Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silver Mist Costume collection

Trinidad is really the biggest bacchanal country on the planet. The amount of story I hear between the time of my post yesterday and today is amazing.First off let me clear the air a bit and say that I was NOT the one who took the pictures of Silver Mist in the mas camp that were published in the post yesterday. Those were taken by a friend of mine who was distressed with what she saw and wanted to show me what she meant (cause I actually thought she was exaggerating). She was not a spy, nor did I send anyone with a mission. She was there on legitamite business and also did not 'secretly' take pics but went browsinga round while waiting on someone to attend to her.I did not post the pics with the intent to 'fight down' Leasel or her section. I posted them because..guess what ..thats what i do!! I post about all things Carnival! And in doing so I give my personal opinion but still try to be as fair as possible.Secondly I did NOT call Tribe and inform them of the discrepancy in the costume cause I personally preferred to wait and see what I got.. By complete coincedence another carnival cohort of mine works in the mas camp . She is also in the section and I showed them to her as I would show any one else who it concerns with the same simple question.....'Whats up with this? Could you find out please?" She was distressed by what she saw and alerted the supervisior and there it went up the chain of command. I was actually quite shocked to hear that action was taken internally to investigate the matter so quickly. So with that said....I did NOT create a WHOLE website against Silver Mist. Nor did I start a campaign against the designer. If you did not know where this blog was in the first place you probably would never have even known about this issue till yuh open yuh damn box and see a half covered fur bra watching yuh. And whaddya know the bra really only half covered so I guess what I was doing was showing the FACTS. And the fact is the costume, although still attractive and wearable, is NOT the same as what was shown on display.If the costume was made more elaborate and improved upon, that would have been the story of the day same way.

AnyWHO....I think Tribe itself annoyed me more today than my costume. I had a pretty hard day in work and was hoping to get thru this process as quickly as possible. I was in the fast track line and my friend was in the pay line.First off I had to park at the top of Mt.Hololo. I have never quite understood why they use Cascadia in the first place as it is so out of the way and parking is limited. I always wondered why they did not use Lions or St.Johns Hall. Anyway, I like my cold breeze yes! So when we got outside the main entrance we actually wondered around for sometime because it have signs saying 'GET A CHIT!" but no one giving out chits. When I finally find the chit man he say go straight to the lounge. I went by the lounge/bar and sat for awhile and then realised no one in a Tribe shirt was even in the lounge except for a guy selling Tickets. When I asked him about the process he said he did not know. After a few minutes again a guy came calling and asking for Water Nymph ppl. He spoke so softly I got up as well to confirm what he said. He was like 'Not silver mist, water nymph'. I actually had to press him for information as to whether I was waiting in the right place. To which he turns to tell me that it have no silver mist costumes onsite and it doh make sense me coming inside cause they have nothing to give me. Well that was strike one (Yes I only start counting from there). At 6:30 pm I cannot understand what the challenge was to get the costumes there and it wa snot explained to me either. During my 20 min wait I realise is just this one man running back and forth. Every so often I would see another girl but like she was not doing the same wuk. Then the guy comes and tells us to line up. Leaves us there lined up like kids while he goes back inside. We line up in the lounge like idiots, the same girl pass and ask us what we doing. After a few minutes we got lead to the next stage.

So i get in the line to get my 'pink slip' and played some musical chairs. At this point I am about half hour into the process. People are wondering into the area not knowing where to go cause the guy at this point is not even seating them. The next stage was pretty quick one you got to the front. Then it was time for the revelation. My friend in the camp had informed me that due to the 'controversy' they had erected a mannequin with the costume on display so people could see it. It was tucked into a corner. I gave the girl my slip and she comes back to tell me its not there and I should talk to the designer (Strike 2) No explaination as to why its not there. When I look about 20 people down the designer throat. As I looked to make my way over another girl who knew me said that she saw my box in the back and had to lead the first girl to find it. They both came back empty handed. At this point I had to snap and ask if it got legs and walked away. So I was pointed back to the designer and while waiting behind the angry mob they found my costume. I was suprised to see that people were up in arms about the change in the bamcee piece. The girl who attended to me was rushing me through my box and I politely asked her how to get more fur on my bra and she again to designer. When she handed me the headpiece I had to stop short, I asked politely 'Isn't this smaller than it should be?' I and all was not expecting that! The girl actually watched me and said 'Yes' and continued digging through my box. I was like 'Umm so frontline does not get a bigger headpiece?'.....'Nope'. She then has the temerity to explain that my head piece works oh so well with the know..with how it falls and stuff. So....what about those without? STRIKE 3! Strike 4 came soon after when I saw the top bamcee piece of the costume (which is completely different and I not even counting the bra as a strike eh).Now exactly how I was supposed to address this situation with my handbag, a garment box, a headpiece, a back pack and a goody bag is beyond me. No one was there to offer any assistance. People like they were really giving the designer hell but I really can't imagine how they could have expected any different.

