Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tribe Launch 2009 Costume Review

After much anticipation the night we have been waiting for arrived.I am sure most of you would have run through Saucy's ridiculous amount of pics's from Saturday night's launch. I glad you did cause I am telling you right now, I don't have any pics even worth uploading..more on that in a few. So after once again sitting in over an hour of traffic to get to the venue we arrived and of course the show started late cause everybody was in traffic !! I took up my position stage side and was very pleased to see what can now be know as the 'regulars' who cover the event via blog or media. The decor was very well done and the show itself was well presented.I appreciated the fact that they employed a commentator announcing the section names so i knew what I was looking at. If its one thing TRIBE needs to get in order is their models. I appreciate the fact that they want fresh new faces but at the very least they need to be given runway training crash courses. If you were not directly in front the stage you would not have seen any costumes properly. Why? Cause that's the only time they ever stopped and showed the costume. All I got were pics of backs and side shots where ppl looked like they were running out the picture as they were never in frame. On many occasions they had their backs t the crowd, even at the finale. With that said , check Saucy for pics, i will give my costume review without further delay.

It goes without saying that every costume in Tribe is fab. Like seriously,you know I have no qualms about ripping apart costumes, I honestly cannot condemn any one costume to the company of past disasters. Obviously their filtering of designers has worked in their favour.It was clear that they made an effort to have a frontline and/or individual costume for every section and I think for the most part all were attractive. A few iffy ones like the Flight of the Ibis individual which has a bird head as the small hand held standard and (as Saucy said) is very reminiscent of Bjork's dead bird dress. Some were a bit impractical like the Peacock individual which I can't see passing down Frederick St intact. Although all the costumes are generally attractive there are of course a few stand outs and a few average looking ones. I think even if you play in the worst section in TRIBE you still have a pretty costume.Quite noticeably there has been a big improvement in the male costumes as well.

My top five (in no order) are Spangled Cotinga, Caged Canary, Brazilian Macaw(FL) , Ruby Topaz and African Lovebird...buts lets break it down....

PHEASANT-This costume is actually more gold although it looks bronze in the Tribe book. It has tons of pheasant feathers in the Frontline. This costume still sees the use of appliques however they seem to be chunkier that normal which gives it a bit more depth. The appliques themselves have an odd poofy thing at the center on the waistband that I guess can be removed if you don't like it. The waistband also has sequins hanging down the front and back.The only issue with that is that once it gets damaged, the sequins will just string out. You also have to be careful it does not get knotted together as it is very light. For you extra sexy girls, there is also a strapless option.The backpack of this costume is striking and matched with an oversized headpiece it is quite a package. I personally would not play in it because with my complexion it would be very monotone but for lighter skinned ppl this is a winner. Expect the frontline to be pricey because of the cost of pheasant feathers.

SPANGLED COTINGA-On stage, this frontline just blew me away. I am completely biased on this because I adore the colour and its in my personal top two. However there are similarities between it and Spice's maillot blue. The use of chunky tear drop turquoise gems is a rather original idea. The top is a halter with cut out sides. The neckline of the bra is also wider than usual so if you will get a lot of cleavage if you have some volume on top. On flatter chested ppl it may not be as flattering but still very cute.The back if the waistband is VERY skimpy. If you plan to wear a thong, you will have zero coverage as there are only a few at the back. Even at the front, the chunky gems don't overlap and when they are strung together to fall flat, they leave some gaps in between so don't bank on this to cover anything. The floor head piece is very compact and overall is a great costume for those who want sexy and pretty without too much fuss.The frontline is just fantastic as far as I am concerned but at the other end of the spectrum in terms of functionality. I think this outdid even Nylon Pool in terms of its appeal . The monokini is again a halter with string ties on the back and normal bikini bottom. There is also a waistband like the floor,which fits over the monokini. If you are wondering about the mechanics of the tail, its suppose to be all in one with the waistband. Be warned......this costume will be a challenge to pull off on the road. You have to take off the entire belt to use the bathroom as well as the entire swimsuit.The plunging neckline currently does not come with a ready made connecting piece between the bra cups to keep it together.So if you want to be super secure you may have to add either a string of diamante or clear thread.As gorgeous as it is I also worry about the torso length problem.The feathered bustle and the large headpiece may be a bit to manage without a good friend to help you out along the way. Now I not just saying that to talk ppl out of signing up cause I like this one (lol) , I genuinely have my concerns after having to fight up with my back pack last year. I think this might be better than a backpack.I'm hoping that they tweak it a bit so that at the very least the bustle is detachable and better yet allow options. But I doubt the option package is feasible to Tribe production wise.They will have to provide some alternative to for Monday for this as the whole piece by itself will be odd especially if you have a violin shape (i.e big hips , small top).Oh and don't forget what your tan lines will look like!I have no doubt that the Frontline will be one of the more expensive costumes as the add ons are extremely elaborate and each of those gems is bordered with diamantes.The male version is completely put in the shade!

