Monday, April 21, 2008

Carnival Pookie Awards

Good evening all, and welcome to our second annual Carnival Pookie Awards. If allyuh feel I late , know that I am not because they only give out the prizes for Soca Monarch this week self. As you should already know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time I am quite openly biased to certain things, e.g songs by Machel Montano. So although deep down in my heart I may want to be objective, I can't promise I will be .So if you have a problem with that too bad. I don't want to keep you in further suspense...

BEST PICK UP LINE : "You look fabulous in that Silver Mist costume"
WORST PICK UP LINE : "Hi, can I get you a drink?" (In the all inclusive)
BEST WINE LOCATION: On a wall away from the masses
WORST WINE LOCATION: Tragarete Rd after lunch WHERE?!!It have no room!.
BEST WINE SONG: Jamishness by Machel Montano
WORST WINE SONG : A tie !Superwine by Zan and Wining Queen by Sonia ( and so many others...)
BEST JUMP UP SONG: I'm blatantly biased, Machel and Patrice... Rollin'...only because of that one line "Doh hold me back, I feelin real slack". I'm sorry but Wave it was doing nothing for me.
WORST JUMP UP SONG: De tail gone by Patch ft Master mind ( the horse song nah and so many others...)
BEST WINE PERSON: Meh man (not Machel) still win
WORST WINE PERSON: Tie! Macka Diamond and Pitbull at AC3+3
BEST COSTUME: King Fisher for IP, Mystique for TRIBE, Macfarlane whole band (again)for having big mas and amazing costumes
WORST COSTUME: Crocodiles for IP , Silver Mist for TRIBE, Quicksilver (of Babydoll Fame)for Evolution
BEST MUSIC TRUCK: Xcalibur Truck(Can't talk for other bands)
BEST DRINK: Johnny and RED BULL!! (biased again)
BEST FETE: Beachhouse but I eh go Lara this year .
WORST FETE: All the fetes that did not come off because of the short season
BEST FETE FOR YOUR BUCK: ONE $400 but not for long I expect
WORST FETE FOR YOUR BUCK: AC3+3 Charging big money and STILL have to buy drinks Nah!
BEST LIVE PERFORMER FOR THE SEASON: Machel cause he actually seems to rehearse
WORST LIVE PERFORMER FOR THE SEASON: Trini Jacobs, her whole show and wardrobe leaves something to be desired
WORST DRESSED PERFORMER: Mestra (yes still Mestra again cause I doh understand how every yeaR she get Peter Elias as her 'stylist and wear the same sequin bra top 5 times with a hot shorts)
BEST DRESSED PERFORMER: Patrice who has come into her soca diva personna
BEST SOCA VIDEO: Machel Rollin/Blazin the Trail. Just not much to choose from, oh yeah and I'm biased
WORST SOCA VIDEO: Bring it by Hunter ( the man eh look in the camera once yuh know) followed closely by Carnival Clap with KMC
BEST NEW ARTIST: Patrice for really coming out with several solo hits and not just as a feature in HD
BEST COME BACK ARTIST: Crazy for singing yet another song with double meanings and causing an uproar.
DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB AWARD:Ms Triniti, keep it up though , you should get there eventually.
BEST MAS BAND: I not going there
WORST MAS BAND : Ditto....
BEST JOUVERT SONG : Oil and Music Machel Feat David Rudder (AH PPLAUSE!)
WORST JOUVERT SONG: Sigh can't make up my mind
BEST SOCA ALBUMN:Machel, Flame on.Still the only person who has a full album which also happens to be very good
BEST COLLABORATION: Kees and Brick and Lace for making a groovy remix that was recorded separately without it sounding like it was. Followed closely by Machel and Pitbull which did not win because Pitbull did not have the courtesy to put Machel in he video even though he use all the footage from AC3+ 3
WORST COLLABORATION: Rihanna feat Mr. Slaughter. I was greatly disappointed when I heard this song, great idea but Slaughter almost not in the song and it could not have been more studio produced.
BEST FEMALE ARTIST: Patrice, she really kicked it up a notch this year, watch out...Mestra.
EAT A FOOD AWARD: Shal Marshall et al for Gyal Farm (d party) and they place in Groovy Soca (d Song) not to be outdone by Bunji and Faye Ann who win in Power Soca and Road March
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Sparrow for bringing back the Congo Man and rockin it!

All per usual winners can contact me for your Pookie and the prize package of Crix and Dixie Biscuits.


Triniprincess said...

"Doh hold me back, I feelin real slack". Best line in a song and my slogan for the summer. BRAVO!!!

I am with you ALL the way with my boy Machel, I don't care what NOBODY say when it comes to talent and overall performance NONE OF THEM CAN"T TOUCH HIM (tight pants and all lolol)

sexy eyes said...

whoa!! i loved it :)

S said...

Ah luv it !!!!

Ha haaa @ 'Mestra'. That have me cracking up here..

But Rollin' was my fave for the road too.... i eh care what nobody say (followed by Congo Man and Blazin' d Trail , not necessarily in that Dem tunes sent me into a fenzy no matter where i was or how many times i heard it.

Even if ppl eh like Machel they have to admit that there is a magic about him. He has a gift and he is a boss !!!! AH-PPLAUSE..

And Patrice is doing a fantastic artiste. Keep it up gyul !!