Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tribe Costume Update

So I am officially a costume groupie! I was able to take another look at the costumes this evening at Tribe's Rosalino St Mas camp. They were supposed to open for viewing today but changed the date and they basically let all who did not know (or pretended not to know of the change *whistling* ) a bly to observe while they were in the process of mounting the costumes up.No pictures were allowed to be taken as everything was still being arranged. The frontline costumes were not being put up but I am sure that they would be included once viewing is set up in Cascadia.

I decided to do another post on this because there were a few new things and a few surprises I learnt while I was there........

Green Honey Creeper- Has a headpiece option!! The headpiece on display is pretty but may catch some of you HC lovers off guard. Its a bird beak mask decorated in the matching sequins of the costume (very Eyes Wide Shut). However, I was told its supposed to be worn on the head not as a mask. It is definitely not as stunning as what is seen in the book .I am quite sure they will get complaints from people who want to see that fab head piece up close! No word yet on if the feathered headpiece is an additional price or if you get a discount for the smaller headpiece!!

Bird of Paradise- Has options!! I was a bit disappointed to learn that BOP floor does not come included with the feathered collar. Again not sure about the cost implications. I also found the headpiece looked a bit smaller in real life than compared to the book. I was told that this costume had a smaller headpiece because of the collar accessory...but if you don't opt for the collar then are you stuck with a small headpiece or can you get a bigger one?? hmmm we will find out soon enough.

Green Parrot- Looks a lot better close up than I thought it would.The colours are VERY muted in the book. (I overheard the explanation for this was because the pics were taken on an overcast day and then the printers themselves printed it dark). One thing I am not thrilled about about in this costume is the poonky feather in the front of the waistband.

Hummingbird- The head piece was much larger than I thought it would be. I think they cut off half of it in the book. Its also sexier than I expected as it has zero coverage on the sides.

African Lovebird- The bra has blue sequins on the sides not brown as it appears in the book.Will this be what we get? Who knows..I love it even more. The bra in the book for the floor looks like sequins but the bra in the camp was fully beaded. Did they make a mistake and use the FL bra for the floor? HMMMM? You'd be glad to know the belly beads detach from the bra so it can be worn without the waistband.

Ruby Topaz- Did anyone else notice the model in the book does not seem to be wearing any bikini bottom??? I am still trying to solve this mystery but did not get close enough to inspect.Gorgeous as the book though!

Flight of the Ibis- Has black in the accessories which I overlooked in the show and in the book.Head piece is HUGE but still not my cup of tea overall.

Blue Tanager-These colours are so RICH.Even nicer in real. Those shoulder feathers are a good length.

Pheasant- Still pretty but I am liking the waistband less and less with the poofy things. It seems to have a hint of teal when sen in the light that is pretty interesting. I like the strapless version (as seen in the frontline model) hopefully this will be a floor option.

Caged Canary- The floor has bracelets with hanging chains. I told you Sol would not skimp on the accessories!!

Night Owl- The belt is much fuller than I expected. Again still pretty but not my cup of tea.

Spangled Cotinga- I don't know why the put this right next to Caged Canary cause I just stood and stared at them for the entire time. The head piece on this seems to have the feathers more in line like a mohawk and piled on your head rather than fanning out. It has a lot of volume right on the top. The necklace is more the colour of the bra than the stones.The costume is very similar to Nylon Pool in the sense that it has just basic accessories and no fuss. I was told several times that this costume has NO options. Is floor or Frontline. I was also given a price estimation for the frontline that was ridiculous and more like an individual costing so I am not going to repeat it in fear of making it reality!! Take a guess!

Brazilian Macaw- Seeing this floor model up I think it moved almost to the bottom of my list. I think the waist band looks a bit lacking and cheapens the look of the costume.The headpiece is as small as in the book and if you look very carefully you might see the solitary short blue feather sticking out its front. This costume can't hold a candle to the frontline version.