EDITED TO ADD;(as per convo with Saucy)-In order for me to play in the FL i have to a)Get a raise b)Not quit my job between now and Carnival c)Save about $1000/mth between now and then d) lose 10 pounds..now that is dedication!!

WILD PARROT-The colours in this costume are very true to what it represents. As attractive as it may be , comparatively ,its falls pretty low on my list. It is very average in terms of its construction.Basic gems plus beaded fringe makes it a very safe choice. The head piece really carries this costume but I would still be happy to wear it.

KISKADEE- I like this costume for its simplicity yet it is still creative. I actually thought the cups were tie-dyed and then realised that the variations in colour come from the feathers.The appliques used are actually some of the most attractive I have seen and will definitely give a extra sparkle in the sun. Obviously this costume is not going to hide any belly issues so make sure and get into shape now!!The frontline headpiece is HUGE and I am loving the leg accessories.

BLUE TANAGER- I think this is one of the best designs ever from this designer. I am sorry to admit this colour makes me a bit biased but it is simply beautiful.Lots of people are going to be loving the shoulder feathers that are just velcroed on as it is very light. It gives you that backpack look for a bargain! Again we see a lot of applique work on the bra and waistband but I think that has become something of a trademark for this designer. I have not always been forgiving of her use of the applique work but this is definitely an exception. It does remind me of another secret section but I think it was done much better here. It is still very sexy with little coverage on the sides and stomach. The headpiece is has been compared to water nymph but who cares? I loved water nymphs head piece and it seems to be a consistent thread throughout all the sections.The male headpiece is also pretty hot.

FLIGHT OF THE IBIS- Although this section has some nice details, it is also pretty low on my list. Again its just a very safe costume without too much frills. You have your feathers and some nice shiny appliques.The jewelled rings in the bra are a nice touch as well as the stylised head piece. Another section I would not mind wearing but would not scream about .Certainly not typical Lana ...hmmmmmmmm

GREEN HONEYCREEPER-I am forever indebted to the designers of this section. This is absolutely the MOST FABULOUS green costume I have ever seen in my 10+ years of playing mas.I wish I thought of it first! The bra is gorgeous and the use of appliques were actually used creatively instead of just being stuck in a generic pattern. This bra is like a moulded front that straps up in the back.Yes , criss crossed and ties. The waist band has beaded fringe that blends with the costume and matches perfectly.The head piece is just amazing. This costume can do no wrong!! That is as long as it comes out of production looking exactly as is.STANDING OVATION!

BIRD OF PARADISE- The detail on this costume is fantastic. The bra is a flesh tone (of lighter ppl) with strung diamantes. The bra itself is of a very good quality. The feathers used in the costume are very muted in colour with just a splash of orange. I am loving the gemstones on the waistband paired with the diamante. This costume will be a dazzler on the road.Now if you are the fairer complexion, from a distance, the bra will blend into your skin and it will look like a caged diamante bra. To be honest, I don't think it will be flattering on darker people cause you lose that whole illusion of nudity.The frontline comes with a bustle whose specific mechanics I am not sure of. I hope it detaches!

