the average joe completely from a section. How MANY will be available to the average joe will be the issue.And again, don't feel this is the first year that ppl have registered behind the scenes.....that has been the norm from YEAR 1!Its only now because of the demand its a big hoorah now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips... much appreciated!!!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...


JJ said...

kudos jumbie!!!

well written!

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

I just wanted to add the traffic will be HORRIFIC!!! So walk with yuh bike in your car trunk, park the car down the hill and take some cardio as you ride up the hill to Cascadia!!

carnivalbaby said...

Very entertaining and right on the money!!

Carnival Jumbie said...

You know I was thinking that but then I think that if you really as early as I have been in past years you don't have that problem.It has been a bigger hassle for me to get OUT than get in!

Anonymous said...

AMEN ... THANK THE LAWD ... AND PRAISES BE!!!! Both you and Saucy have done an excellent job in explaining this. Hopefully, people will read and digest what both of you have said.

Triniprincess said...


**Those that don't get in better don't come knocking on IP door**

quiksilver said...

i do not agree that locals registering online is bad-mind.

we live in an electronic age. taking adavantage of technology for the sake of convenience is not reserved only for people abroad. there is no reaon to continue to subscribe to the line-up and push and shove mentality.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Quicksilver, maybe my wording was a bit strong cause I can admit the first time Tribe came out with online registration I was in my office hitting refresh . Of course that ended in disaster when the site crashed immediately.I personally don't have much faith in their online system after being so severely traumatised by that experience.
I don't think that using the online reg means that you don't subscribe to a certain type of 'mentality'. You think I LIKE lining up anymore than I might like somebody pushing and shoving me?For the years that I have line up at Cascadia it has all been very organised and incident free.Thank God they managed to have a system in place so the repeat of 2005 on Rosalino st does not happen again.
Yeah ok, its the progress of technology and it really for all.
My real point with that comment is that knowing what I know now about the limited quantities provided online, I would personally feel like I am cheating my foreign peeps who have no other resource but what is online knowing full well I could just not be lazy and go down and line up instead of dipping in their quota. I want my foreign friends to get inside to!At the end of the day I guess we may handle our own business before studying others.But still...what ppl use to do before it had online reg? not line up?

bammykake said...

THANKS CARNIVAL J...i'm sitting here stressing because i feel like i'm not going to get in. i'm in the states and i knew nothing of the tlc card. my friend played with tribe this year as the "water nymph" i'm trying to get in contact with her to see if she has the tlc card, but i was told if i use hers that her measurements would pop up. i called tribe and they told me online registration startes for first timers on tuesday and i'm thinking from satureday to tuesday everything could be sold out.. all i want is the hummingbird frontline and the chance to whine until to legs go numb lol. but thanks for the info.

Carnival Jumbie said...

I feel your pain bammykake, honestly I do.Please remember that the TLC is non transferable and they seem to want to actually move dread this year to enforce that and void the TLC of scammers. Both f you can't use the same card regardless.
However there is still a facility in place where if a person registers and sells their costume the name is changed to who they sold it to. If you were the same size you would be safe! If you buy it off her immediately you may get a bly as well cause Tribe usually accomodates chages once they are made very early within the week. Of course that is not their POLICY so you still taking a chance.
Dont lose hope yet though,nothing wrong with trying and if it comes to it there is a waiting list.There are always costumes for sale after the fact its just a matter of finding your size and grabbing it before the next person.

s-kayeS said...

actually..last year (2008), i signed up using my friend's tlc (with her permission of course), our measurements were quite different and i had no problems. later on i transferred it to my name to make pick up less hassle.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

But AA! Check church up in this place nuh! lol

CJ, yuh light up meh life with this post yes! I know not everyone going to agree with what you saying, and granted there are some things that I tastefully disagree to, but a lot of what you wrote is just the truth.


Carnival Jumbie said...

well yuh see.. i guess they can't really tell you you can't change the size cause since ppl do gain and lose weight!They also ask you to confirm the sizes every year .I have registered other ppl but i make sure and get their TLC if they have.What you can't do is use a TLC card assigned to someone else and register your name.

As you mentioned, you have to ensure you have authorisation for pick up if its not transferred in your name.

Anonymous said...

just a bit confused,,when exactly is online registration for non TLC holders (if there is such a thing) for people like myself that do not have local contacts? (sadly i did play with TRIBE back in 2007, and because my registration then was done by a local contact I got my costume but no TLC) several emails to Tribe and still no TLC

Anonymous said...

This is maddness, but i am loving it. Carnival is really bacchanal

Carnival Jumbie said...