I was also asked by a reader to suggest costumes for ', and I quote "the big girls". To be quite honest I think overall Tribe costumes are much more skimpy (or 'brief' as my mother would say) than in past years. The majority have no coverage on the sides. So ASSUMING that would indicate that she desired more modesty and extra support.Let me start by saying what you should NOT be wearing. Anytime you have to MODIFY a costume design then you should probably re-examine your options. The costume is not there for you to customize it. It is there because a designer put their TIME and CREATIVITY to work. I think it is an insult to a designer to sign up in a section and distort their vision ,then make demands on them for changes and then turn around and say "they don't cater for big ppl". So with that said, "big girls" please refrain from costumes that will NOT be flattering to your body namely :

Caged Canary- The Chains don't cover anything but private parts on the waistband.The sides are narrow and have no beading hanging. The chains from the bra also cover next to nothing.If you insist in getting in this section and want additional beads I hope you go in Samaroos instead of giving Tribe attitude.

Spangled Cotinga- Yes we know its hot. Yes I want to look as good as the model in the costume.But don't feel that because the FL is a monokini that this is suitable for you! I know a petite person who has huge breasts and refuses to play because the style of top simply won't hold her breasts. Breasts will be out the sides and it also has no support. As my comments yesterday, the way this piece fits at the hips is unflattering if you are wide in that area. I would also suggest you have a flat stomach for this one. With the floor, the 'bamcee piece' is almost non existent. If the longest decoration is 3 gems long at the back its plenty. It covers next to nothing. Again zero side coverage

Brazilian Macaw- If anyone goes to Tribe and ask for the FL bra in 40DD I would like them to call me so I can have a word with them.NO, its not for you.If maybe you got a proper bra decorated in similar fashion (at your expense I hope) then fine.....the waistband still not going to cover anything.

Now these would be my pics for the 'big girl' in no order :

Wild Parrot- Much better than I thought it would be visually, good coverage all around and clearly it can accommodate big busted people (refer to model in book)
Bird of Paradise- A genuine bra with fantastic diamantes ,good coverage in the waistband, optional accessories to hide problem areas. It still has plenty of sex appeal with the illusion of nakedness with the fleshtone bra.

Green Honeycreeper- I say this tentatively....It is not for people with big breasts as the bra is just a shell front with two rings that have to be strung and crossed to make the halter neck and back. This has no support....However if there is a bra option or it can be modified with a more sturdy tie or multiple ties then go for it. The waistband is gorgeous and provides coverage with semi translucent beading. So you're covered without really looking like you are trying to be modest

African Love Bird- I love it! No worries about sucking in that belly!The beading drapes across and you could probably add more if you wanted. The full waistband provides coverage and the FL cloth addition will hide anything that you don't want to be seen. The bra is a solid bra as well with a very sexy neckline to show off that cleavage.

Night Owl- This is probably the most modest waistband in the entire band. Wider waistband with longer and fuller beading (semi translucent). Full bra with semi translucent beads hanging.

So don't say you did not know!! I urge all to ask questions while you are at the camp viewing costumes. They are always happy to assist. Ask about options and about cost implications of modifications. Do they have a tankini or hot shorts?A lot of people overlook what the back of what the costume looks like...but don't go with yuh fas self and flip over the ppl costume. I believe TRIBE has always been VERY accommodating and several people I know buy their own bras and get it taken in to be decorated. I have heard several other bands do this as well. But again, masqueraders have a tendency to put unreasonable demands on the band because they are paying customers.Take a spin in Samaroos, see what they have and what you can use to fix it up yourself if need be before deciding on a section.Bands are only contracted to give you what appears in the prototype and not to make a costume a more appealing customized version on your body.I don't get a discount on a costume when I want to make it skimpier so there is no reasonable level of expectation that someone should get additional materials free of charge. I am not sure when Tribe's camp will be officially opened or when viewing will begin at Cascadia so stay tuned!


princessredz said...