HUMMING BIRD-The beauty of this costume can only truly be appreciated close up in the light. I think the picture in the magazine was way too dark to really get a true sense of it. Also a very simple costume but the sequin work on the bra and the pailettes on the waistband are perfectly blended and reflect several different colours. It is a very visually dynamic costume. The headpiece and colours also make it is a very true representation of the character. However, I do vaguely remember a Poison costume that was similar in materials circa 1995/1996. I believe the top then was more of a string bikini top. It could quite possibly have been from the same designer who I believe was with Poison at the time but I'm not saying that as a diss cause it was gorgeous then as well. If this is a re-vamp then it is a very well done one. For those of you who expected lots of wings , this is where you should play..glad them wings are retractable!

FLAMINGO-I always think baby pink/salmon costumes come out a bit odd looking. Like fleshtones it is a very difficult colour to wear. I will however commend this costume for take a strong swing at it. The detailed bead work really helped this costume along. However I think its missing a little something from the bra to hang down. It is otherwise very basic. I am glad to see they used a real bra with a nice neckline. The headpiece is very compact and correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like it has eyes looking at you.

GOLDEN DOVE- Between the two yellow costumes in the line up, I think I like this one better. The bra is covered in feathers and overlaid with the diamante strands. The waist band is a bit iffy as there is nothing along the sides.The head piece is of course, outstanding. I am not really a fan of the frontline version. I appreciate the attempt to do something unique but the diamante overlay just seems scanty too me. Ok so it may be expensive but not really giving me bang for my buck. The bra base for FL is plain and I think quite noticeably so even though the overlay is used. I am not sure if they use a regular waist band but that is completely covered anyway. I have visions of me hooking in something and the whole ensemble bursting apart and then what would you be left with ? The sparkles on the head piece are great but I would have liked the headpiece better if the white feathers were blended in and not just stuck at the top. The arrangement looks very blocky and unnatural which is not found in nature right? I know its supposed to be a dove but the white in this costume looks a bit out of place.

CAGED CANARY- Sure to be a bestseller as one of the sexier costumes in the band!Love the details in this costume especially the chains with the intermediary stones hanging from the bra an the little feathers at the ends of the chains. The chains at the waistband are used creatively instead of just stringing them straight down from the band. The frontline is just over the top with that HUGE headpiece . You will definitely be the star of the show in this number. The back has a flap but I would gladly petition to have the back as a mirror of the front with chains!! This costume is very unforgiving so best be in top shape to pull this off. If nothing else your accessories for this costumes will be hot as the designer does all her own jewellery.

NIGHT OWL- Very interesting combination of colours which again needs to be shown in better lighting. The bra is very heavily worked which I appreciate but I would have liked it better if it was not so plastered with appliques.The beads seem a bit longer than other sections so you may get some more coverage but I can't be sure just yet. The headpiece is the prize of this costume which is the most detailed of all the floor sections.

AFRICAN LOVEBIRD- WOW, very different to what we typically see. I love the fact that the entire costume is just beaded and the combination of colours is just gorgeous.If you need a little more coverage this one definitely works for you! The halter bra with the curved neckline is extremely flattering .The feathered collar matches perfectly with the headpiece and I hope all those accessories are included. I was really surprised to learn this designed by Peter Elias. I loved his costume last year but this costume is definitely on a different level . The extra cloth for the frontline was a Elias giveaway but with this costume you are hot and modest at the same time!

RUBY TOPAZ-Another of my favourites in my top 5 .The colours and the working of this bra are amazing. This is the only purple section in the band and is sure to be a favourite. The headpiece does remind me a bit Isis and the costume has similarities to Mystique. This is also the only frontline line with actual wings. And they are quite impressive.Also not much coverage with the ringed sides on the waist band. I don't even want to know the price of that frontline!!!

