Monday, August 11, 2008

Tribe Costume Update

I have to make a slight correction to previous information that I received regarding the strapless lace up bra option for Green Honeycreeper. I was under the impression that it came standard assuming you were less than a C cup.However, I was informed that in order to get the strapless lace up bra with the O-rings you have to request the option otherwise you will get the standard bra.It seems that the cup size limitation is still in effect but I guess it never hurts to ask again when you're there. I am still trying to confirm if the same goes for Cotinga which has a halter bra that also has some cup limitations. I am sure some people would not mind putting out for a monkini option seeing that all these options are floating around. (Hint Hint Tribe)

In other news, its seems that registration panic has taken over resulting in several people showing up at the mas camps (Cascadia and Rosalino St) to register over the weekend. Of course they were sadly dissappointed.Like those people were taking nothing to chance!!!

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