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Island People Launch 2K9

So after the alleged 'leak' of the IP calendar and the rumours of a fantastic stage show,I was more than curious to go to the launch and see for myself what all the buzz was really about. I don't want to repeat too much of what Saucy said because I think we were pretty much on the same page. In general, I thought that moving stage idea was quite innovative but was neither rehearsed nor thought out properly. To me it would have been very simple to rope off the range of motion of the stage so people would not filter into the voids during the show. Between that, the cranes lowering people and the constant slow motion of the models, everything moved (painfully) slow. The one good thing is that the stage was low so if you were in the opportune spot when the stage paused in one spot for longer you were able to get better pictures than with the Olympic athletes who modelled for Tribe. I did observed that the official media photogs were completely frustrated at the continuous movement. The performers who had on the giant wings at the floor level were even more nonsensical because all they did was block the costumes. Maybe they were supposed to keep back the crowd but it just did not work very well.I found that the main stage lacked a pit of pizazz since it was basically a giant IP banner. The projection screens were far off to the sides and did very little to help anyone see the costumes. Overall I expected the decor to a little more lavish than the cotton everywhere. I guess they sank all their production capital into the rental of the cranes which are not cheap!!

I really could not understand why during the display of "Love" , one of the raunchier costumes why, they had little kids with hearts on the main stage. This is while the models pranced in a barely there bra, bare bottom thongs and a bit of tongue action . I could not see the relevance and how that could possibly be images suitable for such young children. Thumbs down on that one IP!! As a future MILF (ha!) , even I was disturbed by that.

Then there was the woman who was singing all the section names throughout the performance in this very loungy style. Now the woman sounded like she could sing but the purpose of her singing seemed to go over most people's head especially if you had no previous knowledge of the section names. By the third or fourth section, with the overall slow process, the background vocals started to sound very campy and monotonous. It did not help that they used the same track for the entire show. I know they were trying something different with their whole presentation...but I still like to hear soca during costume displays.

I was also very delighted to meet Richard and Anthony who have had many years in the mas business designing for various bands. You may know them as the designers of Spangled Cotinga and HoneyCreeper (Tribe 2k9). They also designed Touch and Chocolate and Caramel for IP. It was quite a coincidence that I learnt that fact after I had already picked them as two of my IP favs. Of course they have already received raving reviews from myself for their work this year in Tribe. They kept me well entertained throughout the night with their side splitting commentary.(Richard, two piece FL Cotinga..THINK ABOUT IT LOL!)

On another note, Island People should be GLAD that nobody called OSHA for them because numerous safety procedures were violated. Aside form the large crowd of people in the immediate vicinity to a moving (remote!!) flatbed truck.... who on earth (no pun intended) gave them authorisation to put them untrained models in those suspended boxes. To do things like that in the real world you need certification to work at heights. They send them on a OSHA course before the show? I think not. I cringed when I saw the situation especially when I saw that the front of the box (man lift ,if you will) was completely open (i.e no safety barrier ) and that some models were not using any safety strap! Thank God nothing went wrong!!! There was no way in hell they was getting me in there.

Ok , so I guess I should give me costume review now....Overall a very good showing by Island People. My favs are Rays of Light,Touch, Afrodisiac and Chocolate and Caramel. The breakdown:

So I was one of those people who got a sneak peak of the costume calender. This costume is now my desktop. Something about those giant crystals has me star struck. The floor comes with a regular waistband but the floor has a very risque bejewelled bikini bottom. I am not sure if I would really want to go down the road on a Tuesday with just a bejewelled bikini just because it does not really seem like you are getting your money's worth ( i.e missing something). But I do think it is cute all the same! The headpieces for both floor and FL are quite large although it is hard to ignore its similarity to Kiskadee (TRIBE 2K9). However, between the two costumes, I prefer Rays of Light. I like the draped beads on the stomach have a tie at the back which eliminates torso confusion. (Insert Applause). The necklace for this is very full and is quite a fabulous accessory. I just hope that the crystals themselves are not too heavy overall.


I love the colour combination of this costume. In reality it seems that the bikini is more of a pink base but the decorations are a sand colour.I definitely have to see this close up in real before I make up my mind about it. I notice they seem to have used shells as embellishments which is very much in line with the theme. I like the hints of blue throughout the sand coloured areas. Again, its difficult to assess unless you see it up close. I did observe that the waistband looks very similar to a belt that I have in my cupboard. Even with the added beading hanging I think it seems a bit scanty for a waistband but its difficult to see the clear beads on it. The FL has an added collar that seems to work well with the ensemble. I think it should all be ok in real life but I reserve judgement!


I liked this costume a lot when i saw it in the calender but I did not like it as much when I saw it on the night. It still is a very attractive, its very hard to mess up a silver costume (really?). I got the impression that the hanging beads had very little weight to it which may cheapen the look a bit. I hope that is not the case.The floor is a very basic costume overall. The style of the accessories seem to be rather popular in several sections this year. I really like how the back packs are molded to look like wings instead of just flapping behind you. The Fl has a cage bra. I think cage bras are starting to get a bit played out especially when the band has more than one FL with said cage bra. Its still pretty and sexy but I am getting tired of them. The FL is just dripped with diamantes, very flashy. I am not liking the little diamante asymmetric skirt as much as I initially did. It also comes with an embellished bikini bottom. I again will have to get a closer look.


I love the tribal pattern on the costume with the colour combination. Using that model in the calender just sold the costume completely. Its a fairly simple design but very well done. The headpiece is simply fantastic and the bra looks of a very high quality.I would love to get those bangle accessories to go with it as well.I am presuming that the backpack option is the FL. If that is the case, I actually think the floor looks better than the FL. The back pack looks scanty and the head piece is definitely not as fabulous especially if you were to compare it to Pheasant FL (Tribe 2k9). Its not worth the hassle if the floor is so great.


I would be happy if I could just get the woman singing this section name out of my head. I lost track of how many different options this section has. In general it has the similar colourings and appliques of Hummingbird (Tribe 2k9).It even has some weird hook attachments to the collar and head piece. Again it is hard not to compare it to Hummingbird when they blatantly recycled Danielle Jones Ms. Universe costume which was...a Hummingbird. The regular bra is very generously beaded which looks nice but is not really my personal preference. I would have loved the collar add on if it was not for the hooks.I could not get very much detail on the belt because of the pic quality but I do know that the back is very skimpy! I don't think I like that FL option with the asymmetric monokini. Especially with the candy floss bustle and the narrow band at the waist.


In general I do not like when a theme is taken a literally as this. Using lots of hearts to make a costume called 'Love' is bordering very close to be just plain cheesy. Not that the costume design itself looks bad, I just wish they did not use heart shaped gems everywhere.I would have let it slide if it was just the accessories. I do really like how the floor bra is beaded so that the beads form the shape of a heart, that was considerably more creative. This section has not one..but TWO caged bra options. The one that is comprised of all the gems as in the calendar is the better of the two. I do not like the waistband of the other version that is made up of silver triangles. Again, the very literally translation of giant heart backpacks was a bit much for me. I found that on stage they seemed sometimes floppy and you can see that it does not have very much vertical support. Just for the skimpiness of this section, there is no doubt that it will be a best seller.
Stay tuned for the second half of the costume review. Full gallery is uploaded here.

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