What would we do without you? Many thanks for the detailed inspection! I kinda like the idea of options e.g. BOP with no collar - but ONLY if you could get a bigger headpiece too... I like the tailoring to one's budget allowed by the choices.

Any idea if Kiskadee frontline bustle is detachable??

dajewel1982 said...

thanks so much for the detailed description!!!! i have now moved two more sections up my list based on your review!!!

caisoqueen said...

Thanks for the review cj...what about kiskadee? It's one of my options and I'm eager to know what you thought of it. I am a D cup...(so i guess honey creeper is out for was one of my options :(.

Bird of Paradise is another option for me and I want the collar and bigger headpiece hehe. Lordy.

Triniprincess said...

LOVE THE REVIEW, especially the do's and don'ts for the "big girls" and "big busted".

I'm requesting (from now) that you do the same for IP. With you, Saucy and Afro Chic reviewing for us, I feel like I right there in T & T.

ms. hershey said...

Thanks for this great detailed description CJ! With you and Saucy, I've successfully chosen my 3 top picks for carnival. The description of those costumes made for us with bust, I'm good to go!

Carnival Jumbie said...

No problem guys , I have been in your position as well living overseas and depending on my daddy (yes daddy) to pick my costume. Sometimes he WIN....but others hmmmm.
I will try my hardest to do the same for other bands...I usually do review other bands like this its just that my time has been VERY limited for my fun little hobby. And i get lazy since you guys still have Saucy to refer to if I doh make lolololol.
CAISOQUEEN, don't write HC off just yet see what options are available, if they have a bra option!!!
PRINCESSREDZ, Don't feel I leave you out with KISKADEE..I did not mention it because it really looks almost exactly like the book!! I just did not have any further critiques.The colours are a bit brighter due to the photography but its spot on. Love those leg pieces!Just remember the feathers are used as accents on the bra and waistband, don't expect every inch of fabric to be covered in feathers.

analiesef said...

Love your descriptions!! Very very helpful esp to the overseas TRIBErs.

I was told that Green Honeycreeper does in fact come with a regular type bra with covered sides (as opposed to the cut out style) so the bigger boobied girls may not have to rule this out just yet!

Oh another thing I found was that the orange feathers in BOP is not as dark as those seen in the's more of a bright orange

Anonymous said...

So CJ with this breakdown again...what in your top 5 now...

Me reading your 2 breakdown now I have to rethink my costumes.

My tops were -
Greeen HC
Humming Bird
African Love Bird

Is the grenn HC bakcline headpiece different from the book or does that look stunning in real of if it looks stunning I will prefer that section

I may rethink and move up African love bird and play in that section - does it looks like it will shine in the sun??

and when you say feathers only on Kiskadee there's no sequens???

Hope you could make my desicion easy thx, living away make picking a costume difficult

Carnival Jumbie said...

ANON- I can't say whether the headpiece in the camp (the bird beak) i sthe floor option or just headpiece option TWO until the prices are up.It is definitely not as outstanding as is what is in the book. It is for ppl who don't like a fussy headpiece.
Kiskadee has feathers and a applique that has diamantes on both the belt and the bra.There are also some diamante edging on the bra and waistband and some hanging diamante on the belt but there are no sequins only diamantes.

Tr|n|gYa| said...

Good work CJ...thanks for the review! You just made me more motivated at the G-Y-M!

Anonymous said...

Lordy lordy

Bra Accessory said...

The colours are a bit brighter due to the photography but its spot on.

More Cleavage

Goddess said...

The Ruby Topaz girls are also sans knickers on the website. If you can find the answer to that as well I'd appreciate it. Thankfully, there was one on the mannequin in the camp though.

power said...

The costume is not there for you to customize it.

Carnival Jumbie said...

HUH???? I am not quite sure of your point. But its not customisation we are talking about here its OPTIONS provided by the designer.
Customisation can however be done after you collect your costume or in advance if you have a good relationship with the designer. Best believe we all have the right to customise once we Pay our money!