Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One day my Tribe will come....*lalala*

So the day is upon us!!! Tribe registration is set to begin this afternoon to the delight of some and to the demise of others!! Tribe has OFFICIALLY assured all masquerdaers that ALL costumes will be available for registration. The challenge of course will be to get in your fav section before it sell out. Most of you will have already read my TLC rant which by far has been one of the most contentious issues with this process thus far. I would however like to remphasise the importance of having your things in order for tomorrow. Every precious second counts so don't waste time trying to guess at sizes or sections. For all who don't like to read Tribe emails in FULL, please note that you are only allowed to register FOUR people INCLUDING yourself. You must have all their costume info AND their actual TLC card IN HAND and copy of ID. So please, I am begging you all...I don't want to hear any stories about someone who set up their friend because they try to register 5 people.

I am also requesting that you all BEHAVE ALLYUH SELF. I getting all kinda of stories about people going in the camp these past few days and getting on bad to register early and to get TLC card even though they tell you when registration starts and when the cutoff point for TLC collection was. Don't pretend like you did not know!! And don't pretend like you did not know what registration looks like every year!! Regardless of whether or not Tribe reduced their numbers I think the demand would still far exceed the supply. It have plenty people who never played with Tribe who want to play now.Maybe they will get their chance this year , but I think not. I do not believe Tribe will hold back costumes for NON-TLC people to register next week. If it sell out between tomorrow or Thursday then thats it! The only thing they will have on their side is time. Is how many people that they are able to register in the timeframe. If when time is up on Thursday they close the doors to the waiting ppl (which almost certainly they will have) and there are still costumes left then they may just maybe get through.

I wish all of you the best of luck getting into your section of first choice but if you don't, just remember your Carnival is not over before it has begun. Tribe usually has a waiting list, there are usually several costumes in different forums available for sale especially right before Carnival and there are other bands!!! Even if Tribe is your first choice, you can still have a good time elsewhere.

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shells said...

I think many people have forgotten, or seem to have conveniently overlooked, that there are MANY MANY bands out there. TRIBE just happens to be one of the bands that's in the news!

Now we wait on the registration stories :-)

Good Luck everyone