Friday, January 18, 2008


Yeah so me and my crew are doing it again this Ash Wednesday. We had a ball the last time and we doh want the Carnival to end on Tuesday 5th Jan.
It is a PREMIUM ALL INCLUSIVE event.Basically we are having a bad ass house party.The whole concept of the party came about because we wanted to have a cool backyard barbeque that was just laid back and comfortable. I am sure all you ladies are just as tired as I am of standing up whole night in heels. Well this is ONE party where if you wear heels you will be out of style! Of course with the CARNIVAL the day before I know allyuh foot go be hurtin yuh and yuh go be glad to wear slippers. PLUS we are giving free foot massages and pedicures to our patrons in the Flipflops foot spa. Flipflops are the order of the day and we are encouraging all patrons to wear their slippers cause its that kind of PAR*D.
The menu consists of a variety of BBQ dishes...chicken, ribs, burgers , hot dogs etc with sides of course. We pulling out the drinks as well with the Johnny Walker Black and other premium drinks. We also have a wine bar and a martini bar for everyone. What would an old school house party be without lots of Green Sands to go around?Plus a few more suprises.

So yuh have no slippers? Well if your timin is right you will get the hook up by one of our kind sponsors.. Havaianas. And exactly who giving we music to wine to?We have High Fidelity, Merry Perry and DJ Dane . Suprise guest artiste as well.

Tickets are available NOW by ADVANCE ONLY! at $300. Doh stick cause this price is limited but if you can't get a ticket at this price and you email me I will try my best and hook up my readers.

FLAM COUTURE, Ariapita Ave
Eva's Fashions ,Saddle Road
Havaianas, Long Circular, downstairs Tattoo Farm
New Vintage , West Mall
or click the invi and call one of the numbers
check us out on

Special Thanks to the sponsors
Johnny Walker,Baileys,Smirnoff,Green Sands,Heneiken,Ocean Spray,Blue Waters,Havaianas,Flam Couture,Wee Lee Bakery,GEO Investments,Trinbrip Imports and Co. Ltd

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