Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Carnival and the Carnival Jumbie Part 3; Carnival Tuesday

Ok so obviously at this point I am ridiculously late and I can't even remember half of the little I did in the last post but it should all comes back.

Carnival Tuesday began bright and early. I headed out with the full ensemble including my now notorious backpack. Of course most of my costume was actually put on at my friend's house. It was only then I was able to compare our headpieces and realised that my head piece was basically unfinished. Like it was missing a whole row of feathers. That just added insult to injury with my furry behind.On top of which I ended up leaving one of the wrist pieces at home which was actually one of the nicer parts of the costume. The costume itself fit me well (after converting it to a halter) but little could be done for the costume itself at that point.

We began our trek to meet the band and I quickly found out what I was in for. We had almost reached the band when my friend walking ahead heard my distressed cry. My other friend who also had a frontline costume had become entangled in my backpack. She had not even been walking that close to me but i guess with all the things sticking in all kinds of directions it was bound to cross eventually. My friend managed to unravel us after taking the time to crack up.

We ended up having to cut through IP who had yet again decided they HAD to start in the same area as us. That was certainly no fun manouvering with the backpack.When we finally caught up with Tribe on St.Vincent St , they were basically at a full stop. We grabbed breakfast, had two drinks and we still had not moved. So then we went looking for our section. Sigh I really could not understand where we were supposed to be, cause half the section was in front the (lame) truck and half was behind. I pointeout to my friend that at that point I only saw one other person with a backpack which is no where near the supposed 30. Of course some versions of the costumes looked better or worse than others. I think its quite fortunate that it was silver with diamante because in another colour it would not have caught the light as well and caused ppl to squint when looking at it.That worked to its advantage.But there I was, decked out in Silver Mist whether I loved it or not. As we inched down the road I caught the glorious wiffs of cold breeze from the library. I took a little tour of the sections. I think I would give Mystique the award for best on the road because it really came out beautifully. Black Magic was not too far behind. In general I think almost all the costumes looked well on the road with the obvious exception. Suprisingly even Luna was ok but it seemed to have been modified further from the prototype in the bra area. I did not like Pixie Dust at all at the launch but it also turned out well. One thing I must condemn is the 'secret section' Green Water Sprite. I really hope all them got their costume free cause that was just a waste of applique. It seemed that they attempted to make the cheapest costume possible. The colour in the costume was almost non existant.

Not too long after I noticed that one of the appliques on my boots was flapping. I tried to just rip it off but it was stuck to the piping , so i tried to pull it all off but it ws stuck to the other applique. By the time I sorted it out I had one decorated boot and one not. It looked kinda dumb. It was also annoying that my socks were slipping under my heel for some reason and I had to take off my boots to fix it. As we moved further downtown the we began to lose shelter from the sun. he most amusing thing happened while I was in front the treasury. One second the sun was bright and instantly it got shaded. Now this was not a gradually thing, very suddenly. I heard gasps and some shrieks all around me. It seemed they all thought the world was coming to an end. I thought to myself, "Well if this is armageddeon then what a way to go!! Carnival Tuesday on the road....could not have planned it better myself lol". Then I looked up and saw the blimp passing across the sun and the light came back as quickly as it left. Well everyone breathed a sigh of relief and from the comments i heard around me they were also glad not to be burning in hell as blasphemers.

Around South Quay more frontlines in my section seemed to appear but still not the total. Of course, as predicted, the biggest girls in the smallest frontlines.And that bra costume design got increasingly horrible as the bra cup got bigger. By this point the back pack had started getting cutting into my skin (even with added padding) and the crowd was getting thicker (i.e more annoying for ppl with backpacks). I honestly can't say that I was having fun yet , I felt like I was waiting on a bus. The jam to get around the corner onto south quay was an adventure in itself. Then it had this girl calling all my frontlines to put them in the front of my section. I cannot understand why is only a set of man trying to push me out the way to cross the downtown stage first. And they hearing the girl calling for frontline is front, I mean its part of the presentation and it was just pointless. I thoughtthe music did not travel well with the section and there were a lot of dead spots along the way. Oh yeah and it was completetly disorganised.

Just after crossing the stage I got my first glimpse of the section designer who was smart enough to wear a normal floor costume and not the original prototype or other improved version. As I headed up Frederick St the crowds became suffocating. Now it was almost aggravating to have ppl knocking me all the time. Before we had even past Woodford Square I had dumped my backpack and headpiece on a truck. I had intentions to put them back on when we got to the Savannah but I can tell you now they never went back on for the rest of the day until it was time for me to go to my car and go home. I think I was much happier for it. I was finally able to enjoy myself. That was the beginning and end of my frontline experience.