ANON.. You may not have been issued a TLC at the point of registration but if your email and name was on file then you would have still been entitled and should have received an email saying when to collect.Was your name on the side of the box when you got it? That will tell you who is entitled to the TLC if your email was never given.

Tribe has yet to send out an official email about the registration process TLC or otherwise.I hear talk of Tues for open registration online.

Anonymous said...

I understand the loyalty thing but with this TLC business (and being based abroad) how can anyone new get in until the rest get arthritis and can't wind no more!

Everyone has to have their first year sometime!

innerouterdivaPON said...

Carnival Jumbie, kudos on a very well written and organised expression of your thoughts. You have said a lot that makes sense and will be helpful to potential masqueraders.

I wanted to touch on a sentiment you (and many others on Saucy's blog) expressed. You've stated, "It irritates me even greater that there are people who have not been loyal to Tribe (i.e switched bands/ never played!) who also feel that they are entitled to be there before true loyalists." Here's what I cannot wrap my mind around with such statements:

1)Why is it irritating that someone chooses not to spend $3000+ if they don't see a costume they love enough to spend that money on? There are many reasons people decide not to stay in a band. You yourself stated that if you get sick of Tribe, you will move on. Should you be penalised if you move on, don't like the new band, and decide to go back to Tribe? I would hope not. Bands do want a sense of loyalty, but remember, bands are businesses. Nobody from Tribe is gonna line up outside my house to make sure I play with them, so why would I (for a sense of loyalty) play with them and spend my hard earned $$$ on a costume I don't really love.

2)With regards to 5 year loyalists and loyalists on the whole, I think people need to consider how difficult it would be for Tribe to sort out "loyalists" based on the # of years someone has played with them. Let's say I have only been playing mas for 2 years, but both years I played with Tribe and won't even consider another band. Am I not then a Tribe loyalist? Would it not be unfair to me to have to wait till the 5, 4 and 3 year vets have had their go?

3)As you stated, I think people have a false notion of the purpose of the TLC system. I think it's more a "thank you" and an incentive to get people to stay with the band and attend their events (discounted with TLC cards) rather than a reward for having been a masquerader before. How else can one explain that many of us got a TLC card the FIRST time we played with Tribe? If it was a reward, I would think it would only be issued when you've played with the band a minimum of 2-3 years.

Again, this is just to encourage a sharing of ideas and is not an attempt to undermine anyone's right to an opinion of their own :)...Thanks for the space to share.

Carnival Jumbie said...

1)my aggravation has nothing to do with money....its the attitude.Just by you saying that you prove my point. You think a true loyalist even studying where their money spending? There was no decision to be had at all!There are people who want to play with Tribe(or IP) even if it means being in an ugly costume just for the road experience and to be around their friends.Aside,I find it hard to believe that anyone has not found one costume they loved in Tribe or IP. What happens is that you may find one in another band that you love MORE. But back to the attitude...everyone has a right to shop around and decide where they want to spend their money.What does get me is the same ppl who shopping around,who are non-committal are the ones who are more upset than anyone when talk of pre-registration and sold out sections come around. If you shopping around then why be up in arms about Tribe and demanding entry? The same way last year when people wait for IP to launch and then vex when they can't get their choice in Tribe.I talking about people who actually register in other bands and then want preferential treatment in Tribe. If I leave Tribe then hell yeah I should lose some standing. Penalised is a strong word, but there should be some consequence to that action even if its for an honorable reason e.g sickness or pregnancy.Let me put it in perspective a bit....If you in line at the bank and you leave to go get yuh wallet you forgot in the office and come back a hour later, should you have the right to skip the line?NOOOOO,its the same thing. If you leave, you definitely should lose some rank somehow.Maybe you hit the nail right on the head...cause a true loyalist don't care if they love the costume or not, they just want to be PRESENT. They playing regardless, they not waiting to see what the other bands have and they don't care!!Cause they already know who getting their money.You think charging astronomical prices going and stop them ? noooo..they paying that!You think I am a loyalists?? You eh see nothing yet!It have much worse out there.
By getting sick of Tribe I meant their operation, I not going to leave because I see a nicer costume in a next band( which I have on MANY occasions). I will leave when there is a problem with TRIBE ITSELF that I can't deal with anymore.e.g the crowds, the registration hassle!To date, my tolerance level is still up.In addition, my reasons for being in Tribe is not to relish in a sense of loyalty.They not paying me a cut of the profit. I am there only because I am happy and satisfied thus far and why mess with a good thing?If it ain't broke don't fix it1 Right now I have indifferent and fickle people who 'never see come see' there for their image who jumbie-ing my scene and stressing me out to register.They fighting the hardest hard for a spot when at the end of the day they good in a next band same way. I don't want to go to a next band and I should not be forced to do so by people who it does not matter to anyway or who there for frivolity and flam. (but they most vex).Why should I have to work harder and harder to get a costume every year when I have been there from day 1?

