Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ok Ok , I know I stickin. All kinda ppl opposing me and asking me what happening with my posts. Lets just say I had more free time last year this time than I do right now. But that does not change the fact that I have had lots of topics to post about and I need to do some catching up.

So lets start with ONE fete's Review held last Sunday at the Oval. This was my first all inlcusive/ carnival fete for the year.I did not go to ONE last year but did go to all the 'ONE's before. (haha). Well my friends are stickers so going to the party for around 7pm turned quickly into 8:30pm. This fete is one of the more reasonable all inclusives of the year at $400 and $450 with Bunji, Kees and Machel on the playlist. I was lucky enough to get a $400 ticket and did not storm (more on that later). But at $400 ..all you can eat and drink I can almost accept that. Not like other fetes that charge $450 and give you chits!! I not calling any.... AChew....names.

At 8:30 pm to find a park anywhere close to the Oval was a challenge. I don't understand how they could reserve the whole of King George for VIP parking. Luckily for us we got a hook up at a business place carpark with security! The one thing I do like about the Oval is that its concrete so you don't have to worry about mud. You want to pray it doesn't rain cause it have no shelter. e.g Eyes Wide Shut Carnivale 2006. This was a good excuse for me to wear my hot stilletos which have been awaiting their debut since the NY trip in September. Outside the fete scalpers trying to palm off them tickets at all kinds of ridiculous prices of $600. I usually try and bargain with them on kicks to see how far i can beat them down. I got them down to $300, so if you came around 9pm and were cute you would have gotten a good deal. Security was tight with the e-ticket business , much to the demise of the stormer (more on that later).

I appreciate the fact that some effort was made to decorate the wide open space in the Oval. Lots of fabric were draped on all the tents, through in some christmas lights and two plant and there you go. However the fabric turned every single tent into a SAUNA, especially in the female bathroom wher eyou could barely breathe. Of course I went straight to the bar. One Johnny and Red bull ( with nobody telling me pay for Red bull) and the party got 5 stars. But why it is that as I reach in the party I see I have a stunt double. A girl dress up in almost the same outfit as me who had the same complexion as me. Kill me dead I came out in foreign stocks. steups.And like she more vex that I there. Like I should go home and change my clothes as I meet her there. Anywho, from what I saw there was a good assortment of food, if you had reach early that is. The Arabic man like he was packing up. The bake and shark man was there thank god. There was a good sized desert bar.Some of the food was a little sketchy though. At the 'Creole section' my friend had a pre wrapped bake and shark and she said it was raw. She took another one and it too was raw. I did not want anything from that section after that. She was a vegetarian and she had a hard time finding anything to eat and she could not drink for medical reasons, so her money jump up. I too being the South Beach Dieter found it hard to find anything without bad carbs. No salads in a fete before Carnival??? I had to settle to asking for a bake and shark with no bake. Of course the man watch me like i was mad when I tell him that. But I loaded up by shark sans bake with lots of their veggies and pineapple. (I heard Hilton Fete had a whole salad bar argghh i could have gone to that too!)

Don't ask me what the performances were like cause I saw none except Machel. I lie, I paid attention to none except Machel. I heard Bunji and Faye Ann on stage with Bunji talking something about Faye Ann winnning road march and thats about it. I see the papers had something about Eclectik dance group and tv had a man spinning in a big hoop but I saw nothing. Of course 2 Johnnys later it was time for Machel so I moved up a bit closer. I must say his performance was a bit short but not disappointing. A little bird told me that he still had a few songs set to release, one being another contender to rival Jumbie. I was anxiously awaiting any small taste of these. Much to my personal disappointment he seems to be pushing 'Trailblazer' as his road march contender. Although the song is growing on me, it definitely is not as strong a song as Jumbie and could get bowl out by 'Breathless' by Blaxx. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself. However I found in general that the crowd was dead. The excited ppl right in front the stage was having a ball but through the middle was dead. I actually commented to my friend (VERY) loudly that, "Wham to these ppl boy, Dey eh know is CAH-NEE-VALL or wha?"

So after Jumbie dancing and Blazing the Trail I went back to the bar...only to be told Johnny Walker DONE. The party was immediately reduced to 1 star.Now I did manage to get more Johnny at another bar but their cups were done. Steups. Not impressed at all. The party ended promptly at 12am. Machel came off the stage with very little hoorah. No bargaining with police for a extra half hour. He just said later and left.Of course there were your standard selection of drunks getting toted home as we headed out the gate. Overall I would give it 3 out of 5. It was a good party but not GREAT. I don't know how much partying I will be doing for the season but we shall see.

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