So the costume..!!If you look at the bra it is exactly like what I posted yesterday which is indeed different from what was in the camp. The first pic is the camp , second is what was given.

The fur is much darker than I expected. Some effort was made to cut the fur into a kind of flame pattern to give it some design but with the fur sticking up its hard to see unless you look reallly close. Do I really want more fur? If it was the lighter colour I would say for sure but with the darker colour I am not sure I would like it. One thing I did notice after the fact was that at least one rhinestone in every cirlcle thingy on the bra is missing.Its not very noticeable but its weird that the arm and leg pieces were all intact.The bra fit pretty well nonetheless.

The waistband is generally the same from in front with the exception of the darker fur.

However what I did realise is that the applique on the waist band is the same as the one that was on display but NOT what is in the pics online and in the photos. So whereas local masqueraders may have seen the actual applique an overseas masquerader looking at them online would still in their mind have gotten short changed. The applique in the glamour shots is noticeably bigger and more elaborate. Additionally some of the the silver and white cord was switched out for some plain white cord. I will also have to comb my fur upwards cause its hiding a lovely row of diamante on the waistband.(And the pen is intentionally in the pic for scale) If you really want to be picky, its short two rows of beads.The bikini bottom I got has no lining and oddly enough the thong and hot shorts do.The hot shorts are REAL hot, very cute.

Now I doh know what to say about the back......Is only as I watching what it should be here that I feel like I really get bamboozled. I was first annoyed that I specifically asked if the back was a mirror image of the front before I registered (for FL) and was told yes.I did not want a furry butt. Ok so its not but neither the floor nor the frontline got what is in the original design.But I think its stlying is creative. Can you tell me where my bamcee diamante is?And how all them teardrops turn into two gems?One of which is buried in fur.

I thought at least the headpiece could be its saving glory....welll its really nice . But again , smaller appliques and less feathers. There is only one big gem and of course the fur is darker.

I was actually pretty pleased with the backpack. I think that is the crowning glory of this costume.That still doesn't mean its the same!Some of my fetahers looked like they had gotten wet but that could just be the spray paint they used. On comparision with what was in the camp I think the prtototype had more irridescent spikes at the end of the foam rods and feathers in front and back.There appears to be some other squiggly things other than the curved wire (could be cord?) on the original that are not there but I honestly can't remember what it could be.

Now I usually don't over analyse my costume like this but considering the situation I decided to gave a fair comparision. I can definitely say I did not get anything extra and it fell short in some areas. I honestly think I likedthe original more than what I have now and I was never 100% sold on the original. I absolutely cannot stand the bamcee piece. And all could be forgiven because I do not NEED to LOVE my costume to enjoy mas. I have played in some reject/leftover sections many a time. My main concern now is ....what makes Frontline frontline? As far as I can tell I got the exact costume as floor but with a backpack. Not a bigger headpeice not more beads nothing. That backpack most certainly cannot account for the cost difference in the two versions.
As I left I was told by one of the Tribe staff I knew that the designer was requested by the management too honour requests for additional fur and that they were going to review the headpieces to see if it warranted addition of feathers. Of course my friends were all expecting me to make the most amount of noise. The designer seemed to be gettingan earful but I really was too tired and too overloaded with stuff to be bothered to stand up and berate anyone. At this point what she could really do ? Is either yuh keep it or yuh sell it.
As I exited the collection center I still had to wait on my friend who up to this point (40mins later) had not paid. No scene...I will dig through my goodies. Sigh, why I end up with a male goody bag? So I toted all my stuff up that hill then came back down to exchange it. Doh mind I later forgot it at the camp. I passed my time at the bar listening to more silver mist people complain about their costumes not being at the camp to collect. My friend was put through an ordeal to collect her costume. After waiting for an hour they say that the costume is not there and its on its way. An hour later they say the costumes not coming but they taking names to 'deliver' costumes. Then they tell her that her name is not on any list. Only to realise that her costume is a frontline nad it had been sitting inside all along. No one ever thought to ask ..'Any FL'S?'In the process my friend gave them her two cents about the costume changes and about the uncessary wait they put her through. I overheard some people complaining that the designer never showed her face outside to explain why the costumes were not on site. I am quite sure she had her hands full inside.
Really and truly I have never been dissatisfied with Tribe's service or their costumes. Today I was greatly dissatisfied with both. I have never spent so long in a collection line either for myself or my friend. I was astounded at the apparent lack of staff to direct people which is so unlike them. What was wrong with the system last year? I was out in 10mins!I have never not completely loved my costume. I fail to understand how Tribe's stellar quality control could have let this slip through the cracks. I don't want to believe that private sections could be a law onto themselves when they still carry the Tribe name.If Tribe want QC people I volunteering, that is my wuk anyway, to tell people when they not doing things to specifications.Right now I am very disenchanted with my costume and really don't even want the hassle of trying to get it fixed. Why SHOULD I after pelting out $4000??? You live and learn yes.