2&3)AGREED!! I may not have gone into it in this post(but an older one somewhere) but that is part of the problem.From its inception no sort of categorisation or ranking was assigned.I argued at one time (maybe at saucy's place), if i played in year 1 and year 5 and you played year 4 and 5..who have more rank?We both have two years but does consecutiveness prevail over duration?I had a whole sequence order at one point.I agree that you should have a certain number under your belt to be considered a TLC.If we just talk direct sequence should you have to wait?Sorry, but i personally think yes.Maybe I don't deserve a whole day but a few exclusive hours?You telling me that after 5 years you would not be pissed if you stand up whole day and a man who play only this year get in and you don't?
I don't think the whole TLC thing really had the run it was intended with retail discounts etc.Did you know that the TLC card is meant to be programmable with your event tickets? They did not use them for the launch but printed new tickets.Why ?Cause many people don't have them so it makes no sense using them for that.Yeah your info is on file but that was not how it was suppposed to work.The problem is , Tribe did not think that TLC thing long term. It served a purpose after the year two reg drama and then there was no measures to regulate it.Currently it does function as a 'thank you' card cause numbers have not been controlled but its PURPOSE has always primarily been to give an advantage to past masqueraders to register before the general public. It has now made itself redundant the instant you had more cards than available costumes!

The only reason I even wrote this post is because people just getting out of hand with the shit.Selling TLCs???I mean..come on!The hysteria that is developing is just un necessary and it has become that way because people seem to have this overwhelming urge to be "In with the in crowd" instead of enjoying the essence of Carnival.

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

Let me jump in on the true loyalist discussion.

There have ALWAYS been loyalists when it comes to people and their Carnival Bands; Minshall had a crop of them dubbed the "Minshall-ites" who played faithfully with PETER MINSHALL and Peter Minshall ALONE for many, many years.. even when he gave them a RAT jumpsuit to wear or made them carry a chair on their head, they did it willingly. When Minshall stopped bringing a band many of them felt betrayed! Some stopped playing mas altogether while others migrated to Mc Farlane. And, there are now Mc Farlane loyalists who will play in no other band.

Not to mention that Harts has been in this business for over 40 years and have some VERY loyal masqueraders!! Bands can come and go there will always be a certain bunch of people who play with Harts; case in point is the section leader Tricia.. she has been with Harts since the early 90s! When TRIBE launched and her sisters switched to try out the new thing, she staunchly said she was not leaving Harts and has never done so. I should also mention that Sonia Mack has her faithful masqueraders who will follow her to any band she goes to, staunch support!

I think that there is nothing wrong with loyalty, nothing wrong with being rewarded for that loyalty and nothing wrong with the loyalists getting preferential treatment above those who flip flop around other bands.I think I DESERVE it over anyone having played with the band from inception! Yes, TRIBE may not stand infront my door begging me to take their money but they very well know who their long standing members are and they do bend over backwards to please. Of course as someone who has not forged a loyalty with the band you will not know this!

CJ used the example of the Bank Line well I want to use the example of frequent flyer miles. If I choose only to fly on AA and someone else chooses to fly on AA, Continental etc... who amasses the frequent flyer points faster? Not to mention that AA also throws in extra perks for their Gold and Platinum Advantage members.

So it stands to reason the MORE you show your support the more rewards you are entitled to! I do not expect as a first time person flying on AA or even if I decided to try out other airlines and then hop on an AA flight that I am entitled to the SAME perks as my friend who is a Platinum member!

And yes the ONLY way to determine loyalty is to look at the support and longevity of support, sure a two year person can be loyal however someone who has showed support unfailingly for 5 years IS more loyal because they have demonstrated a longer devotion.. that is it simply! The people who have now reached the 5 year status are the ones who took a chance on a new band and stayed with them, even when other bands launched and people left to try out the next hottest thing. The person who is loyal has a commitment and an allegiance to the "cause". When a man commits to his wife on the altar no one expects him to go running after some next hot thing a year after the marriage, then come back to the marital home after a few years and expects to be welcomed..that is not loyalty!!

