Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carnival is a public festival!!

Ok so allyuh should know by now I love to read a papers. What should I come across but this lovely post (see pic)in Tuesday's Express on Carnival as viewed from the eyes of the Government of this blessed country.So according to this Carnival is a Public FESTIVAL that falls under the Public Holidays and Festivals ACT. First of all I can't understand why they wait till Jan 9th to date this order. So, if they forget, what that mean? No Carnival? Now I don't speak legalese so I don't know eactly what the order means or what the actual chapter quoted says. But as we all know it is an ongoing discussion in many parts of the country whether or not Carnival is or should be a public holiday.I was unable to research the technicalities of this order since the ministry's online website with the laws of T&T is currently down.
I was horrified to read the street interviews sometime last week in the Guardian when they ask the question if they should cancel Carnival because of the crime rate. I could not even believe that it was a serious question. So Carnival happening for literally hundreds of years and cancelling it this one year is going to do what exactly? Thats supposed to be the grand solution to the crime problem. RIIIGHT! I'm quite sure killing slaves in the 1700 s can be considered a criminal act by today's standards. As far as I can tell, although carnival may increase the occurence of petty crimes e.g pick pockets, people doh dead for Carnival!!The murder rate goes down and as Carnival ends it goes back up. So hear what, why we doh have Carnival year round and keep that murder rate down.People doh want to dead before they could play mas and fete. They does be on their best behaviour to avoid trouble and even the roads!
I of course have already discussed my position on Carnival as a holiday in such posts like 'Doh ask me to work for Carnival' and "Carnival is NOT a holiday! In which country??? . Having foreigners as my bosses it is sometimes a challenge for me to explain the logistics of many aspects Trini Culture. e.g plenty rain means go home early and Carnival week is to slack off. I am sure it works in our favour that the President of this country is one of the biggest limers on the planet and goes to every fete and still plays mas in he old age. So if HE say is a holiday..AH-PPLAUSE.
In my youth ,like 5 years ago,I would work straight till Carnival Friday (partying every night of the week) and then be fresh out to work Ash Wednesday. Nowadays I don't fool myself and take vacation from Carnival Thursday till the end of the next week. My boss approached me last week with my vacation request form (which he had since September) and asked jokingly if he really had to approve my Carnival vacation since another senior member of staff will be out as well. Now this person is actually flying OUT for carnival. Now sorry to say, but if you flying out you have no priority to Carnival vacation. You could fly out any damn time of the year but it only have ONE Carnival. Well I did not even have to go there cause the cut eye he get said it all but I added ,"That was not a request" for good measure. He was creating homicidal tendencies with that one. So I will be on vacation for Carnival.
I should make a point to say however that I do not know if showing your boss this clipping will help or hurt your case to get time off for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. So if yuh set yuhself up DOH BLAME ME!!


squeezle said...

How de hell Carnival could cause an increase in de crime rate? If you holding a doubles in one hand and a rum in the other, which hand you using to shoot/shop/rob somebody? Tell me nah!!!!

Carnival Jumbie said...

bacchanalists i tell yuh!!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog. Commendations - very funny. Will be back!!