Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Gymbolassie strikes back!

Many of you regular readers will know that one of my favourite topics to vent about is the gymbolassie. (see previous post ..or do a search!!)That creature that comes out the woodworks en masse around Carnival time. So I was kinda being a slacker myself when it came to the gym but is more because of my work load than my lack of motivation cause I was just seeing time running out on me. However, since I have been on vacation for the Christmas I made the extra effort and got there a few times. Now you can really tell the difference between the gym beasts and the gymbolassies. The gym beasts were in the gym with me the day after Boxing day. Everyone in the spin class was there to work and kept the pace up throughout.They eh wait till the 'NEW YEAR' to play they in the gym. On top of which the class was half empty.

Why it is when I reach in the gym today I am to hear that the class of 31 has been overbooked to 40+ people. I really had to ask them if they feel is BWIA. (I had to say BWIA cause I eh want nobody bump me off no flight in the future). Now I started going to Fitness Center(s) primarily because I got fed up with the bacchanal to get into a class at Long Circular.(The lottery nah, see previous post.) Fitness has a different system where you could call and book and when spots run out, it done. But today as with LCM Gym, people feel they smart. They name not on no list, they eh come since 2006 , wait till the "New Year" reach but yet they walking and sitting on a bike as if their name there. THAT is a gymbolassie lining up for a rough up. And I know it have some inside racket in that too. Why you overbooking for??? If it have no space then best you come down there and wait and see if everybody come, doh sit home and try and gangsta people remotely. And exactly how you know if anybody who on standby was there before or after you?Especially when the reach in the gym before you to rush people.To me, if yuh was so determined to go to the gym then it should not really matter if you got into the spin class or not....cause you would still go in the gym. But nooooooo, not if you is a blasted gymbolassie. I have actually seen people come to the gym, get blank from the class and just go home. Why it is a woman call the gym this afternoon and ask the attendant (and I quote!!) " The gym have REAL people or what?". STEUPS, ALLYUH NOT SERIOUS!! The attendant was not impressed, he was like "What that mean? what is real people? STEUPS, I have a lot of people waiting to talk to me right now, come and see for yourself"

Now Fitness not as bad as LCM, people seem to be more accepting of defeat if they reach so late that everyone seated on a bike.Not in LCM!! Times I doing a class in LCM and people standing in the class marking people as its in progress. Well you go and take a five to pee nah , I guarantee when you get back your bike is gone. I see battle already with people who get a spin card and a next person with no card insisting is their bike, the instructor had to escort the person out like is a fete yes.

So I paused to have another chat with the scale on my way out. It was a brief one cause I did not have the courage to get back on it and see what it told me the last time was really true.(still awaiting that second opinion) I did attempt to see what the zero error on it was. As far I can tell it did not look like it was off by more than a few pounds, not the 10pounds or so I was hoping for. I started back my healthy eating today and bad carbs are dead to me.I need to go in the grocery tomorrow and buy stuff that I can actually eat because the leftover ham in the fridge started speaking to me today. That was partially due to the fact that when I stopped in Quiznos on the way home for a $38 salad (steups)they told me they no longer open till 11pm but close at 7pm!!!! WTF!! Like they not making money right? A new branch just open on Maraval Rd! Is the crime in town playing with my diet so or what? I mean at that hour, what options do I have to get ANYTHING remotely healthy to eat?