I have ALWAYS said that the TLC card should be distributed on MERIT or even a tier system based on how many years you have been with the band. The fact that everyone has a TLC card just by playing with the band once has now defeated the purpose and hence why we are where we are at now by having to know the IN thing...


I'm in the states. A friend of mine is flying down to TNT to buy his costume. I said well Island People did not launch yet he said "no, I playing in TRIBE this year". I thought well you did not play with them 2008 so how you plan on getting a costume. He has no TLC. His response was "oh my sister has a hook up". Now I am all for the band looking out for their friends, but then when TRIBE friends looking out for their friends it becomes a bit much. It’s will piss me off if he manages to get a costume and I don’t, but I can’t me be mad at him for taking advantage of an opportunity.

I knew from my first experience with TRIBE that I wanted to play with them as long as I playing mas. Perhaps I did not see a tent directing me to collect my TLC at Cascadia, but no one said hey go over there and get your TLC. My bad, I won’t blame anyone for that mistake, but as soon as my plane touched down back in the states, I was calling and emailing TRIBE to death for my TLC. I made it my business to call them often to ask and I emailed them quite often as well. I did not want to play with TRIBE again because it's the "in" thing; I wanted to play with them because of MY experience with them from the beginning.

I hopped off a plane and sped to Cascadia to collect my costume. Upon arrival I’m met with a sea of people. It meant a great deal when a TRIBE employee ushered me to a room to get my costume ahead of a long crowd. Don’t ask me why he did it, he just did. For TRIBE to have as much masqueraders as they did this year and still manage to have a smile on their face when me the 4000th person walked up to collect my costume and was told as I walked away, “See you on the road” put a smile on my face. As much as no one talked about TRIBE MYSTICAL INDIA costume, I thought it was very pretty, nicely decorated; I loved my costume When I never had to walk more than 20 feet to a drink truck, when security damn near cut off my neck with that yellow rope trying to keep vagrants out that made me feel good (well not getting my neck cut off). I don’t live in Trinidad and have no clues as to the cliques that make up TRIBE. I just know they treated me well. This is why I chose or choose to stay with TRIBE.

I love that when I called TRIBE my emails were always returned, even if it was promising a TLC that was not yet emailed. My phone calls were always greeted with pleasant person giving me detailed information. I’ve worked in the customer service industry for over 10 years, the level of customer service demonstrated by TRIBE along with the great time I had with them, prompted me to want to give them my business again, not because everyone and they mama’s trying to get in TRIBE. I will pledge my allegiance to anyone, TRIBE or the grocery store down the road, as long as they treat me well.

If I am not fortunate enough to get in this year, so be it. There is nothing I can do; I will have to play with another band not because I am band hopping, but because I have no choice if I can’t get in TRIBE, but that does not make me any less loyal than the next TRIBER.

CJ, on Saucy’s blog I mentioned that I THOUGHT preference was given, (key word thought) that preference was being given to those who played for 5 years. I was not stating this as fact. You also called me delusional for saying that the first point of contact was the website. While it may not be for locals, it sure is the first point of contact for overseas masqueraders. Even locals flock to the site for pictures, updates etc. I don’t think I am that delusional to think that.

Nevertheless I enjoy reading your blog and thank you in advance for all of your updates and information.

Carnival Jumbie said...

enthusiast, i was not pointing fingers at you specifically. You seem to be one of those who just happy with the package they get for their money.
I think we may have misunderstood each other. From your comment I thought you were peeved that Tribe is not doing more to maintain their website and that you felt it should be a priority. My position is that although it is inherent to their business, Tribe has their hands full with the ppl here so I believe that is why the website always seem to fall short.I don't want to say its not a priority, but its definitely not on the top of their long 'to do' list. Agreed, to you based overseas it is the first point of contact but I maintain that it is not so for the band in general. Which is why more time is spent on the local operations than on the site. I could not have known you were overseas at the time.
You sound a bit bitter with the situation and rightfully so because of the situation you described. There are a lot of people on Tribe's committee aside from the shareholders who pull their weight all of whom have some standing to get people registered in advance. Their group of immediate friends is quite expansive. I don't think you are NOT going to get in once you position yourself in the right place at teh right time but ther eis a possibility you may not get your first choice.
I certainly hope your friend is not coming just for a costume cause if he really had the hook up locked he would just have to send the money!
You damn well should have gotten your TLC card, but again I think that overseas masqueraders get the short end of the stick because they are so overwhelemed with the people in their face. If you wish, email me your full name and I will see if I can find someone to get your TLC # for you.


