Thursday, August 21, 2008

Island People Costume Review Part 2


One of the first things I thought about the FL of this costume is that it seemed a bit lighter shade of blue on stage. I prefer this shade to how it looked darker in the calender. I am not a fan of those feathered skirts as they have been used over and over in costumes. Its one of those 'quick fixes' as well because you don't have to do anything but put a band on the top and voila...costume! Its pretty yes, but boring. I did like the necklace on this as well as the bejewelled bra. I am glad to see that they were able to do something a bit creative with boas instead of just sticking it to the back of the costume. The fading of the darker blue into light blue is interesting in the wings but it seems a bit cumbersome.i.e takes up a lot of space. The costume of the floor is also interesting. Nice to see a bit of creativity in the waistband . However I can still see problems with getting people's torso length right. From the looks of it , it will be very simple to adjust. There is also a backpack option for the floor but I am really not sure what to make of it. It looks like a boa across the back with blue streamers hanging down. I don't think its particularly attractive although I would like to see it close up. The head piece is just flat out whack. A single boa coming out the top of your head??? Come on ppl! Better than that! I presume the individual is the even bigger winged version. That is a costume to pose in, not to play mas whole day. It also seemed to be a bit one sided half the time. I am not really liking the boa border in this backpack but it has a nice impact. And whaddaya know...another blue monokini...sigh. This one is extra sparkly.

This costume did very little for me. I am just not getting a wow factor at all. Its very monochrome which give sit a washed out look in my opinion.There are a number of versions/options to this costume and I am not really sure what goes with what. Their is one waistband which looks like a wide band of cloth. I dislike that because it reminds me of Angel Fish (Tribe 2k6) which was similar in design and had me feeling grannyish. But if you try and shorten it , it looks like a wide belt. I guess if you wanted to hide stuff in that area it would work for you.I think they could have added a bit more fringe if they wanted to go that way. I did not really like the detail in it either, it seems like there are some rosettes in there somewhere. The headpiece which is a tilted rosette number is also not my cup of tea. Its nice, its creative but looks more like it belongs with Minshall of Mac Farlane not the bikini mas IP rolling with. I can see older masqueraders flocking to it for that reason. The 2nd option which I guess is the FL seems too itsy bitsy and flimsy to be believed. Maybe cause you get a big feathered back pack and headpiece. Both of these look nice although I found the backpack was angled a bit too far back for me.The next option I guess is the individual which came with a center stomach piece that joins bra to waistband. I actually like the design of the center piece but hate whats its connected too. The waistband is waistband is literally just a strip with very fine feathers protruding from top and bottom. I guess we should again be consoled with the oversized back pack. But this also was not very appealing to me with the banana leaf looking pieces fanning out. The head piece on this is just ridiculous. Overall this would be my least favourite section.

I always think its interesting when designers make versions of the same costume in different colours.The important thing is to have contrasting colours that still complement each other. I think the designers did very well with this section in terms of their choice of colours.This type of costume is what I consider a simple design done very well. The working on the bra and waistband is generous without being overwhelming. I love the placement of the necktie but it can also be worn with straps. This section is sure to be a best seller. I think it would have been fabulous as an all girl section. What I like about these designers is that they take what would be materials readily available locally and work magic with it. They are living proof that local does not have to look tacky or cheap but can be stunning.


You can't even see the costume in the calender but from the time I saw the colour I said WOW. It just jumps out at you.The headpiece is just fabulous. The bra is layered with fabric and has an extra piece at the back that you can tie and let trail.The beaded skirt provides a bit more coverage at the back than most of the other costumes but does not make you look like you are trying to be modest. I would like to see the design at the front of the waistband in more detail but the colour alone on this sold me!


I took a lot of pics of this costume and I think it was because I was not really sure how I felt about it. On one hand I liked the chunkiness of the teardrop amber-like beading on the bra and waistband and then I thought maybe its a little too big.Then i like the ruching of the black netting at the bra line and the top of the waistband but then did not love the netted mini skirt.Its very different , I must say and I think it looks all together with that fabulous headpiece but it will only fly with certain people.I was a bit perplexed with the FL which had only one teardrop bead on the bra. I sincerely doubt that the additional netted bustle compensated for the lack of beading. I would rather play in the floor than look like a black bride.


Another section I had mixed feelings about. It started growing on me in the calender. Then I saw it at the show and was totally loving the colouring of the sequined bra. I just could not get out of my head the former 'Rainbow' section featured before (I believe it was IP 1st year) that was not cute. I think if the yellow had been left out I would like it.The design with the fabric connecting the top to the waistband is really nice but that whole rainbow vibe is not doing much for me. The backpack for the frontline is a bit much if you were not a fan of the rainbow in the first place.The headpiece of the floor is a bit small for my liking and the rainbow gypsy version might only work on a Carnival Monday.

Dream was mysteriously missing from the calender. Was it added on late? Looking at the floor one might think so. Like they said, 'Aye we missing a purple costume'. I think the floor is a throwback costume.Basic sequined bra, basic waistband with beads hanging and a feathered fan shaped headpiece. Just plain boring in my books. What it does have going for it is the colour which definitely stands out. Many purple costumes do well just based on that alone.The FL is a definite step in the right direction and I like it much better than the Floor. They should just have made that the floor and let the feathered collar be an option. I would have also have like the collar much better if they had left out the boas in the front. It was fine with just the feathers. I also do not support headbands for Carnival.

So all in all , a round of applause for IP. They are ready to give other bands some stiff competition. Personally I would have gone with Rays of Light or Touch but I would not be opposed to most of the others. Oh and btw, all webmasters,if you must steal my pics try your best to link to my site. If you just want to use them as your desktop, knock yourself out.

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