How many times have you been hungry and becaue the ONLY thing open is KFC thats whats for dinner. Ironically, the new branch of Quiznos on Maraval Rd has opened in the same cursed spot that 'Soupa Salad' used to occupy. Yuh know that spot where no matter what you put there does go out of business in 3 months? Soupa Salad was actually a pretty nifty place in my opnion. The prices were a bit up there for some items comparable to 'Jardin' in West Mall but you could still get stuff reasonably. I appreciated the fact that they encouraged healthy eating. But I doh know if Trinis just like carbs so much that they used to drive past and go Kamwah and Hotte Shoppe but the establishment was short-lived. And even if I can't get anywhere to go to in the evening, what healthy fast food options do I have during the day? UMMM nought. I simply can't afford to buy a 'Atkins approved' combo everyday in Trotters or even pay $40-$50 for a blasted salad everyday at various other casual dinig places. I have a co-worker who literally only eats Trotters salads for lunch. At first I started wondering if maybe she was getting paid more than me cause I certainly can't buy $60 salads everyday. Then she told me that she buys one day and eats half and leaves iteh rest for the day. Through trial an error she determined only certain salads hold well till the next day. To me that is still quite a price to pay, but I entertained it one day and got a fried calamari salad. Yes, I know , bad, but i was feeling for calamari. Yeah so if it had 10 piece of calamari it was plenty. Not a tomato in the place. That was the end of that idea.

Burger King has a grilled chicken salad thats not too bad for $30 although you kinda get the feeling you being rationed and for that price it should be Romaine lettuce not local bush lettuce. You may fare a bit better at Long John Silver who have seafood salad options in addition to the chicken as well. The fried chicken salad is always tempting but you really should be eating the grilled one. KFC started off hot and sweaty with their salads at $28.But of course the chicken was still fried. If you got the popcorn chicken you felt as if you got a good portion although you were eating batter. If you got the fried chicken fillet (Zinger on a salad) it was even less than Burger King's version. Worst yet, like they got smart and stopped using the portioned plastic trays and started using the all -in one- trays which significantly cut into the salad size. I doh really deal up with Subway salads cause I think they are hot mess. As with their subs, everything always seems extra soggy no matter what. Their prices depend on which sub you want to make into a salad. Lesser known fast food salads would be Church's Chicken who also makes a fried chicken entree. I believe you can get it grilled as well. I would not recommend it cause it look like they took one handful of lettuce and put it in the (small) bowl.

So the true test for me will be keeping my eating habits in check while still trying to make it to the gym. I'll let you know how that goes..


sommer said...

Good post as usual! These people that only come to the gym as of January 1 does VEX me!!!

shells said...

wow, i was thinking the same thing about the salad and healthy eating options. cause so far for the year my healthy eating has been a bit of touch and go. you could try jerk meat (chicken pork, lamb fish) and mixed veg at Irie Bites, that sets u back about $24 to $28 depending on the meat that you buy, and it usually fills you up well and actually tastes good. you can do the El Pecos thing, but i absolutely abhore that line around lunch time and i'm not sure what time they close in the evening (BTW they were actually closed this week..ridiculouos)

some salads that are decent options:-
. TGIF caesar salad, or southwestern caesar or bar-b-que (take the whole order, ask for half to be packed up for dinner or lunch next day). Just doh put any extra dressing on it
. Quizno's - i love but geez they need to adjust that price man.
. Blimpie's or Boomers as they now called - in their former incarnation, the salads were decent. haven't tried them in this reinvented manner as yet.

Good Luck with the 'gymbolassies'

squeezle said...

Is packing your own lunch an option? It really doesn't look like you have a lot of healthy, inexpensive options unless you're willing to do it yourself.

browneyes said...

with respect to health eating, i usually try to pack breakfact since doubles and fry bake tempt me daily! for lunch i find subway or Quiznos (if mih pocket fat) are both good choices. i usually keep a bottle of low fat salad dressing at work so i add my own when i get to the office.

As far as the gymbolassies
go, i sincerely feel your pain. I also exercise at Fitness Centre, have been for about a year an a half after leaving long circular for reasons similar to yours. last monday 50 people booked for the spinn class. ridiculous! where all dem people crawl out from and why it is dey does have the most attitude when it come to gettin in a class? how much weight can one really lose in 2 weeks anyway? all i can say is i cant wait till the carnival crush done, till then ah makin sure ah call early to book mih spot.

Carnival Jumbie said...

packing your own lunch requires cooking which i i have no time to do! Them gymbolassies does just make me feel not to bother. All kinda racket going on.They supposed to take names from 9am and when yuh call 8:30am the class full!!