saucydiva said...

OH lawd, I dunno where to start!! That Bamsee Piece has a BALD PATCH!! LMAO.Yes I like to push fire.

Your bra looks cute, the darker fur is jarring but I guess I was prepared to see it from the pics yesterday. As the bra is a smaller size it looks neat and nice, I am looking forward to seeing the larger sizes on the road however....

The back pack looks lovely, I like that still and it looks the same as the launch/pics/website.

The headpiece however, damn, did they really need to skimp? But alas, that is has been the trend this year!!!

I got what happened with the applique, kind of a bait and switch.

The belt however, is the butt of the joke!!!

I agree,what makes Frontline Frontline really? A back pack frame is $25.00 and those foam thingies sell by Samaroos on the roll.. will check the price when I make my next visit there. The LEAST they could have done for frontline was given the proper headpiece.

Btw I like how you count the two missing strands of beads ( I did the same yesterday) and all who say "oh why fuss over beads" that two strand is what you paid for at $3995.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jumbie I feeling your stree and pain right now....Alot can be forgiven but not that "bamsee"piece...Oh lawd not that ...what you going to do....Samaroos in the morning...bright and early..

Carnival Jumbie said...

I should add that the belt itself is well constructed and has a solid backing. As narrow as it is, it is not at all flimsy .

Carnival Jumbie said...
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Triniprincess said...


But you have the right attitude, what you going to do about it at this late stage in the game?

I was telling Saucy that it look like IP Animals took a bite out of alyeah ass LMAO!!

afro chic said...

That belt is a hot mess!
Jumbie if you want, I can give you a piece of the silver leatherette that I bought at Samaroo's to add to your bumsee piece.

I had used it to decorate the Silver Mist boot I designed last year.

You can email me

S. said...

Well I was in the melee yesterday. I'm in the backline, and my costume wasn't even there. But I eventually got through. Tribe's customer service was deplorable and leasel was TOTALLY disorganised. If she wasn't ready- all she had to do was call her masqueraders and tell us not to waste our time to come down to Cascadia!

Anyway, I do understand why people may be upset. The back piece is CLEARLY different than what was advertised. However, I like the much skimpier back piece (would have preferred it in a different material rather than the fur only...) I really can't comment on the frontline issues...I have no idea what it was supposed to look like.

When everything is on- the costume is beautiful, not to mention mine fits perfectly. And if you've been are safe! :-)

Anyhow, I am pleased with my costume. And if someone isn't they should just ask for their money back (and then some) and return the product, OR sell it- that's what usually happens when people don't like what they get!

Personally, I'm satisfied, and even if I wasn't at this point I'm not missing the road on Mon. and Tues., and I most certainly am not gonna hunt down another costume!

Leasel has a lot to work on, but I think she knows that. And TRIBE managed to make a simple process exhausting for its masqueraders.

Reds said...

Man, I am arriving in Trinidad tomorrow afternoon. I am also frontline and I am very unhappy with what I am seeing. I am became infamous for my multipage letter to IP and they hot mess self and now I preparing for a similar battle with Tribe. I have no energy to cuss down the place but the fur them skimped in bra will be covering my ass before I leave that damn mas camp and I want my extra row of beads. I am trying to remain calm but this is really not acceptable. Thank you for your honest assessment of the situation. I can't win for winning I tell yah.

Carnival Jumbie said...