No, no not bitter, just venting a bit. Since we are typing sometimes our tone does not always come across the way we mean it. But luckily I did get my TLC so I will be clicking away with the rest of the masses registering online come Sunday, Wednesday or whenever TRIBE decides to start registration. But thanks, that was really thoughtful of you to offer.

innerouterdivaPON said...

Hi again, sorry for the late reply, but I was offline for a few days. CJ, thanks for your p.o.v and sharing another angle on the band loyalty chat. Much appreciated :)

Saucy, thanks as well for sharing your p.o.v. I re-read what you wrote and I think you've grouped me in with the "people who have issues with band loyalty" bunch that you've become irritated with. I could be wrong, but that's the way your post came across.

"Yes, TRIBE may not stand infront my door begging me to take their money but they very well know who their long standing members are and they do bend over backwards to please. Of course as someone who has not forged a loyalty with the band you will not know this!"...We have never met. Of that I am certain so you will not know that I have actually worked overseas as an official Tribe partner, and had access to some of the perks I guess that go along with the partnership. In that sense I do have a sense of loyalty to the band because their success if our success.

You seem to think I was attacking loyalty to Tribe when what I was TRYING to say is that Tribe, (Island People, Minshall, Harts and all the others) ARE BUSINESSES. They exist to make a profit. For all the mention of AA cards, consideration is not given to the fact that these are marketing strategies. If I am looking for a flight and find one that costs $400USD on Continental and $500USD on AA, chances are I will go with the Continental flight. Enter the AA card that will allow me some type of discount and I now decide to go with AA. Initially, the would have received ZERO dollars from me and now they've gotten possibly $400. Understand what I mean?

The reason I use Tribe is because they are the only ones so far who have taken the initiative to provide a tangible form of their marketing strategy. How many people said "HELL NO" to the $300 cost for Tribe's launch until the found out they could get the tickets for $220 with their TLC lol?

I'm just trying to say that if people start looking at Tribe as a business, they will stop feeling so slighted if/when they don't get into the band...regardless of how many years they've played. You've stated that it stands to reason that the more you show your support the more you are entitled to. TRUE...but that is from OUR point of view as masqueraders/customers/consumers. From the p.o.v of the business, they have to make the money whichever way they can. Tribe has not implemented a 5, then 4, then 3 etc masquerader registration system. For general registration, card holders go first (and we know that many card holders won't get a costume) and then everyone is after. So clearly the annoyance at band hoppers having the same perks as "true loyalists" has been over shadowed by the sound of the cash registers opening and closing :)

As partners, we were among the ppl who got to pre-register. The sections I wanted are all gone and instead of just taking a costume I would STILL have to pay MY $3000+ for, I decided to see if I'd get thru with the regular registration because Tribe partner or not, I am not getting a free costume and must still spend MY money wisely and on the costume I want.

I guess my bottom line is that bands are gonna make their money however they can and consumers have to use their $$$ wisely, even if they play in the same band for 30 years. It is their $$$ to spend after all. I just don't like that people are frustrating themselves so early instead of enjoying the build up to what will be a wonderful Carnival 2K9. Thanks for the chance to voice :)

Carnival Jumbie said...

I know your response was directed to saucy but I just have one comment.... The reason That Tribe is now getting smaller is not because they are losing money as a business or because they cannot supply consumers with the demand or because costumes getting more expensive to produce. Its because their ole school 'loyalist' masqueraders complained and they actually listened!! I think Tribe might have taken a shot on their profit margin and maybe they will make it up with the mark up on costumes and more frontlines.But I think that that was definitely a decision based on consumer comments and not business strategy.If they were just about money they would have left the band size as is, if not increased it.
BTW i paid $200 for my launch ticket ;-)

Saucy aka "The Sauce" said...

The frequent flyer card is not ONLY a marketing strategy it is a rewards based program just like the TLC card. You do not need a AA card to get discounts,just wait for the email specials. Maybe I should have used the subway card to get my point across!

innerouterdivaPON said...

LOL LOL LOL....lucky you. I stick with getting a ticket, went down de night and the ONE scalper I managed to find watched me cool as ever and said, "$700" at which point I reversed and headed back home lol.

I definitely agree with what you said tho and it is good that business strategy or not, Tribe is making efforts to stick with their main priority which is to offer the "Ultimate Carnival Experience". Too many cooks spoil the broth and too many masqueraders can be extremely difficult to cater to.

Again kudos to you, Saucy and AC ( the main blogs I read before actually starting to post comments lol). The insight given is great and I like the fact that intelligent thought goes into what is written and shared. Keep it up! :)