We went up and down a few times before we picked a truck and we stuck with Xcalibur's truck which time and time again has proven to be the best place to be.I think from this point on the rest of the day was very much the same. Just people and more people.No order of sections whatsoever and I have no idea what happened to security. They certainly werent putting anyone out the band. We went no where fast and it felt like we spent forever on Charlotte St. Yet again Island ppl thought it was a good idea to go off route and cut across Park St to head us off.Sorry to say but that is just childish.

Crossing the Savannah stage was as confusing as ever. It had a sign saying the stage started but it never had that whole sectioning off aspec t with the security so it was all blurred together. I was exhausted by the time we went down the stretch and was pretty much sick of hearing wave it which was not my choice for road march. I had walked up towards the front of the band yet nonetheless by the time I reach the park for lunch it was ram out.I could not believe it was so late when we got there. I don't know why I decided to take a bathroom break because for some reason even though Tribe has surely doubled in size, they still ordering the same number of bathrooms for the park. My feet were aching and I had a holes in my stockings from the diamante so I was a bit on the grumpy side. My friend and I decided we had to make a pit stop at her house so we left the park early and headed out. I was able to change my stockings and my shoes. Redid my whole make up and take a cowboy with some baby wipes. My friend actually took a shower and redressed.

When you see we step back out onto the road. We was besssst. Like we now come out for the day. I had put back on my sneakers which I had the could sense to walk with and it was such a relief. I think my arches just too high to wear those custom mas boots even though I had insoles. I guess I will have to find something ready made next time. We had intercepted the band on Tragarete Rd and it was actually starting to get dark. By this time I felt I was in Poison circa 2004. We took position on a wall on Tragarete Rd and just observed the masses.You could not distinguish anyone in the crowd and we were just hoping the rest of the squad would find we. The trip towards Ariapita Ave was just a big bottleneck.More congestion, more aggravation. I was shocked to see the security starting to put ppl out the band. They were getting in everyone's face who did not have a TRIBE band,male and female.I see them nearly take down a man in a three quarter short who actually had a Tribe band and run from the sidewalk to hail someone on the road and was almost drop kicked.

I was a bit concerened of how it would have been on the road at night considering Tribe's apparent lapses. Cause you know the freaks come out at night. Usually around this time I get on a truck.But security was wukkin so I stayed on the ground. Ariapita Ave was a slow roll in the dark. I was very annoyed when I saw people clearly spectators yamming down my Marios pizza. When I went looking for where the pizza giving away I was given a run around and never got any. It was after 9pm and we were still on the Ave, drinks was still serving up until this point but were cut off shortly after. The music turned off and the band dispersed before reaching back to the starting point. As the security disappeared the freaks came out in full force so I high tailed it back to my base. Yet another good carnival stretched as far as it could go. It certainly was not the best carnival I have had and I think that had a great deal to do with the unpleasantness of the congestion and disorder Tribe had this year. The only way they can improve it to cut back.

Well the bacchanal has already begun. Saucy and I have been comparing notes and sources and have arrived at the same conclusion. Tribe will some stiff competition next year with the cycle of new bands. Things are shaping up to be almost a Tribe clone. But an improved clone? Who knows....we will find out shortly enough. I predict it will all come down to who have the hottest costumes and at what price in this suprising carnival cabinet reshuffle. I for one think that to have a uni-band ( a band where you can have free reign along the entire length) and give people options as being all inclusive package or not is doomed to fail. Even in Poison, before there was uni-Tribe, all who was in the all inclusive section passed drinks to their friends.It won't be no different in a uni-band where you have even more freedom to get drinks at any bar.You just need one or two ppl to pay the all inclusive money.Since when a wrist band stop anybody? Regardless of if you play in Tribe, IP or a shit costume is a shit costume. If you have no track record you wont make a penny if your costumes are crap, no matter how much friend you feel you have. Always the challenge with a new band. I also predict that if Tribe does not shape up next year with a stellar performance in all aspects of the band that they will be out of the game completely sooner than they think. After the fiascos this year they cannot afford to let a new band show them up cause their following will jump ship. I think they are safe for next year at least, long standing players will give them another chance because we all know they can do better. First timers and malcontents may be exploring their options.Let the battle of the bands begin. Any guesses who will be first out the gate?


saucydiva said...

Well Evolution suppose to be launching first... we shall se!

Anonymous said...

I thought you gave up on the blog. Glad to hear you had fun. Your costume looked great.
Tribe really needs to come good after netting let's say 11 million profit and buying out those sections. I mean even if he spent 1 million on the buy out, he could still give 1 million to NCBA (so other bands could eat-ah-food)and live nice. Well the band bachannal continues.