Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ready for mas again!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Merry Carnival to you all. I can't even tell you how many times I started this post and got interrupted. This Christmas season was pretty hectic for me this year. I parang lots of people's houses and I must tell you any intention to watch my calorie/fat intake quickly went out the window. I mean you really have to be in denial to think you could watch what you eat during a Trini Christmas. You could ever tell me doh eat pastelles and ham??!!! Followed by stuffing and corn pie???!! hells no!
So although I was being greedy I still felt guilty enough to go to the gym after boxing day. I did one whole spin class and although I did not use much tension I was able to keep up. But who tell me to stop at the scale on the way out the door! I step on the scale and put it to where I thought it SHOULD be and quickly realised it wasn't. So I started moving the counterweight to the right until it was too far but when I move it a touch to the left it was just right. At this point both my friend and myself looked at each other in astonishment and she said to me "There is no way in hell you could be that heavy". That is when I realised that Christmas had caught up to me in the worst way.I am reserving further comment until I get a second opinion.i.e another scale that says otherwise. Which brings me to the point , how the ass a scale could be $300 plus dollars in the mall?? Nevertheless, it seems I may have some work on my hands to get in shape for Carnival 2008. I also managed to pay off my costume cause a little bird told me they want Silever Mist to be the first to distribute. Well after 2 years of getting my costume last, I too glad.More time to fix up and adjust.

So onto the Carnival fete situation..or should I call it a crisis? Considering that the cost of these fetes totals some small country's GDP. Well my picks for the season were ONE Fete, Beachouse, Sunnyside Up and Lara. That is of course before I did the maths. With ONE fete running at $450, Beachouse at $600, Sunnyside up at $500 per person and Lara rumoured at $1200, I am looking at nearly $3000 for the season. Well look who might have to get a link every where this Carnival. As a friend commented, 'The only all inclusive I going is TRIBE Carnival Monday and Tuesday". I see Amnesia get cancelled. So after people pay $575 you want to tell them you could not produce the kind of event you wanted? So for all that $575 you could not figure out a way to throw a good fete for that amount? Of course its more than likely that "TEMPERATURE' with Machel was giving them a run for their money (literally). Who was going to Amnesia at that price WITHOUT Machel?Madness. I see QRC who usually has Machel as well have not advertised him either so allyuh doh go there and feell allyuh will see Machel.

Things are really starting to get out of hand with these parties. As far as I concerned, they could go back to the $150 fete where I had to buy my drinks yes.As much as I enjoy Lara fete, can I ever justify paying $1200? Maybe I should just stay home till Carnival Sunday. Fetes are no longer inclusive but exclusive. I don't know why promoters feel that by jacking up prices they can keep people coming while keep certain undesirables out. When you see the scalpers outside the same all inclusives, you ever wonder where they had access to them tickets if it was such a high income party?It was really nice when promoters started improving on the ambience and the decor of these fetes but hear wha, I doh want no more lasers, no more dome stage no more foreign artistes as far as I concern. Just bring down the prices for me pleasae.

Well if its one party I going to is FLIPFLOPS Ash Wednesday cool down. Premium all inclusive at $300 , the CHEAPEST All inclusive for the year.(That is my dance by the way.) But in my party you doh even have to buy a new outfit , I believe in recycling cause its a uptown dress down affair.We will also be providing free massages and pedicures to ease up the Carnival stress. So stay tuned for further details.


saucydiva said...

Happy New Year!!! I try my best not to overindulge for Christmas but I eat enough pastelle to make me not want to see the scale. I nix the gym,ent able to fight up with everybody else and working out at home instead. I try to use all the excercise equipment I have on had like treadmill, ab and thigh machine!

I dunno bout fetes either, seriously them prices is over ridiculous after I send $4500.00 on a costume I am not spending the same in fetes. The Flip Flops Ash Wednesday fete sounds good, keep us/me posted.

Triniprincess said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, even coming from the U.S. participating in Carnival especially for two people is starting to look like a small downpayment on a house and full payment on a cheap car.

Between airline tickets, car rental, costume, clothes, lodging, food, gifts for family, parties and all the other miscellaneous items you looking upwards of $5K U.S. add expenses for your partner it adds up to pure madness.

I'm finding like I have to do carnival every OTHER year, just so that I'm not just saving for carnival every year.

$1200 for a party are you FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! Who de arse Lara feel he is? But you know what people will keep paying and so the price will keep going up. That's $2400 for a couple!!! See let me stop now, before I get really vex

Carnival Jumbie said...

Triniprincess its so funny you say that cause I had a conversation this afternoon and the person was asking why I did not charge more for out party, reason being that they find that $60USD is small money for foreigners. The same way they want to quote rent in Trinidad in US they want to quote fete too.
Saucy, is not that I doh have all that equipment too, but to get me to do anything after i reach home from work is a challenge!!

Triniprincess said...

Jumbie don't worry about them, half of them when they come back in the U.S. they damn landlord waiting on de arse for they rent money, and they parking their cars blocks away to avoid the repo man, just so that they can come Trinidad and act like they better than everybody. Well I can safely say even if I had money coming out meh behind I couldn't justify spending $2400 on a party. That better be a fundraiser to help the community, feed some children, or something.

But this is how our people are, I still love them.