BRAZILIAN MACAW-Last, but certainly not least is the very experienced but new to Tribe designs of Sandra Hordatt. She has had much success designing for other bands and was not about to disappoint her inaugural year in Tribe.I would have liked to see a bit more colour in the floor section, maybe a bit more of the shoulder feathers like in Tananger. I also think the headpiece of the floor is drastically smaller than other sections in Tribe. The bra is covered in feathers and piped with oversized gems but still seems a bit plain which is why I think it could use bigger shoulder feathers. The waistband is literally the width of the gems and wont be for those looking to cover up! Without a doubt the frontline is fabulous. I don't know if I have the courage to wear such a sexy bra but by all means you guys go ahead. The bra is covered with giant gems. I would not worry too much about boobie security because it straps around the back and ties down securely. If you have big areolas however, you might want to try it on...The waistband is also very narrow and just covers the important places. It has obvious similarities to goddess and defenders (IP). It is an interesting innovation to note that for the frontline the waistband is sewn into the bikini as an all in one.i.e If someone pulls on your gems your panties will come off.The colours of the collar really make this costume pop! It is quite unfortunate that there may be only a few of these available (and at what price!) but this section seems to be suffering the Nylon Pool curse...i.e the floor is far outshined by the frontline.As with Nylon Pool, I would be a bit bitter in my floor having to stand next to one of these hot mamas in frontline!

Overall, an excellent and consistent presentation by Tribe.I will be waiting to see what kind of prices we will be dealing with and how they propose to deal with the madness that ensues for registration. I for one have yet to make my final decision. It may take a few visits to the camp before I get there.


princessredz said...

Great review Jumbie!!
And gosh, like you get to study the costumes up close and personal boy, how you manage to macco all the mechanics of them so? I'll be looking forward to more details once the mascamp open!

Anonymous said...

Great review...thx...makes my descion somewhat easier on what to chose - my favs are
-Green Honeycreeper
-African love Bird
and still contempleting - Humming Bird...
Now I await prices

Ms. Licious said...

gash boy, between you and saucy allyuh like ebert and roper...and well add AfroChic and allyuh could bring out a critique magazine on costumes/ band launches and fetes...hmmm I will take my 10% for the idea thanks.

'If you have big areolas however, I might want to try it on' - yeah thanks for that one lol

I wouldn't want to design nothing round allyuh lol

Prima said...

Love the review. Very detailed and informative.

Carnival Jumbie said...

lol @ ms.licious. Buh I just sayin......just in case yuh know...you have to think about them things. I forgot to mention that there is a similar issue with Brazilian Macaw and if you take pictures at a certain angle in that one you look like you have on no top at all!

Anonymous said...

so saucy which sections would u play in?

ms. hershey said...

fantastic review. this has pretty much clinched the section i will be playing with for 2k9. :D

dougla_1 said...

Wait nah, when ah bringing out meh band is you (Carnival Jumbie), Saucy aka the Sauce, and Afro Chic ah bribing to make such meh band could handle the pressure left, right, and center, pots and spoons in order, and bottle washers ready to impress...EVERY detail, yes. Allyuh doh miss nottin.

Great review packed with detailed information many women don't think about until after mas, when they wonder why nagging elements of their costumes didn't work on the road. ;) I am glad you gave big love to my observed outstanding costume and section (BOTH frontline and floor (as you say)), Green Honeycreeper. And as a big bonus, the male individual was not neglected either!

Welcome back!
Did you go on a junk any time? (I have never been, but I alway think of Bruce Lee, and Jim Kelly in the opening scenes of Enter the Dragon.)

Anonymous said...

Great review. I was considering brazilian macaw backline solely based on seeing only the frontline. However, my mind has now changed. They could have added some more color similar to the frontline. One thing, I think that Pheasant look very much Harts!

Ms. Licious said...

who cares what section saucy would play in though...

Bizzie Chic said...

Nice review on the costumes...
Yesss, all of the accessories will be included in African Love Bird. Last year I played in Peter's section and talk about accessories!!! boy oh boy, my box was heavy because of the accessories :-)

quiche said...

hey.. which sections do you think will work best for the bigger girls..