Monday, February 18, 2008

Carnival and the Carnival Jumbie Part 1

Yeah so I kinda fell off the radar with that Congo man flu that was going around after the Carnival. I get hit for 2 sixes and a four with that cold! But I am back in the real world now and although my review of the Carnival merriment may not be as detailed as it would usually be I will still give the highlights (and the lows accordingly).

When I thought my Silver mist costume could not get any did. My friend and I returned our back packs to the mas camp to be reinforced and padded. Our back packs were labelled and put aside from the other costumes awaiting collection. After being there for two days I get a call from my friend telling me that our back packs had disappeared. Needless to say I was not impressed cause I felt that was the saving grace of the costume plus my costume had been paid in full and collected as mine! Whom soever was in attendance at Tribe at the time wanted to tell her that our options were to 1)take the one back pack that was left to be collected and take the one on the mannequin. There was one more backpack throw in a corner somewhere which I knew for a fact was returned by another friend for being defective. Option 2) was to get back we money and go forth as floor. STEUPS. So after I pelt out my big money and gears up myself for my frontline costume I was to take sloppy seconds or forget it altogether?

I was one of the few people who humbly accepted my costume without trying to jump down the designer's throat cause I accepted the responsibility for being so stupid to sign up with her in the first place. But I could not let this one slide at all. How could I possibly send a costume that was paid for to alter and have it sold/stolen/given away???

A call to the Silver Mist boots lady only served to annoy me more. I was highly irritated but I did not curse her out. She seemed understanding at first and then after I explained to her what I was being told about my options at Tribe changed her tune and insisted that my back pack was accounted for. She apparently took it personally when I told her I did not want any 'leftover' backpacks and certainly not the one hanging since Wed which could very well be the one used in the launch. That is when I started getting attitude (cause like I should not be pissed) and she became most insistent that 30 frontlines were available and only 30 were made so there were no left overs or cast offs. Now firstly I have no way of knowing if all who came for their costumes had done so at this time so it may have been even fewer available to me. Lets assume that they were. Lets minus the one my friend throw in the corner which was damaged in the first place cause it should not be there at all. So I am left with one good one and one that was on display. It is not unreasonable for me to presume that the one on display during collection could possibly be one that was used for the show/in house viewing. So mathematically with one pack as junk, one assigned but returned and one as display they were still one backpack short.So there I am left with one 'good' back pack between two people (cause she doh want the mannequin one either). On top of which NONE OF THEM has been altered as per our request. And is not like I was in a position to even check out the condition of what was left before I got it. Why should I have to when the one with my name got legs and walked away? I knew for a fact that was ok!

The bootslady promised to investigate and told me to call her back. I never did because my friend at the camp told me the responses she got at the camp. Primarily the comment she received from another section associate who when she told her the costume on display was not as given responded by saying that 'it have a lot of people on the waiting list who would love this costume'. That trip me out. So basically what can I infer from that? Not that instead of taking the time to fix my costume how it SHOULD be that you would rather just sell it to some desperate soul who won't complain about it? Well thats when we started going over ppl head and letting everyone who had any position of authority in TRIBE know what was happening. It was only then did I receive a positive response and a genuine effort to resolve my complaint. In the end,I got a backpack, a credit and an apology. Which worked out well cause I was not terribly attached to it when I got sick of it Tuesday. It did however make it back home.I should add that bootslady never attempted to call me back either. Suprise suprise.

I still attempted to improve what I could on the costume. I did not think that adding more of the darker fur would have helped it any so I choose to add individual diamante in the uncovered areas of the bra. I also added some larger gems on the furry bamcee which was as good as it was going to get. I had briefly thought of cutting the whole thing off and starting over.....but why should I after $4000??? I also did not have the time to do all that cause I was making pouches for all my friends. My boots fared a lot better, at least until they got onto the road. Luckily I took some pics of the 'before'.

To get an idea of after...think of the 'before' decorated pics.....on one boot. Rigght more on that later...stay tuned for Part 2: Carnival Monday

I almost forgot.....whatever happened to my original backpack ? Tribe never really provided a explaination but thanks to some Nancy Drew aka Saucy my backpack was given to another frontline masquerader. This person although fully entitled to a backpack as a genuine frontline masquerader had not been given her back pack at all on costume collection day (an oversight on Tribe's part) and was given my pack when she went to collect the missing costume part the next day.I suppose we should be grateful we got a backpack at all right? Seeing that Mystique frontline never got any at all.


saucydiva said...

Nancy Drew here!!!

Well I hope the boots were comfortable at least :S

Waiting for part 2

cultureshok said...

jumbie, you real stickin'! I hope you're better :-). Anyway, where Part 2, and where the Pookie awards?

Marcella said...

Hey Girl,

I'm a Dominican/Antiguan and have been following your blog since it started. You are so hilarious!!! I've been checking every day since carnival ended for your review. I figured you must have been recovering. Take care.

Anxiously waiting for part two. P.S. maybe you should be here for 20/20, now that is a lime that I'm sure you would love. Trini's for days, especially since this is semi's and finals weekend.

Keep the spirit!!

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