Its very easy for people to say to just ask for a refund. Yeah ok so after I get a refund where does that leave me? With no costume of course. What section I going into? Black Magic? Where me AND my crew supposed to fit? I hear yesterday the band is oversold (duh) and they glad for ppl to give up their costumes. I not trying to take away from the beauty of the costume but even if you like it now it is not because you were given what you ordered.Its because you were willing to accept the changes even if it meant that they short changed you.
My friend was told by one of their ppls that there is a waiting list for Silver Mist so if she doh like it someone else will get it. Yuh see the attitude? So basically take what yuh get and cool it.
I not fussing up my self with the designer nah, I blaming myself for not going with my first choice and for playing with this designer after being warned. my backpack have no foam on the straps or the back piece and want to cut into my skin?

MinaHUhoney said...

i dont understand whats goin on with that waistband. that cut out supposed to reveal your bikini bottom?

The designer of this section get an earful, and good for her cause she couldn't have been lookin for nothin else. You cannot take ppl money and give them something sub par and be complaisant with that.

S. said...

Well I went down to the silver mist mas camp early this morning, to sort out some stuff with my costume. Needless to say some ppl's costumes still weren't ready! But I'm not surprised...

And I have a friend in another section whose costume won't even be ready until Saturday (I'm almost sure it's another "private section"??? What the hell is going on????? The inefficiency is not isolated to Silver Mist- apparently it's ALL OVER tribe.

You'd think that with SO many employees there would be ppl to keep track of these "private sections" know giving them deadlines etc. so that their poor service doesn't reflect on tribe. But you know what- managaing is my business so this is all so UNREAL to me. I play with tribe every year and this has to be the worst year- both because of Tribe costume collection process (I also collected costumes for friends in 2other section, on separate days) and because of the designer and her juggling act.

As said before, I do like my costume, and I like the back piece a hell of a lot better than the one that was advertised, actually the back piece was always the sore point of this costume for me...To me it's somewhat of an improvement-believe it or not! And as c.jumbie said the belt piece is sturdy!

I have learnt my lesson...not just with the designer, but with "private sections" on the whole. I won't be making this same mistake next year- that is for DAMN SURE. I rather take a so-so costume rather than a pretty one in a private section.

Anyway- I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable time for carnival. At this point- since no one willing to go without a costume for mas...I'm assuming they'll be keeping the silver mist costume, whether they like it or expose yuh bamcee and be proud! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've played with Tribe all the years before unfortunatly every year I have had a problem with my costumes, I have played in Lana, Gail and Monique's sections and every year a different problem mostly to do with the fact that my bra size is not a standard size and somehow whoever puts my costume together has their own idea.
1st year they insisted that 36DD could fit my 36F breasts, I even sent them a bra to size. Second year instead of a bra I got a flimsy piece of spandex with no lining and some sequins and trims sprinked on with some glue. Third time the bra was fine but the headpiece was a mess and the jewelry.... lets say it is a good thing I bought extra jewellry. On all the occassions I have delt with Lana, Monique and Gail and to be honest my problems we're eventually resolved. The 1st year however it was not resolved until 11pm carnival sunday night. I am a business person and if I offer something to my client I inform them of any changes in advance. I think Tribe needs to be a little more professional, people are paying thousands of dollars and this is supposed to be a premium band, then there should be premium service.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time with Tribe. My costume collection was pretty good...i was out in less than 10 mins. But after hearing all these woes my opinion of Tribe has mostly gone down the drain. My costume was good...satisfied with friend however...who is in the same section as a really halfway done costumes. Beads are falling off..sequins are not stuck on properly to her bra. The chain she got is in a mess...stuck together in a tangled mess.

Now after hearing about silver mist...i feel your pain. I don't kno what i would have done if i were in your situation. Maybe the same thing...kepp it and play mas cuz thats your ticket to the road. I'm not even in your shoes but i wish i could speak with Tribe's management to voice my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Yuh see all who keepin dey costume an not sayin nuttin you lettin tribe and any other band DUPE you! You think dem aint know how hot the band is and that there are people willing to throw dollars at them for supposed status...steupsssssss. I'll take a refund and hit a next mas camp. After i pay you so much a money and you mess up an den have the nerve to give me attitude..well i go feel like a real jackarse. When any band short me anything I have carried on til they fix it... I not taking dat and neither are any of my people. I am a informed consumer and I want what i pay for. Those bands know who will take it and they will continue their nonsense year after year. Shoot i find a costume in a variety of sizes up till carnival can be dun ppl. An ill add that I find the costume late an look amn make express carnival magazine an all.

WineGal said...

Aw man! Don't tell me this means Tribe has jumped the shark. I'll wait until the rest of you carnivalists return to give me the scoop.